Friday, February 22, 2013

Teff Flour, Cabbage, Matcha, Oh MY!

Happy Friday!  I don't have much for Midweek Munchies this week so I thought I would just included in this post.  The only couple things I purchased this week were Teff Flour - because I got a SUPER GOOD DEAL on it - usually it's between 8 and 9 bucks at my local herb store but I got this for roughly $2.28.  Another thing I bought was various frozen Veggies and FRESH Cabbage. 

Speaking of Cabbage...I hope to make some Cabbage Rolls...AND SOON!  I must admit I have never actually MADE Cabbage Rolls before but you can fill them with just about anything!  I also had some help from this fellow veg food blogger about prepping the Cabbage!

As many of you know I am also the Co-owner/Co-Founder of Sororitea Sisters and that I am sort of a TEA FREAK.  Shout out to my fellow Steepsters and Sororitea Sisters Anne (co-owner/co-founder as well) and Joely!  The Online Tea Community is a special place!  I'm finding many friends thru tea and online tea sites.  There are so many wonderful companies out there!  I invite you to explore them!  My photo of the day today is that of Matcha.  I didn't add anything to my Matcha - it's just straight up!  I have been thinking about doing more than just drinking Matcha.  You can find more about this at Red Leaf Tea's Site.  They have some great suggestions!

I'm very interested in adding Matcha to my Smoothies I hope to do as a part of my efforts in Carrie On Vegan's Challenge!  And speaking of Carrie On is Friday...Healthy Vegan Fridays!  In addition to these contributions I am just going to re-cap this week's food related posts!
Citrus Avocado Taco Rice with Broccoli
Vegan Pakistani Kima
Aaloo Bhaji Fried Potatoes
As well as a few dressings, soups, and Nachos!

I know I mentioned YESTERDAY that I have a few giveaways and contests coming up...well...I have even more in the works and I am VERY excited about it!  I'm also expanding my Social Media Connections and will be adding them to the FIND ME Tab within the next week!  I hope you will follow me for updates!  Perhaps you will be one of my winners!  I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh I've been looking for Teff flour ever since I had ethiopian food for the first time!

    1. Bob's Red Mills!!!! I also found that my local BigLots has a nice display of Bob's stuff lately :)

  2. I haven't had Teff flour in a long time. I love cabbage, especially freshly picked from our garden, just a hint of sweetness... delicious. Earlier this week, I was going to use cabbage in the eggrolls but I didn't feel like walking down to our basement and pulling out a bag of our frozen cabbage. This past gardening season, we had so much cabbage (and other produce) that I was able to freeze a lot. I also made sauerkraut with some of the cabbage.

    1. I so wish I lived closer I would beg to BUY your Produce!

  3. that green tea looks so good! probably healthy too!