Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Choco-Plum Smoothie

2 Plums
3/4 of a Banana
1 Scoop of GoL's Chocolate Cacao Raw Protein
2 C Coconut Water
2 T Agave Nectar
2 Drops of Vanilla Extract
1 Drop Stevia (optional)
Cinnamon to taste/optional

I revisited an old favorite with a few alterations and it was wonderful!  You can also top this with cacao nibs, hemp seeds, cinnamon, or nutmeg!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Simple Cashew Cream

My father AND my husband cannot consume nuts but LOVE them.  I remember making this Simple Cashew Cream a while back andI know my dad would LOVE it.  I really need to get my rear-in-gear and try and make some for the holidays...or really ANY time...because it's SO EASY!  Throw everything into a high speed blender and there you go!

Simple Cashew Cream

1 C Soaked Cashews
1/4 C Water
1 T Agave Nectar
1 t Garden of Life OPP Vanilla

Friday, November 25, 2016

Cinnamon Vanilla Mango Smoothie

I've been into vanilla-spice flavored things as of late.  Here's another one that you might find interesting.  If you aren't into Bananas like me you are looking for different ways to make no-Banana Smoothies.  Here is one using Mango instead of Bananas.

Cinnamon Vanilla Mango Smoothie

2+ C Frozen Mango
2 C Almond Milk
1 Scoop Garden of Life OPP Vanilla
1/2 tea Organic Cinnamon Powder

Is there an ingredient you would like me to try and make a smoothie out of?  Let me know in comments!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cacao Cups

5 Dates
2 Scoops Cacao Protein Powder from Garden of Life
1/2 C Agave
1/3 C Melted Coconut Oil
Pinch Sea Salt

Optional Topping Ideas:
Golden Raisins
Hemp Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Cacao Nibs
Goji Berries

If you take the top 5 ingredients and work them in a high speed blender - pour them in little cups - and then freeze them for an hour you have a sweet treat that is packed with plant protein!  YUM!

It's hard trying to get into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Spirit the older I get.  With so many other things on our plates and with not having children around it switches up the holidays.  BUT...this is the last Thanksgiving I will be without a child's NOT what you think!  I'm still without kids by choice...but...I'm going to be an Aunt!  Woot!  I have to say I am excited to be an Aunt.  Just because I don't want kids of my own doesn't mean I don't like kids!  I do!  I'm happy for my sister!  I am sure I will have more updates in the coming months!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Warm Vanilla Spiced Chai

It happens every year...Winter Time in the snow belt...sigh...
At least I can make some warm and comforting things to eat and drink to combat it.

Warm Vanilla Spiced Chai - infuse/steep your own chai or use a chai flavored product like I did here!

2 Frozen Bananas
1 C Almond Milk
1 Scoop Garden of Life Vanilla Chai Raw Protein
1/8 t Vanilla Powder
1/4 t Cinnamon Powder
1/4 t Ground Ginger
Pinch of Nutmeg

For the optional ingredients you can use them right away to kick it up a notch or use as a sprinkle to top to your liking!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fruity Dream Slushie

I'm thinking about posting a variation of this over at Sororitea Sisters because it uses Yerba Mate!  You could either infuse/steep your own Yerba Mate or use a product like I did here!  I used Garden of Life's Yerba Mate OPP Yerba Mate and it worked nicely!  This was a fruity, creamy, slushie sort of a treat.

Fruity Dream Slushie

1 C Frozen Mango, Cubed
6 Strawberries
1 C Pineapple, Cubed
1 C Fresh Orange Juice (or more)
1 T Garden of Life Yerba Mate Organic Plant Protein Powder

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sorry Vegan MoFo! YIKES! Vanilla Pudding!

Well, I SUCK!

I totally blew this years Vegan MoFo for my vegan foodie posts.  At least I was able to feature at least 1 vegan tea a day for Vegan MoFo over at Sororitea Sisters, tho!

I honestly have no idea where to jump in with all of the stuff I have been backlogging to post someday so why not start with a recipe?  I have been really busy but lazy all at the same time so for occasions like this I thought blender options are always nice!

Vanilla Pudding, anyone?

1 C Cashews, Soaked
1 C Cashew/Almond Milk (made at home or store bought)
3 T Coconut Butter (I used Raw Coconut Butter with Coconut Blossom Sugar from Divine Organics)
4 to 8 drops of Liquid Stevia (or other sweetener)
Pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (optional)

I hope to get back into the swing of things and posting again so any/all encouragement is appreciated - CHEERS!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I'm Back!!! Thanks To Vegan MoFo!

I know it's been an AWFUL LONG TIME since my last post and I have LOTS and LOTS of catching up to do which I will certainly be trying to do VERY SOON!

I have to THANK Vegan MoFo for the swift kick in the butt I needed to get back into posting here at My Blissful Journey.  I have participated in Vegan MoFo for YEARS and was very exciting it was returning once again.

Today's prompt is Favorite Food which is pretty impossible for MOST of us to do, I think, because we usually get so excited about foods that are vegan in general!  BUT...having said that...I will attempt to post about one of my favorite foods...CHICK PEAS.

It's funny I remembering not really loving Chickpeas when I was small.  I think it was because of the texture.  Fast forward several years and BAM!  I LOVE THEM!  I love that more and more as the days go by, actually.  So for today's post I will be feature a few of my favorite dishes that contain chickpeas.

First up...Kale, Chickpeas, Onion, Garlic, Red Bell Peppers, Hemp Seeds, Turmeric, Spices, Vegan Sour Cream, Sriracha! There may or may not be carrots in there, too! I can't remember. This was the first one I did of many when I first picked up a HUGE bag of chopped Kale.

If you mix the Sour Cream and Sriracha into everything else it made a nice sauce, too!

On top of this heaping pile of nachos I made a sunflower seed based sour cream. I also used chickpeas, avocado, corn chips, taco sauce, nutritional yeast, and tomatoes. With the chickpeas I put them on stove top first with paprika, onion, cumin, and garlic and chili sea salt. 

The Sunflower Sour Cream had 3/4 C Sunflower Seeds, 3/4 C Water, 2 T Lemon Juice, 1 t Wildtree Garlic Galore, and 1/2 t Wildtree Absolutely Onion which is NOW Vegan AND Organic!

Here's a Mediterranean Chickpea Salad of sorts I have done in the past! Here's what's in it...

2 C Chickpeas
1 C diced tomatoes
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1/4 C Parsley
1/4 C Chives
1 T Oregano
3 T Balsamic
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste

Cauliflower Chickpea Casserole is something I need to revisit again soon!  I remember it being YUMMY!

2 C Chickpeas
1 Pound Frozen Cauliflower
5 Carrots
2 Handfuls of Chives
1 C Vegan Bread Crumbs
1 C Water
2+ T Grapeseed Oil
1 T Wildtree Garlic Galore
To Taste Wildtree California Garlic Pepper

I started with Spinach, Chickpeas, and Carrots. I made a mild cheesy sauce with Almond/Coconut Milk, Earth Balance, and left over Egg Trick Seasoning (the recipe for that is from The Vegan Zombie Cookbook). I then topped it with baked Tater Tots. Next step - I covered it in leftover vegan cheese sauce I made with a combo of almond milk, Daiya Cheese, and spices. Then I sprinkled Wildtree Taco Seasoning and Hemp Seeds over it! This was pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

Chickpea Vegan Egg Salad

2 C Chickpeas (sprouted, mashed/in Ninja)
1 T Tahini
2 T Vegan Mayo
2 T Dijon Mutard
3 T Onion "Greens" (Onion Sprouts/Shoots)
1 T Lemon Juice
1/2 tea Garlic Powder
1/2 tea Kala Namak (Sea Salt)
1/4 tea Turmeric

Vegan Irish Stew (with Chickpeas)

6 C Water
6 tea veggie bouillon (Wildtree)
1 pound of potatoes
3 carrots
1 stalk celery
1 onion
1 pound Chickpeas
4 tea Bragg's Liquid Amino's
1 tea California Garlic Pepper (Wildtree)

And of vegan post talking about Chickpeas would be complete without some sort of Hummus, right?  And this is just your basic or base hummus!

2 cans of chickpeas
2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
7-10 cloves of garlic or 2-3 Tablespoons of Minced Garlic
2 Tablespoons Tahini
garlic flavored oil (or olive or Grapeseed oil) to taste
spices of choice

OH!!!!!!  Also...NEW THIS YEAR!!!!

The Sororitea Sisters will be participating in Vegan MoFo!  Yup!  The Tea Review Blog that I co-founded is participating and contributing at least 1 vegan tea post each day during Vegan MoFo!  Be sure to check it out, link up, comment and let us know that Vegan MoFo sent ya!  

Friday, September 9, 2016

Little Texas During Fair Week & A Ramble About Humidity!

Thursday of Fair Week we had the band LITTLE TEXAS on the stage performing!  They were a cool group of guys, too!  Music-wise they were the loudest of the 3 groups we had there that week.

The week of fair was a good one eventho it was OVERLY humid and was pouring for the 2nd half of the week which made for a muddy mess by Saturday Night.

It was FUNNY because Tim Foust from Home Free said that he was from the HUMID SOUTH where it was 90 percent humidity and he wasn't sure WHAT or HOW the humidity in our area was doing what it was doing the night he was performing.  We reached over 110% humidity somehow! LOL

When I visit the southern states and it's in the 90s I LOVE it because it's what I consider to be a DRY HEAT and people just don't understand OUR humidity until they experience it.  I ADORE hot weather - I'm just not a fan of pairing it with our heavy humidity!  I remember going to Utah when I was in college and it being 117 degrees at 8pm.  I LOVED it!  Why!?  No humidity.  It felt like it was 80 degrees to me.  That's probably another reason I LOVE Las Vegas!  It can be 120 degrees and DRY and I enjoy it!

There were times this summer - here - where it was 74 degrees with 98% humidity and it felt like it was 100 and you couldn't breathe.  SO STRANGE the weather we've been seeing the last several years.  But that's another conversation.

Today - I will leave you with a LITTLE TEXAS Video...have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Home Free (Vocal Band) Concert Last Month!

On Wednesday, August 10th I experienced one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to in my life!  Home Free - a vocal band - was at our Warren County Fair and if you aren't familiar with them - take 5 minutes or 5 hours and YouTube them!!!!!  You will THANK ME.  Here is a photo of myself with the guys!  They were AWESOME!  Everything they do is with their voices!  They are an a cappella group featuring a beat boxer!

They were a FUN group of guys and FUNNY!  Tim Foust has one of the LOWEST voices I have ever heard in my life!

I swiped this from the Home Free InstaGram.  They posted it the morning after their contest on our fair grounds!  What I thought was VERY FUNNY was that I WROTE "Butts" on this pal!  If you look thru their IG you will see other literal posts of words and poses LOL!
They are CERTAINLY a group I would LOVE to see again!  I MAY have an opportunity in a couple of months but I'm not sure if my schedule will work for the trip or not.  I've volunteered in some way, shape, or form with the entertainment at the fair for about 17 years now and I know this is the BEST feedback of any group or band we have had there since I have been involved.  The building was PACKED and everyone from 2 to 92 years old seemed to attend!