Monday, August 22, 2016

Collin Raye Concert at the Warren County Fair

This week I will be posting about the concerts that took place at this years Warren County Fair!

The Tuesday of Fair was Collin Raye.  His stop at our fair was part of his BIG 25 Tour.  To see his hits and other discography CLICK HERE.

I may not be the biggest country music fan but I appreciate musicians and artists from all genres.

I worked mostly backstage that night and didn't see each song that was performed but it was a FUN night that is for sure!  Here is a photo of him and I.  He was super nice!

 Here is another photo from the one side of the stage.  The sound was great in the building that night.
He sang a lot of his hits and some tribute and cover songs from some of the artists he held dear such as Glenn Frey and Merle Haggard.

Many weddings that took place in the 90s featured one or more of Collin Raye's songs that is for sure.

He's a great storyteller as well!  A very pleasant guy with an interesting stage presence.

Below is one of the many videos of his.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Warren County Fair From Different Eyes

I have at least 4 posts I will be doing from the Warren County Fair Week but I thought I would ease into it with a few 'behind the scenes' type photos to start.

This was taken Sunday Evening as I was just getting back from WNY VegFest.  The sky was so beautiful!  I couldn't resist taking a photo of it.

I tried to get to sleep early that night because we had to get up around 3:30am to prepare for the Morning Show.  We did double air shifts Monday thru Friday that week!  Then all of the other festivities that went along with being a volunteer and board duties my hubby had that week, too!

We can't help but think of a friend of ours during fair time (and every day we are at work for that matter).
He's been gone for a few years now...I actually can't believe it's been that long!  He will always be missed!
This was his saying!  A friend of ours found this mug and gave it to Dale the first day of Fair.  He got pretty choked up about it.

We talked about our friend and co-worker often that week.  It would have also been his birthday, too!

Cancer is an awful thing.

This year we installed a park model that was found for a wonderful price.  It's in the backstage area for the entertainment who visit our fair.

This was a photo taken from the deck.  Many people worked on the space throughout the summer to make it look nice.

We had some wonderful feedback about it too!

I will probably have more photos of this space down the road.

This was my view from Monday after the Media Lunch was over.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WNY VegFest 2016!

LONG POST AHEAD from WNY VegFest 2016!

This was the 3rd annual WNY VegFest in Buffalo, NY.  It was at a different location this year...Delaware Park.  Each year my sister and I go and make it a Sisters Day!  My sister is NOT veg but likes to try all of the veggie stuff!  This year my parents came a long!  This is a photo of me, my dad, and sister!  We made the Buffalo News (Website)!  I'm originally from WNY and it's always nice to go back and visit!  Afterwards we attended my cousins daughters graduation party!

For the 3rd year in a row I was able to meet up with the Vegan Zombie guys!  I didn't think they were going to be there this year but they were able to go at the last minute!  Jon and Chris are always AWESOME!  I bought one of their hoodies this year!  The first year I bought a cookbook and a t-shirt and last year I bought another t-shirt of theirs!

Chris also gave me one of their rubber bracelets!  You can see the one I am talking about on Chris's left arm.

The VegFest t-shirt I was wear in these photo's was from last years VegFest.  I'm hoping to attend the Erie VegFest in September if all works out, too!

There was a new juice place this year!  Squeeze Juicery and their juices are AWESOME!  Since my parents have been getting into juicing when we are able I thought they would get a kick out of these!  For the most part they did!  I will say that Squeeze kept selling out of them so they MUST have been good, eh!?  We went a little crazy and bought several.  Of course everything that we bought that day we shared so we could all sample everything!

First up we have the 'We Got The Beet' with Beet, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, and Apple.  Then the 'Espresso Love' and that had Cashews, Dates, Espresso, Cacao, Vanilla, and Sea Salt.  I don't think the Sea Salt was necessary - neither did my parents or sister.  We've never been a 'salt family'.

We ended up buying TWO of the Tiny Dancer you see here on the left.  'Tiny Dancer' had Strawberry, Kiwi, Cucumber, Pear, and Raspberry.  'Good Day Sunshine' was the other one and that had Turmeric, Orange, Lemon, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Pineapple, and Ginger.

My mom and sister liked the Tiny Dancer the best and my dad liked the Good Day Sunshine the best.  I liked all 4 of them for different reasons.

I will have to make a trip to one of their two locations SOON!  They are in Elmwood and Buffalo.  Check out their full menu HERE.

For a couple of years I have been hearing The Vegan Zombie guys talk about Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.  So when I heard they were going to be at WNY VegFest this year I had to stop by.  I'm pretty sure they were there last year, too, because I tried their hot sauces.  This year they were selling the hot sauces, their hummus (which my parents bought), and their totes and t-shirts.  I bought one of their totes!

I was able to meet the co-founders and chatted with Peter for quite a while.  SUPER nice people!

They sold out of a lot of their hot sauces and hummus by the time we left the event which was only a couple hours in.  The proceeds benefit the animals at the sanctuary.

Last year I passed up the vegan ice cream so this year it was on my list of priorities that is for sure!  My mom and I got 2 servings and shared with my dad and sister.  Since we didn't want it in a cone we opted for the cup!  They served them in temperature changing cups that had the VegFest logo on it!  How cool is that!?

I was in my glory at this event because everything at this event is vegan!  It's nice not having to pick apart and read labels for once!

There were some vendors that I missed this year for one reason or another but there were new vendors that I enjoyed seeing, too!

There was at least 1 new food cart this year, too!

You could buy the whole menu for $25.  As tempting as that was - we didn't do it.  My Dad opted for their Bangarang Taco option, tho!

He seemed to really like them!  They had a crispy coated sweet potato, slaw, and a few other things in there topped with a strong ginger sauce.

My sister grabbed a Quinoa Bowl.  I remember her and I had those last year, too!  She really liked them - so much so - she got another one this year.

Mom chose the Veg Noodle Bowl.  It was a large serving for the $7 price tag.

This year it was on my list of priorities to visit the Indian Food Area and I was able to!!!

The establishment was called Dosa Place and it featured South Indian Cuisine.  I really like India Food but I wanted to try something I had not had a lot of experience with.  I opted for the Bonda and the Vadai.  The Bonda is a Potato Fried Ball with onion and spices.  It was great!  The Vadai was basically a savory lentil donut of sorts.  That was terrific, too!

I was surprised that my mom liked the Vadai, actually.  My Dad liked everything he tried that day!

My mom and I visited the Love Beets booth and tried all of their beet samples.  There was a BBQ that was nice - subtle.  My mom really liked the White Balsamic beets.  My mom LOVES beets!  Her and I do - my sister and dad don't care for them generally.

Last photo is the one chat we attended.  It was a group of families that rescued dogs from the Korean Meat Market.  Their stories were heart wrenching!

There are so many other experiences that we had that day!  And so much more food, too!  I remember my parents getting some Vega and Garden of Life Samples and my dad making smoothies the next morning!  I will be giving him some of my protein powder supply soon!  I'm thrilled he enjoyed them!  My dad also bought some Sunflower Seed Butter!  Wheatberry Bake Shop from Snyder, NY, was there and was selling a Vegan Pizza and it was WONDERFUL.  The owner was so nice!  We also grabbed a Lemon Basil infused water from them which gave my mom the idea to start doing that at home with all of the basil she has growing!  It was another great year at WNY VegFest!  I'm so excited that my parents came with us this year!  I hope to attend the VegFest in Erie next month, too!  Fingers crossed it all works out!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (Minus the Trains)

I can't believe it's already been over a week and a half since my last post and I can't believe it's been nearly 5 weeks since hubby and I attended this RC Plane Show up in Olean, NY!

Life has just been flying by that is for sure!  I figured I should post a bit about our trip to see a friend fly his radio control plane and out Car Show from a few weeks ago BEFORE post about the fair and concerts of last week.

Pardon me while I get my past posts caught up!

Yup!  About 5 weeks ago hubby and I went to Olean, NY, to see a friend of ours fly his RC Plane.  It was pretty neat!  I remember it being chilly that day - one of the few chilly days of this summer so far - and a bit gloomy and rainy - as well.

We were able to get our Abarth detailed prior to a local car show we actually participated in this summer!

Because our vehicle was 'too new' and not modified enough we weren't judged to be awarded anything but it was still fun because we were able to meet up with some of our Fiat Friends.

We had a guy in Corry, PA, do the detailing work on our Abarth and it turned out really nice!

I still can't believe it's taken me this long to post about these two day trips!

I will have many more posts coming soon - so stay tuned!

I will have a recap (or several) from the WNY VegFest as well as many from our Warren County Fair.

But first - how about some more photos from the car show, eh!?  This is our car next to our friend Tom's car.  He qualified to be judged for the modified and he won first place!
I still really like the orange graphics and paint we did last year.  My parents don't love it as much as we do - apparently - they think it makes it look like one of those 'Fast and Furious' cars!

That makes me laugh but in a way it's true!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Life Has Been Moving Too Fast...

Life has been moving too fast the last month or more!  I wanted to check in before being offline again for another almost 2 weeks!  I have a LOT on tap over the next two weeks including the Warren County Fair.  

If you type in CONCERT in the search bar you will see that I not only enjoy going to concerts when I am able - I also help with the entertainment during our local county fair.  This year we have 3 solid acts!  Collin Raye on Tuesday, Home Free on Wednesday, and Little Texas on Thursday!  

After the fair is over I will surely update you on the shows and hopefully have some photos to go along with the stories.  Personally I am MOST excited about Home Free.  The first photo I posted was of Home Free, the Collin Raye, then Little Texas!

In other news - Paco is trucking along eventho he has ongoing health issues.  Once fair is over we will start tweaking his Predisone Meds because he's been on a high dosage for his ITP/IHMA Immune issues for close to 2 years it has now caused him to develop steroid induced Cushings. Next step is to do an extremely slow tappering of the steriods down to a lower mg per day.  The last time we did this it didn't work but that was nearly 2 years ago and it was an instant tweak in meds.  The vet - who has diagnosed him - and has been great since - has worked with us to make sure his blood levels are in check.  We will ALL be monitoring Paco's changes while trying to minimize the mg's of steroids per day over 6 month increments to make sure his immune system doesn't bottom out again while trying to also combat the Cushings issues.  I've said it before and I will say it again and again...Paco is more of a fighter than I will EVER be!  Every day we have him in our lives is a blessing!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cherry Festival at 21 Brix

Blogger is acting up with insert photos so I am sorry I don't have any photos at this time but I do have video!  Two of them, actually!  The first one you can hear my mother in and the second one features my sister!  We took these videos at 21 Brix Winery during their Cherry Festival a few weekends ago!  We had our Wildtree tables set up and took breaks and turns to go Cherry Picking!  I completely nerded-out because they had 16 different kinds of cherries and 2 or 3 thousand trees!  Each video is only 2 minutes!  Take a look!

My sister was pretty funny in this video!  We was "overwhelmed" with the variety of cherries! LOL  And YES we did try all 16 different kinds!  They were sooooo good!  On a side note ALL of the wines that 21 Brix sell are listed as SAFE on the Vegan Wine Site I'm told.  YAY!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Creamy Hemp Italian Dressing, Pineapple Vanilla Smoothie, Cacao Pear Smoothie, and Selfie Day

Happy Wednesday LOVELIES!  I have some tasty items to share with you today!  First up...take a look at the salad I had last night!  It contained Iceberg Lettuce Mix - it was the only lettuce I had on hand at the moment - as well as - fresh sugar snap peas, carrot slivers, red cabbage slivers, corn strips, and I topped it with Creamy Hemp Italian Dressing (recipe below) and sprinkled smoked paprika on top!  

Creamy Hemp Italian Dressing

1/2 C Hemp Seeds
1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 C Lemon Juice
2 T Wildtree Italian Seasoning
1 T Wildtree Garlic Galore
Pinch Black Himalayan Sea Salt

Here's what it looked like in the bowl, too!

I found out almost TOO LATE that yesterday was National Selfie Day!
I swear I take the WORST Selfies!
I still need new glasses!  I still haven't gone to get my eyes checked since switching from contacts to glasses again!

This was my smoothie yesterday - it was Pineapple Vanilla - recipe below:

2 C Pineapple
1 C Almond Milk
1 Scoop Garden of Life Vanilla Flavored Raw Protein & Greens

Easy Peasy...RIGHT?  Yup!

And this was TODAY's Smoothie...Cacao Pear Smoothie - recipe follows:

2 C Sliced Pears
1 C Almond Milk
1 Scoop Garden of Life Cacao Flavored Raw Protein & Greens

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What I'm Eating, Reading, and Thinking About

Today is a simple post - mostly about what I have been eating, reading, and thinking about.
Starting off with what I have been eating!  Simple - really...juices, smoothies, salads, raw fruit and veggies - mostly.

Yesterday was my Monday to travel to an area with a Wegmans.  I have been treating myself to a lunch there the last few weeks at their buffet.  This week I did another thrown together salad.  I had a mix of romaine and iceberg with leafy greens mixed in.  There was also a great deal of kale in there!  I added some roasted root veggies - such as onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.  I threw on some peas, carrots, blueberries, etc.  What really made this was the Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing!

I started my day with water and lemon.  I then had some tea.  I then had a glass of Pineapple Juice which was pretty awesome.  For lunch I will have a Vanilla Pineapple Smoothie which I will most likely blog about tomorrow.  I also have Snap Peas to snack on this morning and later today a few Mac Nuts.  For Dinner I will have a LARGE Salad.  I'm REALLY loving different fruit vinegar salad dressing and hope to be making my own and posting them here so be on the look out!

As for some of the things I have been reading - I forgot to post about the Carrot Seed Oil Research I have been doing!  Check out this handy chart!  Of course once I start researching something and reading about it then I am thinking about it and how I can learn more!

Piping Rock keeps having more and more sales and I am so tempted to buy more oils but trying to save money!  I might have to budge on this tho!  The ones I currently look to buy are: Eucalyptus $1.49, 4 Thesis $1.79, Basil $289, Spearmint $3.29, Rosehip $4.19, Mandarin $1.99.  Time will tell if I will actually order all of these while this specific sale is going on.  If not I will just wait until the next one, I guess!  I've been into the site Mindy Body Green lately and here are the articles I have bee interested in lately:

* A Globe-Trotting Yogi Shares Her Travel Must-Haves + The Stretches You Need For Pain-Free Trips

* Why Quitting My Job To Build A Tiny Home Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

* What Food Photographer & Blogger Marie Reginato Eats In A Day

Monday, June 20, 2016

Juicing & Salads ~ Continue!

I'm REALLY trying to stay positive but it's been hard to lately!

I'm trying to keep my mind and body busy with other things to not over analyze like I tend to when stressed.

This past weekend my mom and I put the SlowStar Juicer to the test again!  WHY?  Because it's STRAWBERRY Season!  Woot!

This juice you see here is Strawberry, Pineapple, and Kiwi Fruit!  It was very tasty!

This week I will continue with the juices, smoothies, and salads for the most part.  I can see myself doing this - or at least - aiming for the major of my meals planning around these items - throughout the summer months into the fall.

It's mostly back-to-the basics while trying to detox a bit and shed a few in the meantime.

I have had MANY salads the last week or two and I'm not getting sick of them in the slightest!

This one you see here is iceberg lettuce (which I realize has the least nutritional value of any of the lettuces but I like the CRUNCH), a few leafy greens and spring mix are in there can't see them but I have carrots and cherry tomatoes in there - PLUS - nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, corn strips, topped with Vegan Ranch Dressing, and smoked paprika.

Over the weekend we stopped by a family restaurant that has the best salad bar in the county and I piled up.  They have a California French that happens to be I usually go with that.  We also stopped at a Variety Buffet yesterday and I had salad, corn, brussels sprouts, rice, and fruit!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Global LOVE Project

Last week I was contacted by the fine folks at Global Love Project asking if I would be interested in contributing to their website and ongoing project of not only spreading love to others but having love for ourselves as well.  After spending a LOT of time on their website - I knew this was something I wanted to be involved with.

Below you will see a screen shot of my very first contribution which is a Pomegranate & Strawberry Smoothie Recipe!  HERE is the LINK for the entire post!  But may I also suggest that you take a look at the sidebar on that link and sign up for their eNewsletter!  Just for signing up you receive 5 FREE gifts!  I'm very much looking forward to contributing more to The Global Love Project!

ABOUT The Global Love Project

Love is the ultimate healer and transformer. A cliche, but for good reason; love not only can change our world, love does and is changing our world.

Love lies at the heart of who we are, and a separation from it at the root of our troubles and pain. It is the common thread that joins us all, its unifying power dissolving barriers, healing divides, bridging differences, and uniting all.

The Global Love Project is an international platform dedicated to humanitarian love founded by Aine Belton to encourage a more united and compassionate world, with numerous facets, resources, initiatives, and inspiration.

The homepage serves as a map for the various elements of the Global Love Project, our individual site pages offering more detail. Our new site design is recently live, more info and pages coming shortly!