Monday, August 3, 2015

WNY VegFest - Part I - The Speakers

This past weekend was the 2nd Annual WNY VegFest and my sister and I attended because we had SO MUCH FUN last year! I have a wonderful sister! She's not a vegan or even vegetarian but has attended this festival both years now and even sat thru 2 of the speakers this year with me! I'm so grateful for her!

Speaking of's a photo of her and I waiting for one of the 'chats' to begin. We did an official VegFest Selfie! Megan and I are 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day a part in age! How cool is that?

Last year was the first year I met the guys from The Vegan Zombie and I wanted to meet up with them again this year, too! Here they are! Jon (on the left) kept saying 'sorry' because he was distracted by the puppies from the puppy rescue on the other side of them. But who could blame them? They were super cute dogs! More on that in a future post I am sure! Then Chris (on the right) and I chatted about social media, T-Shirts, their road trip, juicing, and more! A few months ago I was going to buy a Breville Juicer but had seen Chris's posts on Instagram and totally had to ask which juicer he was using and I ended up getting that one instead. It's a SlowStar Juicer. I had told him on Instagram that I purchased one and he asked me if I used it yet and felt a little bad that I hadn't used it yet. His encouragement is greatly appreciated. I think between them and OPAL over at I;m Celebrating Life - I will be pursuing that more seriously around the 17th of this month. I ended up buying another Vegan Zombie Shirt and also bought a WNY VegFest T-Shirt at the festival's table, too!

This year my sister and I were able to attend 2 of the talks. The first speaker we saw was Karen Ranzi. I will be purchasing her book in the very near future Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families: 115 Easy Recipes and Health Tips for Energetic Living.

Another speaker we were able to see was Kristin Lajeunesse. I was lucky enough to meet her, too! I have been following her on Instagram for a while and we were chatting back and forth on there prior to her talk and meeting. She's super nice! 

Her book is Will Travel for Vegan Food: A Young Woman's Solo Van-Dwelling Mission to Break Free, Find Food, and Make Love, and is the founder of the award willing website, Will Travel for Vegan Food.

Not sure if you can see me in THIS vlog she posted on Instagram but I'm in the 3rd row back on the right behind a lady with a black tank top on and she's sitting by a guy with a black shirt and sunglasses on.

HERE is a list of the other speakers that were at the event. I was standing next to Vlad while in line for fresh juice and didn't know it was him until after he left. And I would have loved to catch Jane Esselstyn and Victoria Moran's talks but we were doing other things during those times. Another one I wanted to see was Jessica Meyers Food Demo which was living foods and sprouting and fermentation.

I will be posting more and more throughout this week on the adventures of WNY VegFest so please check back and let me know if you were there! And if you weren't there let me know if you've ever seen any of these speakers and/or YouTubers!

Happy Mail & Crazy Color!

A bit more of back-log-blogging before I start posting about my WNY VegFest Adventures from the weekend.  I have some HAPPY MAIL and Crazy Color to share with you right now!

First up...Happy Mail from NuNaturals!  They repackaged the Oat Fiber and sent some more of the flavored stevia and syrups!  I will be doing more with these in the very near future that is for sure!

You may remember a few months ago that 52 Teas was doing a KickStarter Campaign to change hands from Frank to Anne.  Well, it happened and the new owners have taken over 52 Teas and sent the KickStarter perks to those you participated!  Here are the reblends I received and I am super excited about them!

PLUS the company will remain vegan and organic!  Woot!  Congrats and THANKS to Anne and her daughter for continuing this label or great teas!

I have already tried their Pancake Breakfast Black Tea and LOVE it!  I think it's more bakey-crusty tasting than before and I'm LOVING that!

This morning I received a surprise in the mail from OPAL!  She hand-made this amazingly beautiful knit hat and also send some embossing folders for my Cuttlebug Machine.

I really MUST get back into scrappin' and paper craftin'!

Maybe after fair is over :)

Again a HUGE Thank You to OPAL for these!

The hat will surely come in handy for the cold winters here.  She knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE hats!  And she's incredibly talented!  She is brilliant with fiber crafts!

In other news...

The rooftop garden is going very well!  We didn't do as much of a variety of things this year but what we are trying is doing well!

We started these peppers inside several months ago and actually these three peppers were indoor and window sill gardening attempts.  We didn't take these outside.

These are SUPER HOT!!!  I like spicy but I will be using these in moderation that is for sure!

They are about the length of my finger so they are pretty small but pack a powerful punch!

And I have been blogging about how we are gearing up for fair time and this is where this next photo comes into play!

This year we are going to have a Prize Wheel and here is what it looks like.  My father let us borrow it from his work and DH altered it.  Doesn't it look COOL!?  What CRAZY COLOR, eh?  Sure is colorful!  And we already have a LOT of prizes to giveaway!  That is above and beyond all of the travel mugs we are given to pass out from a local company and this year we also have about 300 bags of chips to pass out, too!  There will be 4 concerts in 5 days so that is where most of my time will be spent once radio life is wrapped up for the day!

Friday, July 31, 2015

4 Smoothies on a Friday!

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I'm still working on catching up with recipe posts after all of the giveaways I've had the last few weeks!  And I'm gearing up for WNY VegFest on Sunday so next week I will have TONS of posts from the festivities in Buffalo, too!

First up is this Mango Orange Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie.  I originally made this for my mother who had major dental surgery a few weeks ago but it looked so good I had to try it for myself.

I'm so glad I did!  This recipe was also featured HERE at The Raw Food World NEWS Site RECIPE Section.

It only has 4 ingredients in it and they are all listed in the name of the smoothie recipe!

Another one of my Smoothies was featured on The Raw Food World News Site and Recipe Section...this Strawberry Mangosteen Smoothie.
Click HERE for the recipe.

Not too long ago I bought some Mangosteen Powder from Ojio but it seems to be out of stock on both The Raw Food World and the My Ojio site.  It's part of their Ayurveda Line and suggested for Dosha Pitta.  The main reason I grabbed it was because I cannot get fresh Mangosteen where I live but wanted to incorporate it in my life.  I've had this powder extract as well as freeze dried.  My mother LOVES the freeze dried because they taste like Smarties!

This Smoothie is a Vanilla Chai Smoothie and it will be on The Raw Food World News/Recipe Section in the near future.  So be on the look out for that.

I basically used bananas, chai spices, and vanilla powder to make this flavor and it was delightful!

Eventho I haven't consumed a smoothie EVERY morning I have been doing MUCH better about grabbing them in the morning and starting many of my days with them.  It's a constant goal of mine to reach for a smoothie a day!  I think smoothies are also a great way to keep things interesting and shoot for a variety of colors and contents each day!

This is a smoothie I made the other day right before leaving the house!  It turned out pretty good, too!  Here's what it has in it...

1 C Coconut Water
1 Frozen Banana
10 Frozen Strawberries
5 Frozen Blackberries
1 Scoop Garden of Life Vanilla Organic Plant Protein (OPP)

In other news I have acquired various Mason Jars from my husband's grandmother which couldn't have come at a better time.  If you have visited my site for a while you may remember that I store all of my foods, powders, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, etc

Next I will be on the hunt for some small glass jars for all the pesto I will be making!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Current Vegan Eats & Winner Announcements!

Hello there!  Before we get into all of these vegan eats - even some RAW Vegan Eats...I wanted to announce the winners of my last contest which was the NuNaturals $70 Prize Pack!

Linda K from the USA

Brenda P from Canada

Suituapui from Malaysia

Ashley R from USA

Thanks so much to everyone for participating the feedback was AMAZING!  Congrats to all of the winners!

In the first photo you will see a dip that I did a while back!  My thought behind it was to incorporate Mesquite Powder because I recently received a slew of it in an order from The Raw Food World and I wanted to start experimenting with it.

In this dip I used Cashews, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mesquite Powder, and Parsley.

Check out the entire recipe HERE it's one of the featured recipes over at The Raw Food World NEWS Recipe Section.

In other news I recently acquired like 20 pounds of bananas for FREE from a local produce stand! How awesome is that!?  They had a SLEW of over ripe bananas and they were due to get more in the following day and asked me if I wanted them!  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity even tho I'm not a fan of bananas I have been trying to incorporate more and more of them in my smoothies because I know how GOOD bananas are for you!  I shared a few pounds with 2 of the girls at work and went home to freeze the rest of them!

I also found a new-to-me flavor of Naked Smoothie at a nearby store.  I REALLY liked this flavor and grabbed it while traveling for work the other day!

Not too long ago I threw together a Farro Dish!

It was similar to the one I did HERE but I didn't have any artichokes or pine nuts to add to it this time around.

Before I get to my next few photos I wanted to let you know that this weekend my sister and I are going to the WNY Veg Fest in Buffalo!  We had so much fun last year we decided to make it a priority to go again this year.  I've already contacted Chis from The Vegan Zombie and he and Jon will both be there again!   This year I think I will make up some cards to pass out for my site!  I really want to start networking more with people in the Tri-State area and more online!

Here's a Mediterranean Chickpea Salad of sorts I did this past week!   Here's what's in it...

2 C Chickpeas
1 C diced tomatoes
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1/4 C Parsley
1/4 C Chives
1 T Oregano
3 T Balsamic
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste

I loved the way this turned out!  It was so yummy!

Question of the Day...what's the last dish you made using Chickpeas?

And FINALLY...some raw vegan ice cream...

What it contains:

4 Frozen Bananas
5 T Almond Milk
1 C Frozen Strawberries
3 to 4 T Nut Butter of your choice

For the Nut Butter I used Jem Organic's Super Berry Maqui Camu and it was wonderful!

I blended the Frozen Bananas first (with the Almond Milk) and then added half of the nut butter.  I blended the strawberries separately and added both mixtures into a large glass dish and mixture by hand because I wanted chunks of fruit.  I then added the remaining nut butter.  It was great!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Blissful Camping Journey Begins

Because of all the goodies I have been sharing and contests and giveaways I have been slacking on my other posts but I have LOTS to share! Over the next couple of weeks I have LOTS going on so I will be schedule-posting a lot of things and when I get back from fair week in a few weeks I will have many more posts to share. 

Special THANKS to every who entered the NuNaturals Giveaway!  I will be choosing 4 winners today and will announce them later today in a separate post!  

As you can see above I have something new to tell you about!  Yup!  We bought a camper!  We do have an older camper that is 'planted' up in the woods near my husband's family's land but that has been there since we bought it YEARS ago and will remain there.  This recent purchase is the one we will be 'babying'.  For the most part we will be storing it at the fair grounds and doing a lot of camping there.  Maybe next year we will branch out and take it places but for now we have a plan and that plan involved being at the grounds most of this year.  Hubby's on the fair board and I've been helping when I can.  Last night I stained a wishing well and over the weekend I stained a few decks near the Entertainment Office and Radio Booth.  Saturday there was a show and I worked the food booth, too!

Friday Night and again on Sunday I took Cricket with me over to the grounds.  She really enjoyed it.  Hubby's aunt/uncle's dog Abby was there and the two of them played a while.  Before going back on Sunday I took Cricket over to my parents house and she played with their dog Lexi.  She was quite active this weekend.  I took her into the camper for the first time and as you can see she approved!

The fair is less than 3 weeks away and it seems we are living and breathing everything fair!  Not only is Dale on the fair board we are there full time there for work that week, too!  One of the things I will be posting about is my adventures in mostly vegan food that week like I did last year but this year I will be there even more than previous years so I am sure I will have more to share this time around!  That and the music!  We have 4 concerts this year!  AND new to the radio booth we will have a prize wheel!  AND we always pass out 3 or 4 thousand Whirley Mugs and this year we will pass out about 300 bags of chips for free, too! will be a busy one!  OH!  And I almost forget...this year I will be Dale's co-host on the air each day! 

I'm sure I will have more pictures and posts from the fair grounds before, during, and after that week.  In the meantime I thought I would also show you a neat pic of one of the mushrooms I saw last weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

$70 NuNaturals Prize Pack Giveaway!

Since other giveaways have been going so well as of late...I thought I would give you another opportunity to win some goodies thanks to my friends at NuNaturals!

I will award ( 4 )  participants ( 1 ) one bottle of each of the Vanilla Stevia Liquid,  a 50 pkt box of NuStevia No-Carb Stevia Powder packets, PLUS a bottle of the New COCOA SYRUP, & a bottle of the New Mint Cocoa Syrup.  Each winner will receive all products PLUS A FREE BONUS PRODUCT.   Retail value of $70.00!!!!

This contest is open to ANYONE IN THE WORLD!  They will ship to any country but CAN NOT SHIP TO P O BOXES.

In order to qualify for this drawing PLEASE...
* "Like" NuNaturals on Facebook & Let me know in your comment that you did this
* Leave a comment on this post and include your email addy & country

Whether you win this contest or not they are extending a discount to anyone reading this!
DISCOUNTS on all orders placed on their website : can use DISCOUNT CODE ;  BLG1215  upon check out and you will receive - 15% DISCOUNT on your ENTIRE ORDER. This discount remains  EFFECTIVE UNTIL  December 31, 2015

REMEMBER...there will be 4 winners for this giveaway and I will choose them on Monday, July 27th, 2015 - to be eligible you must do the actions mentioned above in BOLD. 
Thanks and GOOD LUCK!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Peppermint Water - Ah-HA Moment - and a WINNER!

First of all - I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the giveaway over the weekend for the Chocolate Covered Mulberries and the Chocolate Covered MacNut from Medicinal Foods!  The interest was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Having said that...the winner of this delicious prize was...
LiberTEAs (aka Anne)

Now...for the rest of my post today!  Ever had one of those AH...HA!!!  Moments?

Well, I had one recently when it came to the water you see here.  It's simple peppermint flavored water.  Those who know me - know I LOVE water and I LOVE peppermint!  I usually grab a bottle of this Metromint when it's on sale but last week I tried NuNaturals Peppermint flavored Stevia in filtered water and it tastes JUST LIKE IT!

All I did was use 2 drops of this NuNaturals Peppermint Stevia in a glass of water - so what is that - like around 10 ounces or so - it just 2 drops is all it takes!  The flavor was AMAZING!

I did do a taste test using 3 drops and I think you can start tasting the Stevia a bit more than the Peppermint.  But at 2 drops you are getting that subtle refreshing minty goodness without going overboard with the mint or the Stevia!

So just a little tip and trick from me here at My Blissful Journey!  And another simple way to use NuNatural's products in  your daily routine!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Contest: Chocolate Covered Mac Nuts & Chocolate Covered Mulberries!

Once again I want to THANK every one for participating in the Garden of Life Band giveaways last week and TODAY I have another giveaway to share with you!  This time around it's from my buddy Sky over at Medicinal Foods!  He's allowing me to giveaway a bag EACH of his Chocolate Covered Man Nuts and Chocolate Covered Mulberries!  Yup!  They are BOTH Vegan!

I haven't tried either of these products, myself, however, I have tried the following and LOVE them:

* Raw Chocolate Lovers Bar - I've tried 3 different flavors including the Jungle Peanut and they are AWESOME!!! (Read the Jungle Peanut Truffle Bar review)
* Their ever-popular Cacao Elixir - this is so versatile!
* Tonic Herbs: Womb Yin - Great for balancing hormones and other benefits, too!
* Tonic Herbs - Lotus Center "Spirit Tonic" - I like this, too, very calming!

Now...getting back to TODAY's Contest!  The two bags you see in the graphic above is what's at stake!  In order to be chosen as the winner you must leave a comment with your email addy in comments.  Open to US mailing addresses ONLY, please.  I will choose a winner on Monday the 20th.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Mail This Week!

I'm super excited about the goodies that came in the mail both yesterday and today!  I got my latest shipment from The Raw Food World!  Check out the NEW Foods Alive Salad Dressings!  Woot!  I've had the Garlic Paprika before and LOVED it!  I can't wait to try the others on salads SOON!  I already sampled them by themselves and they are great!

Yes!  I was plum out of Nutritional Yeast which rarely ever happens!  Well, it did this time - so I stocked up on some!  I grabbed 3 of them!  I have also been sharing some of my nut butters while out with our Wildtree stuff on weekends at festivals and I usually bring my own food for snacking!  Well, I have a few others HOOKED on these Jem Organics Nut Butters so I got one of the Red Maca's for a friend and another for my sister as well as the Superberry Maqui Camu.

Also in that 2nd pic you will see Hemp Oil I got for another friend who has MS she's been taking it for pain and some Agave Powder jut because I was interested it working with it PLUS some Valerian Powder that I wanted to start using in evening tonics to help with sounder sleep.

In this next photo you will see I grabbed some Pineapple and Apricots!  The Pineapple is for a co-worker and I thought I would try using the apricots in dressings sauces, smoothies, and such.  Plus they all make great desk snacks to have at work or while on the run!

And speaking of snacks for work or on the go - check these bad-boys out!  Jumbo Figs!  A few Pro-Biotic Nuts, and even some Pili Nuts, too!  I hope to start working with Pili Nuts in the near future so be on the look out for that!

Then I FINALLY broke down and purchased some Purple Corn Flour.  TannyRaw was the one who pushed me over the edge on it.  It really contributes to the color and also can work as a thickener!  I have been in to TannyRaw's YouTube Channel the last couple of months!  I like her personality and positive outlook!

I've also been into Lisa Montgomery's books more lately, too, I have found myself referring back to them often so I decided to check out a few more of the ones she has her name on.

The Liquid Raw I can see myself using often I glanced thru nearly the whole thing last night already!  I'm thinking the Potluck one will come in handy, too!

And I will have to check out the Raw Challenge one when I am able to, too!

I have been interested in other detox books and some others from David Wolfe and I will keep you posted on that progress, as well!

There were a few things that were on back order from my last order that I got in the mail too!  2 Foods Alive Flavored Flax Crackers - I have had them before and LOVED them - they were on sale when I tried to purchase them before!

Then I got HOOKED on the Sprouted Trail Mix - Pineapple - but it has just the right amount of spice, too!  YUM!  And I have tried the other breakfast crusts before as you see in front in the last photo but not the Spirulina ones, yet, so I wanted to include those with that last order, too!

More WINNERS and More Pics!

Hi gang!  The 7 days of giveaways has come to a close and I have a few announcements to make...

1st Announcement...the winner of the MyKind D3 Vegan Spray was Deborah!

2nd Announcement...the winner of the GRAND PRIZE Prize Pack  of 7 additional Garden of Life Products was Ashley!


If you didn't win or even if you are new to my blog be sure to stick around because I have more contests and giveaways coming soon!  Including one later this week!

You are going to LOVE it!

Now...on to some pics!  These were taken this past Sunday I went over to my parents house and their neighbor wanted to see Cricket and snapped some pics and sent them to me.

Due to my job/title change I don't wear jeans as much anymore so it was nice to wear them over the weekend.  I was also sporting one of my many Bob Marley T-Shirts!

Cricket was playing SHY for some reason!  I also took her to the fair grounds for about an hour and one of the guys there called her The Cricket Monster.  I think I will be calling her that when she does her 'zoomies' around the house!

I will most likely have two posts today because I want to share some of the goodies I got in the mail yesterday and today.  So be on the lookout for that!

Thank you all for participating in the giveaways last week!  It was FUN!