Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Golden Milk, Vegan Blue Cheese, Witch Hazel, & Nettles Tea

I found a few things I forgot to add to yesterday's post!  First off is this Golden Milk from Wegman's that I had about a week or so ago!  I opted for the 8-ounce. 

You know how I LOVE Turmeric and I try to add it to at least one of my food or beverages a day!

This was pretty good.  It was mellower than I expected.  The Black Pepper sank to the bottom and it was a bit harsh but not overly-so.  I need to make more of this myself - at home.  It's easy and I have all the ingredients on hand.

One of the many 'new-to-me' products I was able to get my hands on this past week and our travels to Ohio was this Blue Cheese!  Vegan, of course!  It's by VioLife.  I have seen The Vegan Zombie and others post about it from Expo West and I thought it was going to be a year or two before it came over to the East side of the US.  So when I saw it - I didn't hesitate to grab it.

I will say...it's ok.  It's not OVERLY awesome.  I don't think it's something I would nibble on by itself.  However, I have tried it two other ways.  One was to melt it on a bagel - that was fairly good.  The other was to do a small dice and mix in with an Alfredo.  That was YUMMY! 

It's something I will continue to play around with.  I'm convinced it has potential.  I'm thinking the crumbles on a salad paired with another vegan creamy ranch or blue cheese type dressing would be stellar.

A few updates...thankfully, I seem to have the Dyshidrotic Eczema under control with the help of Witch Hazel and Nettles Tea.  I'm going to continue to use both of these things because now I have a boil on my leg from a pair of pants that was irritating me.  Both can be used for both issues.  And I'm going to try and drink Nettles Tea each night for the additional benefits while building up my immune system and a bit of self-care for my liver. It's also great for inflammation, pain, and skin so those are things I can put in my mental Rolodex, too!

For some AWESOME info on BOTH:
Nettles Tea & Witch Hazel

Monday, April 2, 2018

All Sorts of Updates ~ LONG Post Ahead!

I'm not quite sure where MARCH went?  It's been VERY BUSY for a March but at the same time I couldn't wait for April to get here.  Mostly because of the weather.  I'm SO OVER WINTER and ready for better temps! 

So as you can imagine, I'm WAY BEHIND on posting!  Here's the official warning...this will be a VERY LONG POST!  Possibly the longest post I have had to date!

There is a possibility I will be obtaining a few more vegan cookbooks over the next month so I better get up to snuff on that soon, eh?  Here is one from my last shipment.  Sweet Potato Soul from Jenne Clairborne.  I have thumbed thru it and already KNOW I need to try many of the recipes inside!  The photos are lovely!

Many of the photos in this post will be of foods I have been gnawing on or finding.  We have been taking a bunch of day trips the last month or two but I have been grabbing some filler in between our hauls.  I found these vegan burgers at Aldi.  I'm sad that the vegan line was a limited run but have been seeing some of them stay on the local level.  I try and grab them when I can to let them know there are buyers in our area!

I used some sprouted bread to make a simple lunch and/or dinner with this.

It seems like this next dish is something I had forever ago!  It was literally something I threw together...an accidentally vegan rice and quinoa packet...I threw in corn, black beans, green chilis, tomato, and garlic.  It was YUMMY.

I'm in the process of joining Zontas International on the local level and they have monthly lunch or dinners paired with their meetings.  They have been GREAT with veggie options.

 I usually opt out of the meal and go for the conversation in situations like those.  But they had Quinoa and Make Your Own Salad the one night and I was THRILLED!  They have a Summer Surprise Event each summer and you don't know what the details are until it happens.  One of the things someone suggested was to have a Vegan Meal such as a potluck and asked me for suggestions.  They thought it would be neat for the other members to try something new.  I will let you know if anything comes of it.

Here is a cheap, quick, easy, and breakfast I have out at a local restaurant.  Oatmeal with Blueberries, Pecans, and (sometimes) Brown Sugar!

And speaking of eating out...it was my birthday back on the 16th and DH, BIL, and I took a trip up to Buffalo and ate at The Pizza Plant.  I've blogged about some of their vegan options before but I was REALLY hungry for some of their Vegan Pizza (instead of trying something new, that is) so I got that and had PLENTY to bring home for leftovers! 

Oddly, this past weekend, we took a day trip back to Buffalo and the Pizza Plant and I grabbed another Vegan Pizza!  Oops!  I probably won't have it again for months or even a year!  The trip we took for our birthdays we did share an app...the vegan curry nachos!  The boys didn't even mind the vegan cheese!

One of my many finds the last couple of weeks was the Forager Project Cashewgurt LEMON.  I've been waiting to get my hands on this flavor and I finally found it.  And I have to say YUM YUM YUM!  It sort of reminds me of Lemon Meringue Pie...but BETTER!  This is certainly my FAVORITE FLAVOR so far!

In our day trips, we have been lucky to hit up a few places in Ohio a couple of times...and Buffalo area...twice.  Plus, Erie.  I've been VERY fortunate to have a couple of nice grocery hauls mixed in. 

More on that in this post and future posts - for sure!

With the first trip to Buffalo about 2 months ago when we went to the Indian Restaurant I stopped at a Halal Grocery Store that was right next door and found these little gems! 

These are called Chai Paratha.  They are the size of a big pancake but are sweet, savory, and contain chai spices. 

I read a website that said they are good for breakfast or with tea.  I did have them with tea once.  The other time I had them I ate them as a dessert with a Mango Chutney I made. 

They were totally yummy and I wish I had more!

One of the many blog posts I wish I would have done was one on how I recently cleaned my Excalibur Dehydrator.  But I'm sure there will be another day and time for that.  I hope to start using it again more. 

After I gave everything a good cleaning, I made these Raw Vegan Crackers.  I wasn't overly thrilled with the taste so I won't post it here until I have a better attempt after some tweaking.  They were a bit too salty for my liking.  As you can see I used several spices, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flax Meal, etc.

With all of our running around, we have also had some RnR with the furkids.  It's rare if I can get a pic of all 3 of them at the same time but it happened this past weekend.

As for a furkid update - things have been ok.  I've been working with Riley's ongoing ear infections but that's nothing new.  I was finally able to get Cricket over to my parents for a playdate with Lexi.  Paco keep truckin' along, too!  I wouldn't be shocked if we had to adjust his meds again over the next couple of months for his ITP.  Charlie is aging by the day but still his feral self.  Age-wise we are thinking that he's about 18, Riley 16 or 17, Paco almost 7, and Cricket - about 5.

We take day trips because of the dogs.  We haven't been overnight somewhere in years other than fair week and that's the week they go to 'Uncle Jack's' as we call him. 

With Paco's ITP (Immune Issue) he rarely leaves the house unless he's going to the vet.

Cricket is still the leader of the pack.  Riley and Paco are followers.  When we lost Suzie to cancer there was a hole that is for sure.  When we got Cricket the flow was better because of her alpha-ness!  I know you can't tell by the pictures but I assure you that this little 6-pound wonder is a spitfire!

Like I said before - I'm still waiting for the weather to get warmer.  In the meantime, I have been enjoying some more soups I can easily make in my blender. 

This first one is a Black Bean Soup.  Because I waited a while to post it - I'm afraid I misplaced the recipe!  YIKES!  Sorry!  It was tasty!  And as you can see I used some homemade Cashew Sour Cream to mix in, too!

The 'red' is smoked paprika!  I can't get enough of Smoked Paprika these days!

This next soup I used Chickpeas as the based along with Coconut Milk and Tahini.  There is also Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Nutmeg, Onion, and Nutritional Yeast, too!

A couple weekends ago I went with my parents to an RV Show at the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood, NY, and while we were there we stopped in to a few places.  One place we can't pass up when we are there is the one Kitchen Store.  It seems like we always find something.  The blue edges you see in this photo is a pasta maker type bowl.  It's supposed to 'nuke' your pasta quicker.  That is yet to be determined but it makes a nifty bowl, regardless!

I guess you can also see the dish here, too!  So far I have found that it doesn't really cut the pasta time but it could be because I have a low watt microwave. 

The dish is pretty sturdy/heavy-duty and of a good size.  I like that there are little ledges/handles on the sides, too!

I made a Garlic Dill Alfredo Sauce for these noodles.  It's a Pumpkin Seed base that I used here, too!  It was pretty good.  Of course, I topped it with Smoked Paprika!

I almost forgot to post a few selfies.  I'm a horrible selfie person.  This first one is from the RV Show at the mall.  I saw this hat and thought I would try it on.  I regret not buying it.  It went well with the jacket I was wearing, too!  As you can see - I don't wear make-up.  Yesterday, while I was at Walmart I noticed a "Wet & Wild" brand section that was clearly marked "Cruelty-Free" and "Vegan" in several places.  Not only on the individually packaged items but on the signs above each product.  I thought for the heck of it I would grab some.  It was CHEAP!  Probably the cheapest I saw in 3 isles of make-up!  I bought some foundation, concealer, and mascara.  I know I won't wear it often but when I do I know it will be vegan!

Here's another selfie I took back on International Women's Day.  I even wore purple to celebrate!

I feel that ever since I decided to go back to wearing my glasses it's added about 10 years on me!  I need to get my hair done, again!  YIKES!  I actually like this shirt I bought at Label Shopper several months ago!  I think it was only $7.  I wear it for work a lot and will probably wear it to some upcoming Zonta Meetings.  And speaking of meetings...I have a League of Women Voters Board Meeting today!  There are lots of things in the works and I will share more details about those projects soon!

Photos I enjoy sharing more are of this little girl!  Here's my adorable neice!  Trinity is going to be 10 months on Saturday!  I can't believe it!

My parents watch her about 3 times a week and they sent me this photo on my birthday!

Her hair is getting thicker.  She can pull herself up and stand but hasn't walked on her own, yet.  She hates wearing shoes.  I think I have taught her how to say "Nom Noms" and "Nom, Nom, Nom" when she eats!

I can't wait to take her rolling skating and ice skating!  I'm a terrible bowler but I can't wait to go with her.  My parents and I are already making plans for camping and fair week!

She's a fan of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars but REALLY doesn't like Taylor Swift (I can't say as I blame her). 

She already likes animals.

And I think her and I not only have an understanding of each other but we also get a kick out of each other, too!

This photo was taken yesterday.  She had an Easter Dress eventho my sister and her husband didn't take her to church.  Her husband is Catholic so that was pretty shocking they didn't go but I guess they had some churchgoers that were sick and didn't want her picking it up.  (Again, I don't blame them!)

My sister, her DH, and Trinnie are going on vacation later this month.  My parents and I were trying to go, too, but it didn't work out.  They are going to Charleston, South Carolina for about a week and a half.  As much as I wanted to go, I can't take that much time off from work and leave Paco for that long.  Dale said he would stay home but the planning process wasn't in our favor - nor were the prices!

I was, however, able to take last Thursday off and we took another day trip to Ohio.  We went back to Mustard Seed Market and this time we grabbed something at the cafe before we left.  Dale got a Strawberry, Orange Juice, Banana Smoothie and I got this juice.  They call it Waldorf Hysteria.  It contains Fresh Juiced Carrots, Apple Juice, Celery, and Mint. 

I ended up really liking it and the mint helped with the aftertaste, too!  The photo doesn't really do it justice.

My mom and I are already planning on taking my juicer to camp this summer!  So I hope to have more to report on the juicing front, soon, too!

And...last but not least...this MONSTER MEAL from our trip to Buffalo on Friday!

We went to Amy's Place for brunch!  It's been YEARS since I have been there!  They have LOTS of vegan options including what you see here!

It's Lentils and Broccoli, Rye Toast with Vegan Butter, Breakfast Potatoes, and Seasoned Tofu!  I added a little Ketchup and Frank's Hot Sauce and it was pretty amazing!  It made me wonder why I don't make Lentils on a lazy Sunday and use them throughout the week!  I need to start doing that!  I'll stop right there since this post was LONG enough but I have LOTS on tap so make sure you check back often!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hail Merry Caramel Sea Salt Bites & Dyshidrotic Eczema

Hail Merry Caramel Sea Salt Bites & Dyshidrotic Eczema...I know...that's a WEIRD Blog Post Title.  Let me explain...First up - the YUMMY bit of this post!  This past weekend we took a day trip again and stopped by Erie to pick up my BIL and then drove to Buffalo to go to Pizza Plant.  (More on that in the next couple of days)  We were waiting for him to get out of work and the Whole Foods Co-Op is just a couple of blocks from his house and I ran in real quick to see if there was 'anything I couldn't live without' and came across a fairly good price on these Caramel Sea Salt Bites from Hail Merry and I was INSTANTLY a fan!

Now on to the Dyshidrotic Eczema part of this post.  NOT pleasant.  I didn't know what it was until I researched it and I'm pretty sure it's something I have had on again and off again in the spring and fall.  I learned a lot from THIS POST and other sources.  In short, it's either an allergy issue or a stress issue.  I guess it could be either with me but I'm wondering more about the foods...here is why...

It says to up your intake of Vitamin A Foods but after I looked at the list of vegan foods that were high in Vitamin A I realized I already eat a lot of those things.  Then it says to lower your intake of foods with nickel and/or cobalt in them and that is when I started thinking.  As far as the vegan foods with nickel in them the following are my favorite foods on that list and I tend to eat a lot of the following foods...

Black Tea, Nuts, Seeds, Soy, Chickpeas & other kinds of beans, Tomato, Corn, Spinach.  Honestly, with the exception of soy, the other foods make up about 80 percent of my diet these days.  I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't have a nut, a seed, a tomato, corn, or beans.

BUT...why now?

That...I'm not sure.  Then I read that Baking Powder is on that list of things to watch out for on the nickel/cobalt list.  It also says that outbreaks could last 2 to 4 weeks.  Interesting.  It just so happens that I attempted Vegan Pancakes at home about 2 to 3 weeks ago and used Baking Powder in the recipe.  Could this have contributed?  Or was in the combo of everything?  Regardless, I'm going to try and lower my intake of some of my favorite foods now...ie...tomatoes, corn, beans, nuts, seeds...but...I will have to see what other kinds of things I can make my vegan cheesy sauces out of, too!  YIKES!

In the meantime...what am I going to do about self-care and healing my palms from the itching?  Witchazel.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Mixed Berry Smoothie, Ups & Downs of LightLife, Butternut Vegan Mac & Cheese

Time has been flying by!  I do have things to share but haven't had time to share it.  I almost forgot it was my birthday today, too!  But then again - it's just another day!  So, this will be a mishmash of a blog entry - yet again!

Kicking things off with a smoothie I had the other night!  I've been pretty bad about eating fruit lately.  I mean...technically...Tomatoes, Avocadoes are fruits, yes, but other fruits I have been passing over lately.  I think it's just because I find them too sweet lately.  My sensitive teeth have been avoiding the naturally sugary jolt.  I think a way around this is smoothies and I've going to try and work on this!  Having said that - what do you think about the photo above?  I have been trying to take some better pictures and have been tinkering with lighting a bit.

The Smoothie contains:

1 c Coconut Milk
1 T Flax Meal
1 T Hemp Seeds
1 T Chia Seeds
2 C Frozen Mixed Berries

This next photo is from Monday.  It was our League of Women Voters 2nd Annual Sunshine Event.  I blogged about it last year a little bit so I figured I would mention it again this year.  This time around we took a tour of the City/Municipal Building and had about 5 speakers including our Mayor, City Manager, Chief of Police, Freedom of Information Officer, and a couple of Council Members.  I think the event was a success and it was something that has been in the works for a couple of months!
Here's a new-to-me-product.  I found them a while back on one of our weekend grocery shopping adventures.  It's been a couple of weeks since I actually ate them but wanted to share it.  They were quite tasty.  It's been a long time since I have tried anything from LightLife because I'm not into fake meats and I found a bunch of their items salty (years ago) but I see they are coming out with a bunch of new products so I'm happy to see them kicking it up a notch!  I made a simple homemade Thousand Island type dressing/dip for them.  It was a complete meal and quite filling, too!
This was a completely thrown together meal one day while working.  I went to a grocery store nearby and grabbed 3 items...frozen cauliflower rice, Daiya cheese sauce, and LightLife Vegan Dogs.  I only bought them because they were 2 for $5 and then there was a dollar off coupon on top of that so far $1.50 I thought I would revisit them.  I still didn't care for them.  I ate a few of them in this dish and then picked around it and just ate the cheesy cauliflower rice!  

The weather has still been awful here but I was able to visit my parents and brought Cricket along for a playdate with their dog Lexi.  They surprised me with Amy's Vegan Curry for dinner last night!
As for this double photo...it was a Butternut Squash based Vegan Mac and Cheese dish I made earlier this week.  The recipe is below - all in a blender:

1 Can Organic Butternut Squash Puree
2 T Tahini
3 T Nutritional Yeast
1 t Minced Garlic
1 t Smoked Paprika
1 t Turmeric
To Taste: Yellow Mustard, Lemon Juice, Balsamic, Braggs Liquid Aminos, Almond or Coconut Milk

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hummus Pods & Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook

A little teaser to start things off today!  But I can't tease you for long...so...here's what you are looking at...

These are new-to-me and I have to say I fell in LOVE with them at first bite!  They are Hummus Pods!  I found them on one of my recent road trips.  I hope they become more readily available because I want to stock up on them!  They are YUMMY as-is and on their own but you know me...I need to make dips and sauces for stuff, too, so I did!  I used homemade leftover Vegan Sriracha Aioli.

And speaking of recents...here is another recent cookbook I added to my collection!  I can't wait to dive in!  I randomly opened the book today and immediately wanted to try the Pistachio Mustard!  OMG!  I need to try it and ASAP!

This is a short post today but I have a lot going on - good - but busy - and I hope to share more of that with you SOON!

In the meantime...have you seen or tried these Hummus Pods yet?  Do you have the new Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook?  If so - what are your fave recipes or at least ones that intrigue you!?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Roundup: Local Fundraising, New Copper Skillet, Tandoori Spice Vegan Burgers

Saturday was a BUSY day!  I volunteered to help the local Zontas with their Lucky Numbers Fundraiser.  It's the first time I attended the event but I hope to be a member and wanted to get one under my belt before I was a member next year (that is if I am accepted as a member).  It was a pretty crazy yet fun event!  The ladies who organized it did an AMAZING job!  I didn't win anything (as far as the large prizes go) but it wasn't about that for me...I just wanted to help if I could.  I did, however, win this lovely mug and gift certificate to a local coffee & tea shop!

Well over 200 people attended and it was a HOOT to see everyone go bonkers over the winnings!  Here are a few photos of some of the high-end prizes at stake.

With my ticket, I received 5 chances.  With those - I went for the kitchen items.  The 8-Quart Instant Pot on the far right was one of the ones I had my eye on.

There was a heavy-duty Spiralizer, too, that looked pretty cool.  I already have 2 spiralizers but nothing like the one that was on the table.

Here was one of the sections of the room that was filled with participants!

Lunch was served (I had a salad) and there were other drawings and such that you could participate in.  Some people dressed up and some people had noisemakers for when someone at their table won!

After the Lucky Numbers Event, DH and I went over to a friends house for dinner.  I didn't have a lot of time to make anything special but I brought the makings for a large salad and grabbed some storebought hummus and pretzels.

Yesterday, we wanted to find a Waffle Maker but couldn't find one locally.  Instead, I found this Copper Electric Skillet and make pancakes.  I would show the pancakes but I would rather wait to post one that was tastier than the first attempt.  I will show this Vegan Burger for now.

This is the Veggie Burger on the skillet above.  I found them at Mustard Seed Market and have had them in my freezer since we got back.  Last night I thought I would finally try them.  They were pretty good.  I didn't put it on a bun but I did make some dipping sauce for it.  You can see that in the next photo.

The Tandoori Spice in these was potent - but you know me - I'm a fan of spice!

For the dipping sauce it's basically a Vegan Aioli I threw together.  I think next time I will make it thicker.  The flavor was good, tho!

It was just Vegan Mayo, Garlic, Sriracha, Smoked Paprika, Lemon Juice, and a pinch of Black Sea Salt.

It was pretty good on corn chips, too!

I probably could have added some nooch to it, too!

Question of the Day...what was the last brand of veggie burgers that you tried that was 'new to you'?  What did you think of them!?

Friday, March 2, 2018

Nourished & Nor'Easters

Just a quick post today.

This book was another book I recently grabbed lately.  I was thinking it was a vegan cookbook but it really isn't a cookbook, per say.

It IS, however, an amazing resource and wealth of knowledge that I will be referring to often.  The photography is lovely and the info STELLAR!  I hope to dip more into it on Sunday.

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at a Fundraiser for the local Zontas International that I hope to join over the next couple of months.

Last night we were hit with the latest Nor'Easter.  I couldn't help but post this meme.  It made me chuckle for a few reasons.  The Beavis & Butthead reference is something that DH, his brother, and mother often joke about.  As stupid as the show was - the silly comedy got them thru some challenging times.

This was a photo from the front of my house this morning as I tried to shovel my Fiat out of the driveway.  The photo doesn't do it much justice but the snow we received was heavier than usual and I'm sure we will have a lot of trees down because of it.

In some places, there was about a foot of snow dropping in a few hours.  It was 70 degrees just a few days ago and even this coming weekend we are supposed to see 40's and low 50s in temperatures.

I'm really hoping all of this doesn't freeze more than it already has.  Most of it's a heavy slush at the moment.

Yesterday I was doing some social media for work and noticed this...3 Movies Turning 30!  The movies Big, Willow, and Land Before Time - all turn 30 in early 2018!

Which of these 3 1988 movies was your favorite?

Another Question of the Day...did you get hit with the Nor'Easter?  If so - how much snow and/or flooding or winds did you see!?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vegan Bowl Attack, Vegan Blender Recipes, Vegan Curry, & Random Oddity!

I've had the sniffles over the last couple of days which is odd for me.  It doesn't really feel like a head cold but I have never been one to have sinus issues so I don't know what the difference in how I feel would be if it were sinus issues.  It's not bad, really, it's just different.

Here is one of the cookbooks I purchased recently and the more I thumb thru it the more excited I am about it!  I need more bowls in my life and this book has some great ideas!  Plus, Jackie, over at Vegan Yack Attack is the author! 

I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover but I have to say this one really drew me in!  Do you have this book?  If so - what are some of your favorites from it?

Earlier this week I wanted some sort of Broccoli Soup based on what I already had on hand so here is what I made all in a blender:

1 C Cashews
1 Can Chickpeas
4 T Nutritional Yeast
1 T Mild Miso
1 T Lemon Juice
3 T Minced Garlic
1 Carrot
1 Celery Stalk
2 C Water
3 C Broccoli
Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Nutmeg to taste

After our trip to Taste of India last weekend I was hungry for more curry type dishes so I threw this dish together - the cheaters way:

1 Can Garlic/Roasted Tomatoes with liquid
1 Can Chickpeas
1 Small Onion
1 Frozen Minced Ginger Cube
2 Cloves Garlic, Minced
2 t Garam Masala
1 t Curry Powder
1 Can Lite Coconut Milk
Black Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, Grapeseed Oil*
*if and as needed*

Last night I needed a snack and didn't really want to think about it so I grabbed some corn chips and made this Vegan Cheese Sauce:

1 C Cashews
Small Handful Nutritional Yeast
1 T Mild Miso
1 T Minced Garlic
1 t Onion Powder
1 T Lemon Juice
5 T Water

Nutmeg, Smoked Paprika, Black Sea Salt to taste

I stumbled across this lil guy while walking around downtown the other day.  He was standing all by himself in between a lamp post and trash can.  Upon further inspection, I noticed it was Rodney Dangerfield. 

I think originally he was supposed to talk and move but either he didn't have batteries in him or he was broken.  Regardless, seeing this, where I saw it, was random yet comical, and much needed that day!

There are antiques and oddity shops nearby so I don't know if the one store owner decided to put this there to make people stop OR if someone thought it was broken and wanted to dispose of it.  Regardless, it's not something you see every day so I had to take a photo!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

VEGAN Smoked Gouda Beer Cheese, Recent Finds, & Power Bowl!

I'm going to hop around in this post but for good reason and that reason is this Vegan Smoked Gouda Beer Cheese I made literally just minutes ago!

But before I get to the recipe I have some 'explaining to do'.

For a week now I have been talking about our last trip over to Ohio and our visit to Mustard Seed Market, well, I have some new-to-me items to blog about along with some additional finds from my travels today!

First up...I FINALLY got my hands on Daiya's Smoked Gouda!  I have been searching for this stuff for about 8 months and I was able to find it at Mustard Seed Market in Solon, Ohio!  That's about 3 hours from my home so this will be a treat until I find it closer.  I have to say I'm a HUGE fan already!  It might be a good thing that I don't have access to this vegan cheese often or I would probably have to eat it daily.  I ate about half of it in small chunks as a side to my meals but I wanted to try to make something with it, too, so I ended up making a Gouda Beer Cheese - VEGAN!

Another item I found at Mustard Seed Market that I had not tried before was the So Delicious Coconut Milk Unsweetened Yogurt Alternative.  I know I am probably one of the last of our blogging buddies to try this but I'm still glad I was able to!  My first go-around with this wasn't a great one but that was totally operators error!  This time around it was a GREAT SUCCESS!  I also used this in my Vegan Smoked Gouda Beer Cheese!

So...here's the recipe...

10 T Light Beer
1 T Flour
1/2 Block Daiya Smoked Gouda, Shredded
2 T Plain, Unsweetened Vegan Yogurt
Yellow Mustard (Very Small Squirt)*
Smoked Paprika*

* = or to taste

If you would like this thicker just add a little bit more flour.

This was OUT OF THIS WORLD if I do say so myself!

Today we took another day trip - this time to the outskirts of Buffalo - more specifically West Seneca.  We went to a few music stores, a HUGE Wegmans, Feel Rite - which is a natural foods and vitamin type store, and a Halal Grocery Store.  We also went to Taste of India.  I asked them about their vegan options and after a long list I chose to go with their Chana Masala.  I brought the leftovers home for dinner.

While we were at Feel Rite I grabbed a Meyer Lemon Kevita.  I haven't seen this one where I live so I wanted to grab it.  I think I have a new favorite!  Then again, I'm partial to Meyer Lemons.

The other night I threw a bowl together for dinner.  This isn't the greatest photo but it was a tasty bowl.

I found at my local Shurfine Market a Wild Rice and Veggie Blend in the frozen foods section.  I found some flatbread that I toasted, and a half of avocado.  I also threw in the rest of the Pizza Hummus from the night before.

I still have LOTS to share over the last couple of weeks but I think I will stop there for today.