Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cherry Festival at 21 Brix

Blogger is acting up with insert photos so I am sorry I don't have any photos at this time but I do have video!  Two of them, actually!  The first one you can hear my mother in and the second one features my sister!  We took these videos at 21 Brix Winery during their Cherry Festival a few weekends ago!  We had our Wildtree tables set up and took breaks and turns to go Cherry Picking!  I completely nerded-out because they had 16 different kinds of cherries and 2 or 3 thousand trees!  Each video is only 2 minutes!  Take a look!

My sister was pretty funny in this video!  We was "overwhelmed" with the variety of cherries! LOL  And YES we did try all 16 different kinds!  They were sooooo good!  On a side note ALL of the wines that 21 Brix sell are listed as SAFE on the Vegan Wine Site I'm told.  YAY!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Creamy Hemp Italian Dressing, Pineapple Vanilla Smoothie, Cacao Pear Smoothie, and Selfie Day

Happy Wednesday LOVELIES!  I have some tasty items to share with you today!  First up...take a look at the salad I had last night!  It contained Iceberg Lettuce Mix - it was the only lettuce I had on hand at the moment - as well as - fresh sugar snap peas, carrot slivers, red cabbage slivers, corn strips, and I topped it with Creamy Hemp Italian Dressing (recipe below) and sprinkled smoked paprika on top!  

Creamy Hemp Italian Dressing

1/2 C Hemp Seeds
1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 C Lemon Juice
2 T Wildtree Italian Seasoning
1 T Wildtree Garlic Galore
Pinch Black Himalayan Sea Salt

Here's what it looked like in the bowl, too!

I found out almost TOO LATE that yesterday was National Selfie Day!
I swear I take the WORST Selfies!
I still need new glasses!  I still haven't gone to get my eyes checked since switching from contacts to glasses again!

This was my smoothie yesterday - it was Pineapple Vanilla - recipe below:

2 C Pineapple
1 C Almond Milk
1 Scoop Garden of Life Vanilla Flavored Raw Protein & Greens

Easy Peasy...RIGHT?  Yup!

And this was TODAY's Smoothie...Cacao Pear Smoothie - recipe follows:

2 C Sliced Pears
1 C Almond Milk
1 Scoop Garden of Life Cacao Flavored Raw Protein & Greens

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What I'm Eating, Reading, and Thinking About

Today is a simple post - mostly about what I have been eating, reading, and thinking about.
Starting off with what I have been eating!  Simple - really...juices, smoothies, salads, raw fruit and veggies - mostly.

Yesterday was my Monday to travel to an area with a Wegmans.  I have been treating myself to a lunch there the last few weeks at their buffet.  This week I did another thrown together salad.  I had a mix of romaine and iceberg with leafy greens mixed in.  There was also a great deal of kale in there!  I added some roasted root veggies - such as onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.  I threw on some peas, carrots, blueberries, etc.  What really made this was the Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing!

I started my day with water and lemon.  I then had some tea.  I then had a glass of Pineapple Juice which was pretty awesome.  For lunch I will have a Vanilla Pineapple Smoothie which I will most likely blog about tomorrow.  I also have Snap Peas to snack on this morning and later today a few Mac Nuts.  For Dinner I will have a LARGE Salad.  I'm REALLY loving different fruit vinegar salad dressing and hope to be making my own and posting them here so be on the look out!

As for some of the things I have been reading - I forgot to post about the Carrot Seed Oil Research I have been doing!  Check out this handy chart!  Of course once I start researching something and reading about it then I am thinking about it and how I can learn more!

Piping Rock keeps having more and more sales and I am so tempted to buy more oils but trying to save money!  I might have to budge on this tho!  The ones I currently look to buy are: Eucalyptus $1.49, 4 Thesis $1.79, Basil $289, Spearmint $3.29, Rosehip $4.19, Mandarin $1.99.  Time will tell if I will actually order all of these while this specific sale is going on.  If not I will just wait until the next one, I guess!  I've been into the site Mindy Body Green lately and here are the articles I have bee interested in lately:

* A Globe-Trotting Yogi Shares Her Travel Must-Haves + The Stretches You Need For Pain-Free Trips

* Why Quitting My Job To Build A Tiny Home Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

* What Food Photographer & Blogger Marie Reginato Eats In A Day

Monday, June 20, 2016

Juicing & Salads ~ Continue!

I'm REALLY trying to stay positive but it's been hard to lately!

I'm trying to keep my mind and body busy with other things to not over analyze like I tend to when stressed.

This past weekend my mom and I put the SlowStar Juicer to the test again!  WHY?  Because it's STRAWBERRY Season!  Woot!

This juice you see here is Strawberry, Pineapple, and Kiwi Fruit!  It was very tasty!

This week I will continue with the juices, smoothies, and salads for the most part.  I can see myself doing this - or at least - aiming for the major of my meals planning around these items - throughout the summer months into the fall.

It's mostly back-to-the basics while trying to detox a bit and shed a few in the meantime.

I have had MANY salads the last week or two and I'm not getting sick of them in the slightest!

This one you see here is iceberg lettuce (which I realize has the least nutritional value of any of the lettuces but I like the CRUNCH), a few leafy greens and spring mix are in there too...you can't see them but I have carrots and cherry tomatoes in there - PLUS - nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, corn strips, topped with Vegan Ranch Dressing, and smoked paprika.

Over the weekend we stopped by a family restaurant that has the best salad bar in the county and I piled up.  They have a California French that happens to be vegan...so I usually go with that.  We also stopped at a Variety Buffet yesterday and I had salad, corn, brussels sprouts, rice, and fruit!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Global LOVE Project

Last week I was contacted by the fine folks at Global Love Project asking if I would be interested in contributing to their website and ongoing project of not only spreading love to others but having love for ourselves as well.  After spending a LOT of time on their website - I knew this was something I wanted to be involved with.

Below you will see a screen shot of my very first contribution which is a Pomegranate & Strawberry Smoothie Recipe!  HERE is the LINK for the entire post!  But may I also suggest that you take a look at the sidebar on that link and sign up for their eNewsletter!  Just for signing up you receive 5 FREE gifts!  I'm very much looking forward to contributing more to The Global Love Project!

ABOUT The Global Love Project

Love is the ultimate healer and transformer. A cliche, but for good reason; love not only can change our world, love does and is changing our world.

Love lies at the heart of who we are, and a separation from it at the root of our troubles and pain. It is the common thread that joins us all, its unifying power dissolving barriers, healing divides, bridging differences, and uniting all.

The Global Love Project is an international platform dedicated to humanitarian love founded by Aine Belton to encourage a more united and compassionate world, with numerous facets, resources, initiatives, and inspiration.

The homepage serves as a map for the various elements of the Global Love Project, our individual site pages offering more detail. Our new site design is recently live, more info and pages coming shortly!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More Vegan Options From Mainstream Candy Shows & Back To Basics!

I have more to share with you from a not-so-long-ago Candy Show.

Eventho I wasn't the person to attend 'said Candy Show' I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the vegan products thanks to my lovely parents!

First up - today - are these wonderful Matcha Snakaroons from Laughing Giraffe.  I have had a half dozen flavors from this company before and am a fan but I have to tell you these top my list!  YUM!  Since they are a Matcha product I might even review them for the Sororitea Sisters Blog, too!

You have probably seen Nature's Bakery's FIG BARS nearby.  This is the FIRST time I have seen their Brownie Bars and WOWZA are they TASTY!  As you can see I was lucky enough to try their NEW Double Chocolate Brownie!  Yippeee Skippy...these are VEGAN!

My parents said that this year was WONDERFUL for vegan products and many of them shined bright during the show!  This is a annual, national candy show that he's attended for YEARS, too!

Up next are a few different flavors of breakfast and/or snack bars from Orchard Bar.

These are a mix of fruit and seeds but the thing I want to point out right away is that these are MOIST.  The fruit "jelly" surrounding the whole bar is quite gooey and fresh!

I can't say as I have had another bar quite like it!  It was memorable for that fact.  Secondly - the fruity flavors never failed to pack a powerful tarty punch and blast of flavor in your mouth!

Here's one of the other flavors I had recently.  I can't tell you which one I liked better.  They were both good!

I'm also liking that more and more companies are stating that the product is vegan.  Regardless I am still a label reader - but - it's great to have it identified right away and SEE the word VEGAN if you know what I mean!?

This next product I am hot and cold about.  I'm happy that it clearly states Maple Bacon Flavored Almonds VEGAN on the label.  And the label itself is pretty cool if you are into label EYE CANDY like I am.

BUT...I didn't think these really tasted like bacon.  Not that I ever liked bacon even before going veg.  Therefore, I personally don't care that they weren't closely bacon-esque anyways.  However, if you are a 'bacon person' and looking for a TWIN of bacon-with-out-the-bacon...I don't know if this would fit the bill.  Having said that...a co-worker who is NOT veg in anyway really liked these so I guess that is all that really matters!

That about does it for the Candy Show wrap-up!  But I have more to share with you in today's post...so here goes...This next photo is my new Positively Posh Easy Peasy Big Bath Chunk Bar.  I realized eventho they aren't a vegan company they do have many vegan beauty care product options!  That I am thankful for!  This Sweet Mint Lemonade flavor smells AMAZING!  It certainly lives up to it's name, too, it's so large of a bath bar that you might need two hands to hold it.  The retail price for this specific bar is $9.  Yes...that IS pricey...but I didn't make any other purchases this past weekend and haven't bought any pampering products as of late so I thought I would treat myself!

Monday I stopped in a Wegmans while traveling to have some lunch - which I will show in the next photo - but - also spotted these two 'rays of light'.  That's RIGHT...I was FINALLY able to get my hands of Daiya Dressings locally!  I bought Home Style Ranch and Blue Cheeze.  I will already say I am a fan of BOTH.  I have made my own vegan ranches at home before and some where better than others but this VEGAN Blue Cheese...OMG!  Winner!  Winner!  Tofu Dinner!!!!  It's out of this WORLD!  Yum!  Because these are priced at $3.99 each this was another 'once in a blue moon' type of purchase for me but I will certainly be buying them again I just have to pace myself!

And finally this last photo of this post...my lunch that day!  It included: corn, watermelon, roasted yams, raw mushrooms, HUGE Blackberries, celery, and I think that is about it!

It was a solid lunch!

I have a confession to make...not so much in the last month...but..prior to that for a few months I was being LAZY.  I was consuming beer on a weekend sometimes.  I was falling back on pastas and had a little bit too much bread, I think.

Well, I think the beer, bread, and pasta caught up with me.  Eventho I was rather bloated this past week I can FEEL that I have gained a notable amount of weight back and just seemed to realize it.  Therefore, I think it might be time for a reboot!  I've already started this reboot and plan on continuing with it for a while...at least a month...maybe more.  What I am doing is this...MOSTLY juicing, smoothies, salads.  I will fill in holes from time to time with other things such as raw veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds.  I think my cheats for the most part will be with my dressings.  The dressing may or may not be store bought...and/or if I make them at home may or may not be higher in fat.  But with me cutting back on so many other foods I shouldn't be that concerned about the higher fat in a dressing once a day.  Another thing I may do once or twice a week is include blended soups I make at home, myself, too!  Years ago I did this in the summer months...June, July, August...I believe...and for the most part this worked well.  What non-veg people might not understand is that - when I do a salad - I do a salad!  I throw all sorts of stuff on my salads!  I hope to post most of them here!  Stay tuned for some REALLY FUNKY salads, and salad dressings...not to mention dips and/or spreads.

These are the type of recipes you will be seeing from me in the very near future!  So it's Back To Basics for me!!!

Also...I don't have a code for MIDWEEK MUNCHIES but let me know if you participated this week in comments!  I would LOVE to see them!

Monday, June 13, 2016

We Stand...

I know I don't really have to elaborate on this but I will.  I will elaborate in a different way than what my first thoughts and feelings were about the tragedy.  If you have visited my blog before today you already know I have compassion for everyone and everything.  I truly believe that ONE verb can change the world.  


Call me a dreamer - if you will.  But I am going to stand by my thoughts, feelings, and ideas and continue to spread them in any way I can...peacefully.

I'm going to surround myself with those who share my thoughts of love, compassion, peace, and open-mindedness in hopes that we will come out on top OVER those who spread hate, terror, and pain.

I'm sending prayers/thoughts/vibes to all those involved...if you don't pray...send your thoughts or at least do something nice for someone else.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Raising The Bar, Vegan Protein Packed Snacks, & 9 to 5

Yesterday I blogged a bit about some of the vegan treats I was introduced to recently when my parents came home from a Candy Show in Chicago.  Today I thought I would share a few more!  First up is the one you see above!  Orchard Bar...Fruit and Nuts!  It was pretty good but the fruit was very gooey!  Take that for what it is - if you like that or if you don't.  For me - it's all about flavor - and it packed a powerful punch that is for sure!

Speaking of packing a punch...these flavored, roasted Fava Beans are pretty amazing snacks!  It was a very small bag yet they have 10 grams of protein in them.  I'm not one who counts protein often but I know some people have asked me about good vegan protein sources in the past...FAVA BEANS (among other beans) is one of the many suggestions of plant based proteins.  I always like to remind people about the Protein Myths, too!  Remember TOO MUCH Protein often causes gout and other health issues and complications.

Yesterday I also showed a few of the flavors from Bobo's Oat Bars and here is another one!  I think it's their NEWEST offering...Lemon Poppyseed and I have to say I think it my favorite one so far!

Another Part B to yesterday's post is a bit more about the vocal band HOME FREE.  Below you will see one of their many videos!  Between now and August I will be posting more and more of their songs so be sure to keep an eye out!  These guys are a VOCAL Band.  Everything they do is with their VOICES.  Most times you will hear instrument-like sounds but it's their 'beat box guru' that is providing the 'band'.  They are truly amazing, entertaining, and I can't wait to see them LIVE in August!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Life Updates, Vegan Snacks, Outdoorsy Weekend Recap

Over the past couple of months I have been attending various meetings and events involving my local branch of The League of Women Voters.  I have decided to become a member.  There are many topics that I am interested in learning more about.  Since I have decided to keep this blog mostly political-free and believe me when I tell you that is a REAL challenge - I will continue to NOT preach my politics here on this blog - but I do have other places to vent - thankfully.  I just wanted to update you on a few things I have been involved in over the past couple of months.

I have also been very involved with a newly formed group called Impacting Poverty.  We have a few things in the works including a poverty simulation in the fall which I will be participating in.

2016 marks DH's 7th year on the county fair board.  One of his major committees is the Entertainment Committee and I have helped out as much as I have been able since he started.  We are working on many things for this years fair which is in August.  This year the entertainment acts include: Colin Raye, Home Free, and Little Texas.  I will be posting more about Home Free VERY soon because the more I watch and listen to them the more I REALLY love them!

My parents recently attended a CANDY SHOW in Chicago and brought back some VEGAN TREATS for me!  I will say so far one of my FAVORITE new-to-me companies is Bobo's Oat Bars!  Here is the first one I tried and I really liked it!

I also nibbled on this flavor a day or two afterwards!  What I liked about this flavor is that the chocolate wasn't overpowering yet still part of the overall flavor!  I have a few more flavors I will be sharing with you down the road so be on the lookout!  I appreciate the fact that the company is active on Instagram and have liked and commented on my posts!

I thought this was certainly worth a mention, too!  A White Cheddar Flavor Skinny Pop Popcorn that is VEGAN!  I enjoyed it very much!  It was gently flavored and memorable!

This past weekend my parents and I attended a Women In The Outdoors Event at Chapman State Park and it was a wonderful day!  This is the 3rd year we have attended as a vendor with our Wildtree Products!  This is one of the MANY pics I took from one of the classes that took place!  Faerie Houses!

They had Essential Oil classes, too!  There were some classes that I had no interest in whatsoever that were not veg-friendly, per say, but in the area I live in I am used to it and skip over them.

They had outdoor Yoga, too!

And right next to us was a guy who was doing classes on Recycling For The Birds.  He would take plastic coffee tubs or other plastic bottles and make bird feeders out of them!  VERY COOL!  I think he did at least 4 classes and all of them were well attended!

But I don't have an official linky this week so if you participate just let me know in comments!
To see an example of a past MWM (Midweek Munchies) take a look at my top sidebar!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BIG LUNCH and Other Odds~N~Endz

Last week I while traveling around the region for work I stopped at Wegman's for lunch.  They have a WONDERFUL hot and cold lunch bar which is priced by the pound.  I believe it's $8.99 per pound and this worked out to be about a pound but I had heaps of food here!  The photo really doesn't do it much justice!  What you can see, may see, and can't really see...

* Marinated Zucchini, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions (Raw), 
* Roasted Multi-Colored Sweet Peppers, Eggplant, Sweet Onions
* Raw and plain Corn
* Raw and plain Mushrooms
* Grilled Asparagus
* Grilled Pineapple
* Herb Tofu
* Raw Blueberries, Raw Raspberries
* Raw Sweet Peas
* Sweet and Raw Coleslaw with Raisins and Cranberries

I think that is it...might be a few other items in there.  But I will tell you...this was an AMAZING lunch!  I wish I could eat something like this EVERY DAY!!!

A few weeks ago I started my random watermelon mono meals for lunch again but there is a lull in flavorful watermelon here at the moment so I will hold off on that for a while until it improves!

And speaking of watermelon...here is a snapshot of pure watermelon juice from our Juicing Journey!

One of the other juices I forgot to post about from last week's juicing session was this one!  This is Spinach Lemon Pineapple and it was TERRIFIC!

And I will end this post with some CUTENESS from my parents house!  These are the cats in their household...Bernie on the left and Jeter on the right!  They LOVE their sun room!