Monday, August 31, 2015

Brain Break & Vegan MoFo 2015 PREP!

I took these photos/videos last week and had not gotten around to post them until now.

The purpose of these are that we all need a little 'brain break' every once and a while.

Sometimes I will eat my lunch in a nearby park or just sit there for a few moments to gather my thoughts.

Question of the Day: What do you do on your 'Brain Breaks"?  Comment below.

I figured this was a great time to post this because TOMORROW is the first day of Vegan MoFo!  YAY!  I can't wait!  Will you be participating in Vegan MoFo?  If so...let me know your URL if you haven't already!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Catching Up On Some Reading...

It just occurred to me that September is just a few days away which means not only is this years Vegan MoFo taking place but that means FALL is on its way and winter is right around the corner.

I suppose is as good as time as any to catch up on some reading, eh!?

I downloaded this eBook months ago it seems.  It was FREE thru Vegan Cuts.  I have yet to tap into it.  Shame on me!

I noticed while thumbing thru that Vegan Yak Attack is behind some of these recipes so I KNOW it will be good!

Of course I have other books I am still trying to catch up on and if you put 'cookbook' into my search bar it will show you some of the books I am talking about!

With my last shipment of goodies from The Raw Food World I received an eBook because I bought some Monkfruit Sweetener and will be experimenting with that soon.

This cookbook has celebrity chefs such as Donna Gates, Katrine Volynsky, Cherie Soria, Elaine Love, Chanetal Roy, and Karen Russell.  Of those chefs the two that I am familiar with are Cherie Soria and Elaine Love and I like them both so I am excited to learn about some more new-to-me chefs and their recipes!

I already see a raw vegan lemon cheesecake that has caught my attention.

I do like eBooks but I also like books that you can touch and feel, too!  I'm not much of a book reader but I'm more into cookbooks and reference books than anything.

And speaking of eBooks...

Earlier this summer I took part in Fully Raw Kristina's "Love Your Body" Challenge.

Because I met all of the requirements I qualified to receive her eBook for free.  This photo was on the cover.  I've always loved her videos and photos because of the color that pops thru.

I really love her raw vegan ice cream ideas, HUGE salads, mono-meal ideas, and JUICES!!!

This eBook has 14 meal plans, too, which I always love to check out.  Even if I don't do them to-a-tee I like to grab ideas from them!

And speaking of meal plans...

I also have this to read on deck!

Adria DeCorte's "My 7-Day Raw Meal Plan: Eating Mostly Fruits and Veggies in Real Life."

This eBook is darned impressive at an exciting 60 pages!

I already see a slew of raw sauces for ZOODLES I'm interested in...and just in time for squash season, eh?

So...these are the eBooks I have on deck to read.  I'm also back a couple of issues of my Vegetarian Times!  So much to thumb thru so little time, eh?

Here's one of the issues I have on standby and the other issues is below.

I've been a subscriber of Vegetarian Times for at least 15 years.

I'm pretty sure I still have most of the issues, too!

I have noticed over the last 5 or 6 years they are incorporating more and more vegan recipes so that is great.  A magazine I used to love even before going vegan was VegNews and I know that the production of it was halted for a bit but I thought I heard and/or saw that it's out and about and on shelves again!  I will have to look into that for sure and SOON!

What are your favorite eBooks?  What are your favorite magazines?

Are you a subscriber to Vegetarian Times?  If so what did you think about these last two issues?

Are you into any of the other eBook Authors I have mentioned in this post?

What about raw foodies?  Which raw foodies do you tend to follow?

I have had a bunch of people ask me which YouTube Channels I watch when it comes to raw and vegan people around the world.  I will most likely be doing a post about this in the near future.  In the meantime I would love to hear about your favorites, too!

HAPPY WEEKEND!  Any exciting plans for anyone?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Colt Ford Opens For Jake Owen

Last Saturday we made a last minute decision to go to the Crawford County Fair to meet up with a booking agent that hubby works with for entertainment for our fair.  When we got there we got a tour of their (newer) facilities and were backstage during load in for Jake Owen with opener Colt Ford.  Right away I noticed TWO of these semi-trucks with Jake's tour graphics on them!  Of course I had to snap a pic - moreso because of the 'Love Bus' you see behind me.

I know I keep saying I'm not much of a country fan.  Sometimes I like certain songs but I can't really say I'm a huge fan overall.  It's just that these opportunities keep popping up and with everything we do with work and volunteering for our fair I'm surrounded by country music.  (In case you didn't know I'm in radio and one of our stations is a country station).  I really like seeing the functionality of everything behind the scenes.  I like the stage area, the light, the sound...I guess that goes back to my theatre days in high school. Not only was I in theatre but I was with the stage crew, too!
So anyways...this concert was Jake Owen with opener Colt Ford.  It was entertaining.  Colt Ford does like rap-country mix.  More on that in a bit.

We had Jake at our fair about 4 years ago and he's a super nice guy and has only grown since then.

When Colt opened for Jake he really got the crowd going but there was over 40 minutes in between him and Jake which was excessive.

As you can see in these pics and videos the stage shows were very different...hence the 40 minute down time.

Colt Ford covered Eminem's Lose Yourself from 8-Mile.  That was pretty cool.

This short clip shows the Beach Ball Party going on!  From a sponsor standpoint this was a great way to get the sponsors name out there which was Toyota.

And JUST before my phone died...I got this short clip of Jake's stage and light show!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I should probably save some of these for Vegan MoFo that starts September 1st but since I am already so far behind on posting I figured...why put it off?  So this is going to be a graphic heavy CRAZY mish-mash sort of post but all FOOD related.  Over the past few weeks these are some of the foods I have been throwing together...the good, the not-as-good, and the odd looking! Take this first photo for's a strange combo but it sure was TASTY!  It's a burrito/wrap with Tater Tots, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, Yellow/Red/Orange Mini Bell Peppers, and I topped it with Sriracha Vegan Mayo!

Over at The Raw Food World NEWS Site under the Recipe Section you will see this next recipe popping up on the site soon!  I submitted it yesterday.  You'll have to check out the recipe section for the full recipe when it's up but I will tell you that it consists of Mango, Chocolate Flavored Almond Butter, Coconut Nectar, and Water.

You will probably be seeing a lot more smoothies posted on my blog and over at the recipe section of The Raw Food World NEWS Site because of all of the frozen bananas I still have from scoring them for FREE from a local produce stand!

Another thing I have been doing is working off of what I have in my pantry and you will see what I mean with the next few photos.  Sure I did a few pasta related recipes within the same week but I also used left overs and recreated a new recipe with them.
First up is a Garlic Alfredo White Sauce that is technically raw and vegan and I ended up putting it on a veggie based pasta as you see here.  For this sauce recipe I used:

1 C Hemp Seeds
1 C Cashews
1 C Almond Milk
1/2 C Nutritional Yeast
2 T Lemon Juice
2 to 4 Cloves Garlic
About 1/2 t Nutmeg

After I mixed it all together I topped it with Nutritional Yeast, Parsley, and Nutmeg sprinkle, too!

The sauce recipe above made a LOT of sauce so I used it on other things throughout the week, too!  With this next dish it's more of a Taco Pasta.  Here's what I did for this one...

1 C Cashews
1 C Almond Milk
1 Orange (or Red) Bell Pepper
1 or 2 T Wildtree Taco Seasoning
1/4 C Nutritional Yeast
2 C Black Beans
1 C Salsa

This was pretty fantastic and very filling I can see myself making this again or variations of this again!  The possibilities are ENDLESS (or should I say the PASTAbilties? LOL)

Are you pasta-ed-OUT yet?

Remember that first sauce I was telling you about above?  Well this was one of the many things I did with it.  I was really short on time that night and it sure did come in handy.   I added it to noodles and brussels sprouts.  I also added some Wildtree Lemon Pepper and thinned it out with a little water.

I usually don't eat that much pasta within a few weeks anymore so this was a rare occasion.  I will say that since I dropped dairy from my diet I have cut WAY back on the amount and frequency of my pasta and potato intake.  My food intake has become much more varied and diverse with little to no effort most of the time.

I guess that just proves I am not lacking variety.

It irritates me when people say I 'miss out' by excluding things from my diet.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  My diet is more diverse now than it even has been.

Up next is raw vegan noodles.  I actually had this for lunch yesterday.  It was a small portion but the sauce recipe made a large amount so I will be using that on other things this week.

1/4 C Water
1 Avocado
4 T Pine Nuts
1/4 C Basil
2 T Lemon Juice
Pinch Black Sea Salt
In other food related news my sister made this jam!

It's REALLY wonderful!

My sister isn't vegan or even vegetarian but likes to eat a lot of veg food and gets pretty creative in the kitchen.

The only ingredients in this?

Blueberries, Chia Seeds, Agave Nectar, and Lemon Juice!

Is her big sister rubbing off on her?  I don't know.  I don't think I can take credit for that.  But I do know that my sister is SUPER AWESOME!  And I'm not just saying that because she might be reading!

HI MEGAN!  (it's ok to comment, LOL)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More Rooftop Garden Progress & NEW Patty Pan Squash is Flowering!

I have 2 quick posts today so be sure to check the post out after this one, too!  That will finish up my Warren County Fair Concert posts but something unexpected happened this past weekend...we ended up going to Crawford County Fair, too, but only for 1 day so I will start in with that tomorrow!  I still have so much to post so I will most likely be double posting most days in the meantime.

I'm also going to get back into videos, too, so here is a quick one with Rooftop Garden Progress!  I apologize in advance for it being sideways again.  I will get my act together again one of these days!  You may also notice that this video is posted to a different channel it's my 2nd account so if you want to also follow this channel it's located HERE.  I have to say with everything going on I've REALLY excited about the Patty Pan Squash potential!!!  Check it out!

Confederate Railroad Concert

The last of the 4 concerts that took place during Warren County Fair Week was on Saturday and the band that performed was Confederate Railroad.

The band arrived earlier that day and I will say they were the most laid back bunch of guys I've come across in a while.

Rusty - who is pictured 2nd to the left - was joking around with Becki and I.  Becki was one of the few that took care of all of the food and beverage for the bands that week.
And the guy in the center was the leader of the band and he had a few lengthy conversations with my husband back stage, too.

The one in the faded blue jeans on the far left used to be one of the founding members of Sawyer Brown and he ended up buying Dale's uncle's Steel from him that day.

In the 2nd photo you will see a guy with long grey hair and a maroon jersey on he used to play with Dr. Hook.  The crowd really enjoyed their show and I've been told that attendance was UP not only for most of the days of fair week but the entire week of fair!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Rooftop Garden Check-in & Cricket Update

I've had a few people ask me how our Rooftop Garden has been doing this year.  I haven't talked about it as much and I probably should.  We didn't do as many things this year because of less people to help with it and those who do most of it have been busier than usual.  But what we do have - I have taken some recent photos in the last week or so and will be posting a video, soon, too!

This year we have 3 different kinds of tomatoes we are trying.  2 out of the 3 are starting to produce something.  I will be posting more about which kinds at a later date.  Here's a pic of one of them in the meantime.
You know me and BASIL - I love it!  We have 2 'trees' of it we started this year as you can see here and we have one left inside near a window leftover from last year.  We have 2 'just starting out' plants that are growing from a 'drop off' from previous plants.

My mother has like 9 basil plants doing well in her back yard and she doesn't even use basil much so I guess it's time to start making pesto, eh!?  I know each time I mention it I have people interested in taking some once it's made.  I think I will make that a mini goal for this week and next week!

Another mini goal of mine SHOULD BE to do something with all of the Lemon Balm that is popping up everywhere!  I brought a little bit over from my mom's and it's going NUTS!

We have 3 containers of it going strong and I'm not doing anything with's taking off on its own completely.

All I can think of is include it in tea but I want to try and come up with some home remedies and health/beauty ways to use it, too!

Suggestions for Lemon Balm?  Let me know!

And just a quick update on Cricket before I she is!  She's a sweetie!  Ever since we lost Suzie - Paco and Riley have been going thru the motions with no real 'leader' and Cricket is leader - that is for sure!

She loves riding in the car, going for walks with fur friends, and doesn't mind baths.  But she doesn't like her nails that will be something I will need assistance with soon!  She's still around 4 pounds and done growing but she has no idea that she isn't as 'big' as the other dogs!

Cassadee Pope Concert

The 3rd concert at this years Warren County Fair was the Cassadee Pope Concert.

Here's a photo of Cassadee with my father who helped us back stage prior to the concert.

She put on a great show and really got the crowd into it.  She wore HUGE heels and later I found out she wasn't much taller than I am.  I'm not quite 5'2".

She was very nice and had a cute personality.

There were a few girls in their early 20s that must travel around from concert to concert.  They brought her gifts and had an extended meet and greet back stage with her.

One of the many things I did that evening was sell her merchandise.

Here are the 3 T-Shirts they had available for purchase and then she was selling CDs and Wrist Bands both of which we sold out of.

After the concert she come out front and signed autographs and took photos with the concert goers which was really nice.

Cassadee Pope was also on The Voice.

I have one more concert to blog about and that is Confederate Railroad but I don't have very many or any photos from that night really and the official Meet N Greets are up yet.

This past weekend hubby and I made a last minute decision to go to the Crawford County Fair which I will also be blogging about in the near future.

Question of the Day - What was the last concert you saw?

Which performer would you like to see live?

I always wanted to see The Monkees but since Davy Jones passed away I doubt it will be the same.  Of course I would have LOVED to see John Lennon on stage as well as Bob Marley so if I could bring 2 performers back it would be them.

I would love to see Bon Jovi as well as Lenny Kravitz.  I doubt I could afford a Bon Jovi show from what I have heard!  Eeeek!

Friday, August 21, 2015

What's NEW In My Bathroom!

I've had a few people ask me about new products I have been using or things I have tried and liked in the not-so-distant-past so I thought I would share them with you today and if you like this post possibly more in the future!  If you are interested in any of these products there are links for each in the text under the photo!

First up...Rainforest at Dawn from Teadora!
I like this because it's both an exfoliate scrub AND mask that naturally tightens when dry.  You can use wet or dry.  Natural ingredients from the Amazon!

Acure Orangics Hair Care Products is next!  I have to admit I like the conditioner better than the shampoo but both are good!  The conditioner I have used once or twice a week and it really does CLEAN and plump the hair!  It also acted as a de-tangler for me, too!

Lip Balm!  Yup!  Gotta have some!  Check this stuff out!  It' RAWKS!
HURRAW!  Lip Balm!  My favorite is the MINT.
It's cold pressed, raw, and organic!  The flavors/scents are out of this world!

Deodorant?  No Problem!  Lazuli Organics I learned about a few months ago and I'm HOOKED but it's currently out of stock over at The Raw Food World.  I will be on the look out from now on that is for sure.  The other deodorant I like is the Thai Crystal!

This next product I cannot say enough about!  Healthy Gums BUT it's more than just for your gums!  This stuff leaves my teeth with the silkiest surface I've ever experienced before!

I don't use any/much make-up and don't really primp myself up much but there are a few products I have really enjoyed the last several months and these are IT.  I figured they were worth mentioning.  I would LOVE to know if you have tried any of them.  If you have tell me what you think.  If you haven't YET tell me which products interest you and WHY.  

The Bellamy Brothers Concert

Wednesday of last week during the Warren County Fair the featured band to perform was...The Bellamy Brothers!

I helped with the flow of the Meet N Greets prior to the concert and then helped with various things during the show so I didn't get to see much of their performance but the crowd LOVED them!  The 'house' was PACKED the whole time!

Here's a shot from the audience that a friend of mine took.

I also helped sell merchandise towards the end of the show.

New this year - is the front of the stage.  The wood is actually 29 years old and reused/repurposed from the Motor Sports Arena and was sanded and treated and it looks amazing!  The Cornplanter Stage Sign is new this year, too!

After the show the 'brothers' stopped over at the Entertainment Office (a new addition during last years fair) and signed the wall and a few other promotional signs we will be hanging on the walls in the coming weeks.

These guys sure were busy prior to visiting our county fair!  In about a week they traveled from Switzerland to Germany to Denmark to Norway and then to Pennsylvania.

I will be posting at least one more time today so be on the look out for that.  I have 2 more concerts to report on and will post in between other My Blissful Journey posts, too!