Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Recipe Contest Over At Garden Of Life & Apple Cinnamon Flax Crackers Recipe!

TWO Questions For You TODAY:
#1: Do you have Garden Of Life Product around your house?  #2: Do you want to win products as well as a Kitchen Aid Hand Blender valued at $79.99?  If so...check this out...a all about it on the Garden of Lifer's Blog.
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If you are NEW to my blog - I have been known to do MANY Garden of Life giveaways and will probably have more on tap soon! Which products of theirs would you like to see me giveaway? Let me know in comments!

Here's a quick recipe idea for you!

Apple Cinnamon Flax Crackers!

1/2 C Flax Seeds (Soaked)
1/2 C Water (for Soaking)
1 Scoop of the Perfect Foods Apple
1/4 t Cinnamon

Mix everything into a bowl and pour 'batter' on dehydrator sheet.  On 115 to 120 degrees for about 8 to 10 hours - flipping half way thru.  ENJOY!

Don't forget Vegan YoFo Halloween is taking place NOW!  
Special Thanks To:
Mary Ellen @ V Nutrition
Vegan Power/Vegan Peace @ My Cat Loves Daiya
Deborah @ Urban Naturale

Halloween YoFo Link-Up! (Natural Dye With Tea)

I’m so excited to share this Vegan YoFo HALLOWEEN EDITION Linkup with you today! 

What is VeganYoFo? A few of us put together a group of VeganMoFo participants who wanted to keep in touch throughout the year. , We've named our community VeganYoFo (Year Of Food). We will be holding regular themed linkups like this one throughout the year!

I will be doing several posts that I can link up with. Today I thought I would dig into my crafting archives and tell you about a VEGAN way to naturally color and dye things for paper crafts.

YUP! That's right! We are using TEA for this project.

Depending on what you are doing you can use loose leaf and use the infused tea water and/or you can use tea bags!

Here's a photo of me using paper in tea water and letting it dry!

I decided to also try this for a tag and/or bookmark! It worked well!

Here's the finished product.

I also used it to shade in certain parts of this image! The sleeve and the candle! If you would like more step-by-step instructions my original post is still active on my old blog and can be found HERE. Yes...this is from 2011 but still is a great way to incorporate tea into your crafts and play around with natural colorings and dyes.

NOW...let's see your VEGAN related Halloween Posts!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

More MidWeek Munchies!

Yesterday we brought back MidWeek Munchies so I thought I would do another post today about it.  If you would like to participate the current link-up is active THRU next Tuesday the 13th!  Read more about it HERE.  In this first photo you will see it's all produce!  I stopped at my favorite produce stand (Lindell's Hatch Patch) and grabbed a few things...Spring Mix/Greens, Celery, Red Bell Peppers, Spaghetti Squash, Kabocha Squash, and I even grabbed a FREE SAMPLE of one of their newest apple's a Blondee Apple.  Kabocha Squash and Blondee Apples are new-to-me so more on that soon!

I then ran to Walmart and noticed these vegan options!  Amy's Kitchen Vegan Burrito (might be my dinner), Hummus (my lunch), Organic Carrots (my Lunch), 2 types of Fig Bars (I LOVE these and now they carry the VEGAN Seal!), Coconut Milk, and I couldn't pass up a new-to-me TRIO of non-dairy milk (Coconut, Almond, Chia).  I also bought a small cutting board and pairing knife for my car/office/Lunches-on-the-go!

Also part of my lunch today was 2 of the Red Peppers from the first photo!  YUM!

One thing I forgot to mention earlier this week is this new-to-me beverage my father gave me.  It's Alo Watermelon Peach and it tastes just like a smoothie!  YUM!  I've had a few of their other flavors before but I have to say this is by far my favorite!

Yes, I have been driving around a lot again and eating and munching on-the-go so you can see I'm in my Fiat while taking this photo!

Have you tried any of the Alo drinks yet?

Last night I had the hee-bee-gee-bees and need to make something in my blender to snack on.  I ended up making's close to a Vanilla Pudding or some sort of Cake Batter Cashew Cream type thing.  It was pretty yummy!  I submitted the recipe to The Raw Food World NEWS Site and their Recipe Section so be on the look out over there.  It contains the following ingredients: Cashews, Almond Milk, Organic Vanilla Extract, Coconut Butter with Coconut Sugar, Agave Nectar and/or NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia, a pinch of sea salt.

After having a little bit of this pudding last night I spent most of the evening doing research and writing.  Cricket sat at my feet when I was at the computer.  She was so patient - which isn't usually her strong point.  So I laid with her for a while before falling asleep.  She seemed to really LOVE it.  Paco was a bit of a slug last night because I had to give him a pain pill for his knees/hips.  He was still running around but you could tell he was like a penguin on slick ice half the time.  Riley was lazing-out, too!

Remember there is still time to LINK UP on this week's MidWeek Munchies - CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MidWeek Munchies is BACK (LINK UP)

Well HELLO everyone!  It's Wednesday!  And I'm bringing back MidWeek Munchies!  It's just another way to keep all of us blogging and networking and spreading the vegan word!

How it works is...
blog about your VEGAN shopping experiences and LINK UP!

Visit other participants and link back to this blog post to help spread the word!

We will be posting this each Wednesday and it will remain open until the following Tuesday.  The next day we will start another one!

Special THANKS to the "Off Season" Community Welcome Wagon and Co-Hosts:

Mary Ellen @ V Nutrition

Vegan Power/Vegan Peace @ My Cat Loves Daiya

Deborah @ Urban Naturale

Jennifer @ MyBlissfulJourney

Here's MY post for TODAY for MidWeek Munchies!

First up...Laughing Giraffe is jumping on the Pumpkin Spice Band Wagon and I'm ok with that.  All of the items you see today I'm waiting on in the mail from The Raw Food World.  Don't these Pumpkin Spice Snackaroons look AWESOME?

Divine Organics Coconut Blossom Sugar sounded interesting and I can't wait to try it!

I went a little crazy or should I say NUTTY and bought a slew of Living Nutz NEW flavors!  I can't wait to try them!  One of the new flavors is their Old World Italian Herb Almonds!

Then...check out these bad boys!  Apple Krisp Karma Walnuts AND pecans?  Are you serious!?  Gosh!  Can't wait to gnaw on these!

Let's NOT forget about the Zesty Almonds!  I bet their GREAT on just about anything but I will probably just eat them as a snack while at work and/or traveling!

And I couldn't pass these up!  Galactic Garlic Onion Pistachios?  I'm GAME!

Tell us about your Vegan Grocery Haul this week!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exciting News! Participants NEEDED! And Vegan Jabber!

I figured I would quickly start off today's blog post with one of my million and one different attempts at a vegan cheese sauce.  The beauty of home made vegan cheese sauces is that there are so many different ways to make them.

Sure...some are better tasting than others and some are just more-so for nutritional benefit and quickness but there are ways of vegan cheese survival out there!  I know this probably looks weird since I'm using spaghetti noodles but it was what I had on hand that day.

I know we just debuted this yesterday but I wanted to let you know that I created a NEW logo for it!  The current PICK 3 MoFo'ers Off Season Community LINK UP is now LIVE thru 10/19/15.  Click on the logo on the sidebar and it will take you to directly to the post.

In other news - we now have 4 Welcome Wagon Greeters and Co-Hosts to the MoFo'ers Off Season Community.  Helping me with this project is Mary Ellen, Deborah, and Kyra!  Thanks ladies!  We have some really fun prompts and link ups on tap to keep us all blogging and in touch in the off season months of MoFo!  Be sure to check out their blogs, too!

One of the MANY things I thought would be FUN would be to bring back MidWeek Munchies.  It's something I did years and years ago thru a different blog and hope to start back up again STARTING TOMORROW!!!!  Check out THESE POSTS to get some ideas but basically what it bunch of us sharing on our blogs what we have purchased or tasted or tested that happens to also be VEGAN over the past week or week ahead!  It's a great way to meet new people and learn about potential new vegan products and companies!   I hope you will join me tomorrow!

And FINALLY...this is in the works for later this week thru the 31st of the month!  It's the MoFo'ers Off Season Vegan Halloween Link-up! This will be for any and all Vegan Halloween related posts!  Multiple posts welcome!

Monday, October 5, 2015

PICK 3 ~ Can't Believe They're Vegan...But They Are! (Tea Edition)

If you have been around my blog for a while you may have already seen me post about the 52 Teas - Tea Company - but I specifically wanted to blog about this company for TWO reasons today!  ONE being because ALL of the teas they offer are VEGAN and you won't believe some of the flavors (more on that in a moment) and the OTHER REASON is they are doing a KickStarter for the Holiday Season NOW!  (more on that towards the end of this post!)

First up...3 (of the MANY flavors you won't believe are vegan but are) from 52 Teas!

* Hot Buttered Banana Bread which is a Black Tea base ( not to be outdone by the Pancake Breakfast Black Tea but I think that was a re-blend that is no longer being offered)  Anne - if you are reading this correct me if I'm wrong! Another one HAS to be their Mango Ice Cream Black Tea offering, too!  Be sure to check that out!

* Moving on to other tea bases outside of the black tea base realm...Lime Jello Salad Green Tea.  YES...I'm serious!  It's Vegan!  But wait until you see this next one...Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha!  It smells JUST LIKE Marshmellows but rest assured the tea flavor is VEGAN!  52 Teas has been known to create various CHEESE CAKE flavored teas and tisanes - one of them being Maple Cheesecake Tie Guan Yin.

* But WAIT...there's MORE...check out their Honeybush section!  It's INSANELY wonderful!  Flavors like...Banana Coconut Upside Cake, Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish, and White Grasshopper Honeybush...just to name a few!

Be sure to take a look at their KickStarter and start your holiday shopping NOW!  If you haven't tried their teas yet do yourself a favor and order some of their tasters I know you will LOVE the creativity and love that goes behind every blend!  Anne is a great person and her and her daughter really put their hearts and souls into this tea company!

Also...if you would like to read some reviews prior to ordering from this lovely company be sure to check out The 52 Teas REVIEWS over at Sororitea Sisters.

Pick 3...A Challenge To All Of My Off Season Vegan MoFo Friends!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What To Do With All That Lemon Balm

Photo Source: WikiCommons

Yesterday I blogged a little bit about my new obsession...Essential Oils.  But another thing I have been into lately is herbs and using them in body care type situations.  My mother has an INSANE amount of Lemon Balm all around her property and I grabbed a few clumps and replanted them on our Roof Top garden and now we have 4 containers of Lemon Balm.

If you are over run by Lemon Balm like we are  - perhaps there are a few things you can tinker with in this post today.

One thing you can do with it is to make a paste for acne and/or blemishes.  Take a look at this post I did for The Raw Food World RECIPE Section.  It's Lemon Balm Blemish Paste.  

Another thing you can do that is SUPER EASY is Lemon Balm Hair Rinse.

Of course you could always 'brew it up' for a nice tea/tisane, add it to your dishes for flavor and garnish, and boil it in your kitchen to naturally diminish kitchen odors.  What are some of the things YOU have done with Lemon Balm?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Blissful Journey ~ Into Essential Oils ~ Intro

I've been reading up on Essential Oils for quite some time.  And the last few months I've actually been ACTING upon my interest.  Before Vegan MoFo started I had a few people ask me to post my findings and my journey with Essential Oils.  I figured now is the best time as any to start posting a few things.  It just seemed like a nice way to start the weekend, too!

As many of you know I contribute to The Raw Food World NEWS Site.  You can find most of my posts within the RECIPE Section of the site or you can click on my PROFILE, too!

This post really won't be a 101 type crash course but some of the things I have done with them and I will start building Essential Oil posts here on my blog as well as over at The Raw Food World NEWS Site.  

First of the Essential Oil combos that I think is great to have on hand and on stand by near your kitchen and/or bathroom.  The Burn Blend.  This blend is made up of a carrier oil, Tea Tree, and Lavender.  By clicking on the link you can see the full recipe and benefits profile of this blend.  As a default I usually use Grapeseed Oil or Coconut Oil as my carrier oil of choice.

Lemon Body Wash is another thing you can do with Essential Oils.  All you do is add Orange, Lemon, and Ginger Essential Oils to an UNscented Body Wash of your choice.

Tomorrow I will be posting a few ideas using Lemon Balm LEAF.  Stay Tuned.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Cricket, Hair, and Such

TGIF!  Just doing a quick post for today as I plan to switch gears starting next week post-Vegan MoFo.  Remember you can still sign up for the MoFo Off Season Community just click on the first graphic at the top of my sidebar for full details.  Today I thought I would share some photos of Cricket.  These were taken a few weeks ago when we are camping.  I brought her the one day and she really loved hanging out!

That first photo - I swear she's going to start speaking English or something - look at the LOOK on her face!  In the 2nd and 3rd photos she was looking out the window.  And the 4th one was one of the days I took her to work.  She walks around the office like she owns the place - I swear!  I will have near future posts and updates on the other furkids very soon!  Thanks to those of you who always ask about Paco (who has ongoing immune issues)

Here's a silly photo of me - a selfie - after getting my hair done.  It was LONG overdue.

Tonight is my husband's 25th High School Reunion.  I have some ideas as to how the events might go down but I will save it for a post next week!

It's sure to be a brew-haha!

The weather is REALLY cooling down RAPIDLY.  I will for-sure have to wear layers tonight to the reunion.

This week has been a week of QUICK MEALS, Convenience Items, and Comfort Foods.  Next week I will be changing that.  My goal is to start in with more warming soups next week and I want to get back to veganizing world foods, too!

This last photo is of one of the vegan white sauces I made for pasta this week.  Its base is Pine Nuts.  It was quite good but still me I don't think I wrote down the recipe!  Eeeeek!

Question of the Day: Tell me about the last sauce you made from scratch!