Friday, October 18, 2019

Oh Deer & Girl Power!

Yet another bump in the road!  This time around - my mini disappearance had to do with health issues for DH and surgery and re-coop and the last couple of days me fighting an awful mutant head cold or sinus issue.  But...I'm back!

Last month, a few of the Zonta Club Members participated in a 5k Run/1k Fun Walk to benefit CASA.  It was their annual Superohero 5K Fundraiser and dressing up was encouraged.  We had special Zonta T-Shirts and our Pres accessorized with Wonder Woman garb.  Super COOL!

Cricket has been stuck to me like glue the last several weeks.  Sometimes I can get the cutest pictures of her while she's on my lap in the evening!

I'm blanking when it comes to where I found these somewhat recently but I knew I had to grab them!  I'm thinking it was either Tops or Wegmans because those are the places I've been the last several weeks.  Maybe Walmart???

Maybe it WAS Walmart because I remember finding THIS at Walmart the last time I went and was pretty shocked to see several items were new there that were also vegan!

I know I grabbed that at Wegman's!  I've had 2 or 3 other NEW Amy's Wraps, too!  LOVING that Amy's is coming out with more new vegan options!

I've still been doing a lot of traveling with my job and I am sure that will keep up.  Another thing I have been doing more of lately is taking video footage for TV news reports.  Last week I grabbed video at a local festival, 2 area football games, a local apartment fire, and more...and they were all featured somehow!

These last two photos were taken from my car window.  YES...I was completely stopped and I normally wouldn't even THINK about grabbing my phone to take a pic in a situation like this BUT I had been sitting there a while because these 3 deer wouldn't move.  They were in the middle of the road and I was lucky enough to see them and could stop BUT once I stopped they didn't move.  Because of the road I was on I knew someone would hit them so after moments of them not moving I laid on the horn and 2 out of the 3 eventually ran in to the woods.  The 3rd slowly followed.  They were all safe...THANK GOD!

OH!  By the way...I slightly changed the look of the blog...what do you think?


  1. Cricket looks so comfy, what a sweetheart! The Gardein breakfast bowl sounds delicious; I haven't seen that one yet! And such beautiful pictures of the deer; I'm glad you were able to encourage them to leave the road so they would be safe!

  2. Those deer are so beautiful! I am glad you were able to encourage them to safety. I hope you are feeling better now after that sinus thing!

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  4. Yey deer! It is fun seeing them but very nerve racking about hitting them. I know my husband said someone tried to drive around him not realizing he was slowing down for a family of deer.

  5. I've seen those chickpea crumbles somewhere too! Can't wait to hear how they are.
    I'm so glad you got the deer out of the road! They're just so beautiful!!

  6. The new look is great. Sorry about DH, hope he's doing much better. Great pics, the deer are adorable!

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