Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food Fight! Grocery

Most Weekend, here, at My Blissful Journey you will find at least one review!  Whether it's a review of a product, a company, a restaurant, or online shop - I just might post it here!  Today I will jabber about Food Fight Grocery out of Portland!  It's shops like this that make me wish I lived in that area!  Lucky for me - they are also online and also ship my way!  Woot!
It's been several months since my first order with them and I was extremely happy with their customer service!  I ordered a few things that were on back-order or out of stock and they dropped me an email to let me know.  They said I could wait for them or they could ship them when they came in OR if I wanted to choose a different flavor of the same product they would get it out to me even sooner!  Because I was like a kid in a Candy Shop I decided to choose different flavors so they could ship my order out sooner!  It was the very first time I ordered online from a Vegan Shop!

When I got my box - I was so excited!  So many "new-to-me" products!  

About a week later they sent me another email to let me know about reviewing the products I bought on their website.  I thought this was a good thing to do so I did jot down a few of my findings for some of the products I enjoyed!

I was happy with their email correspondence and the products I purchased.  Two thumbs up!  I would consider myself a repeat customer!

I also like their site because it's a little snarky.  They have a sassy sort of attitude and personality.  NOT that they are rude because they are FAR from it - but - they have an interesting sense of humor that is right up my alley!  You'll have to read some of the product descriptions and apparel to get the jist of it.

Neat store!


  1. Hi! I'm lucky enough to live in the Food Fight! neighborhood and get to do my shopping there. They really are fantastic. Glad you're supporting them!

    1. WOW! That would be ideal! You are lucky!!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I see you are a blogger, too, and will visit you soon!