Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vegan Essentials

Okay, Okay!  I'm mentioned Vegan Essentials quite a few times here at My Blissful Journey and I thought I would let you know why I like the online shop!  First of all...visit them at  They have a wonderful selection of veg products!  I have yet to by shoes there YET but hopefully one day I will!

I've now placed 3 orders with them.  I've been very happy with all 3 of my orders!  Their shipping is great especially if you by "cold" or "frozen" items they encourage you to also purchase Cold Pack Shipping Packs.  The first time I placed an order I could have gotten away with NOT purchasing them but now I am glad that I do purchase them as I am able to re-use the ice pack for traveling, cooling/re-cooling, and use them for ice packs for aches and pains!  They have two options for different sized orders!  I like them both depending on what I buy.

I have had questions and have emailed them more than once and they are always eager to help!  I like that!  It's very important to me!  

I also like that they have specials or incentives at least every other week from what I can see from receiving their newsletter!  Sometimes it's lower shipping and sometimes you get a free product if you buy another product or "X" Amount.'s just good business!  It drives people back to their website and encourages re-orders!  Mission Accomplished!

I also LOVE that they constantly get NEW products in!  I love seeing what's new on their site!

I'm a happy customer of theirs and will be placing orders on occasion!  I'm so glad a place like this is available online to me!  Thanks VeganEssentials!

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