Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stuffed Mushrooms - on New Years Eve

On New Years Eve I decided to try something new...then again...most of what I post here are new cooking/non-cooking adventures for me.

I decided to do Stuffed Mushrooms!  They turned out really well.

I also did them in my new toaster oven!  I'll have to try and search for the model and blog about that down the road.

I took button mushrooms and stuff them with a mixture of...
Mashed Black Beans
Wildtree Onion & Chive Blend 
Wildtree Hot Chili Pepper & Garlic Blend
Some of them (not pictured) I topped with Teese Mozzarella (a Vegan Cheese). 


  1. That sounds yummy, I love mushrooms. Have you ever tried to grow your own? Much more flavorful than the store bought mushrooms.

    1. I haven't tried growing my own. Not on purpose that is. Found some in our basement but I wouldn't dare eat those! LOL