Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fair Food & Furry Friends!

Last week I wasn't online because I was at our county fair.  In 5 days I think we worked about 100 hours.  We do double live remote broadcasts Monday thru Friday from 6 to 9 AND 1 to 5.

Since I took so many photos I will have to break these posts down for you.  Today I thought I would blog about the Fair Food and my Furry Friends.

First up...this building.  It was new last year but this year I helped stain the deck.  I also stained a wooden wishing well near the fair office.

The small area I live in is very much agriculturally based and therefore very involved with the local fair.

My husband is on the fair board and heads up the entertainment committee.  This year was the 85th Anniversary of the fair and there were 4 live concerts which included The Swon Brothers, The Bellamy Brothers, Cassadee Pope, and Confederate Railroad.  I will have more on the concerts in future posts.  The weekend before the fair actually started we were on the grounds volunteering/working on many different projects.  Afterwards a few of us gathered in the pavilion where the concerts were going to be held and I noticed this little sweetie scared in the middle of the floor.  I carefully grabbed two cups and nudged him in and walked him outside into a nearby hole so he could re-coop and be safe from the elements.  It was the smallest mouse I had ever seen!

Monday or Tuesday I visited the Bunny Barn.  I still want a bunny - might I add.  I noticed a group of babies snuggling in some of the naturally-shed bunny fur.  They were adorable!

Of course this didn't help the fact that I have been wanting a bunny!

No...I didn't come home with one but I would be fibbing if I said I didn't think about it.

Oh!  And YES!  The new camper worked out wonderful throughout fair week!  I was very pleased and the bed that we were given by a local business owner worked out great, too!

I was so blessed to have several people 'look out for me' all week with food!  Of course I brought some good old standby's, too!  I had a stash of Triskets, hummus, and vegan mayo and Daiya slices to grab on the fly!

But take a look at this!  The wonderful lady who ran the 4-H Restaurant hooked me up with Cantaloupe 4 days in a row!  2 of those days she also had blueberries and one of the days even some grapefruit!  Bless her!  4 days I paired that with peanut butter toast and the last day I did English Muffin with Peanut Butter instead.  It worked out GREAT!  Monday we had a Media Lunch and the organizer of that made me a HUGE salad which I will talk more about that later!
One of the other food booths that I volunteered at brought me strawberries for brunch or lunch almost everyday, too!  They really DID spoil me!

Another food booth I volunteered for - I know has a designated fry frier.  Only fries go in it.

And they use Soy Oil.  I didn't want fries to be my fair food staple but I splurged on the last day and had some from there.  They also hooked me up with a pretzel and mustard on a few of the days, too!

I mentioned on the airwaves - no matter what diet or lifestyle or food choices you standby - just ask and most if not all of the booths will accommodate!


  1. I want a bunny too. Those baby bunnies are adorable. It's great that everyone was so kind about your diet, and it's great that you get to talk about it on air! It really is getting easier to be a vegan, and people are trying to understand it more. I can't wait to hear more!

    1. Around here I will take anything I can get that is for sure :) I do love the fact that the area is into local foods, too! You would think with all of the area agriculture it would be easy to obtain. Our farmers market is dwindling but that is because of the city mostly and unfortunately.

  2. Ooooo....The Bellamy Brothers live! *starts singing* "If I said you had a beautiful body..."

    1. LOL - Yup! That is one that many people remember!

  3. It's great to have family and friends think of you, I was amazed at the vegan foods my sisters brought on our camping trip. Great eats and the bunnies are adorable!

    1. So happy to hear your sister brought a slew of things to camping, too! Yup! My sister has been wonderful with vegan stuff even tho she's not vegan! I told her I wanted to do some recipe videos at her kitchen soon, too!