Friday, March 22, 2013

CONTEST Continues, My Take on Christine's Avocado Ranch Dressing, and SPICES!

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You see this lovely green goodness over here!  Well, it was inspired by Christine over at The Raw Project!  It's Avocado Ranch Dressing and I did my take on it.  You know how I have a hard time sticking to instructions - teehee - but then again - I did use some Wildtree products, too!  Here is what I did:

1 Avocado
2 T Lemon Juice
1/2 tea Wildtree Garlic Galore
1/2 tea Wildtree Onion & Chive Blend
2 T Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast
1/2 C Water

This turned out AWESOME and I want to thank Christine for the idea!  I can't wait to jump into it later today!

In other news...

I am trying to continue with kitchen cabinet organization!  TRYING being the key word!  Here you can see some of the ones I have in small jam/jelly mason jars.  LOVE them!  Wish I had 200 more!  BUT...I don' ended up working with what I have...

What I have is a lot of these glass shakers that I got at my local herb store.  I also buy in bulk there.  As much or as little as I want or need!  It's handy!

You will see some old McCormick containers, too, those I re-used and have Frontier Co-Op Bulk contents in them!

Here is another photo of another nook on the shelf that I did last night for quasi-organization. YES...I have a LOT of spices!  I actually 'chucked' at least 20 of them - off brands, really old store bought ones, etc.

I needed to do this - not only because I was having a hard time finding all of them but because I needed to reserve a space for some more things I am getting into - including SuperFoods, Raw Blends, Greens, and Vegan Protein Powders! I'm really excited to start adding some of these to my smoothies and I figured if I had a nice newly organized space I would be more apt to do that!  Fingers Crossed!

A product I would like to share with you today is Bites Of Bliss Pineapple Coconut with Chia Seeds!  You may remember my last post about my first experience with their lovely products!

My first 3 words when I bit into this were...

WOW!  Potent Pineapple!

Yes!  It was!  And I loved every bite of it!  I've always been a fan of Pineapple as well as Coconut!  I must have gotten the LOVE gene from my father as he's a fan of both of those ingredients, too!

If you have a sweet tooth - TRY THIS PRODUCT!  This flavor is INTENSELY flavorful, wonderfully sweet, extremely healthy, jam-packed with FRESH goodness and nutrition!  I absolutely LOVE it!  It is extremely sweet! Dare I say ALMOST a sweet overload?  Nah!!!!  I wouldn't change a thing about this flavor!  It's wonderful!

The Dates and Pineapple hold it together - perfectly!  The Walnuts and Coconuts add to the snap, crackle, pop, and crunch of it all!  The Chia Seeds ALWAYS pack a powerful punch of health into anything but this certainly gives you the bang for your buck!

I also have a heads-up from this GREAT company that their Bites of Bliss will be listed at an "At Cost Special" over at Raw Food World in April!  Keep an eye out!  Matt & Angela have some really awesome stuff over at their site!  Take a look!

And another bit of information I found out about these Bites of Bliss since my last review is that they are Ashley Koff Approved!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I have LOTS on tap and remember to scroll down for the giveaway!


  1. I like avocados, occasionally I'll use nutritional yeast in some things I make.

    1. I'd love to hear more things you do with the two!!!

  2. Thanks for the review on my dressing, glad you liked it! And it makes good leftovers the next day too. :-)

    Kitchen organization in an endless thing for us, hubby is always re-organizing the spices and pantry because they get chaotic after a few weeks of use by me.

    1. Yes, indeed! The next day was even better! Woooot!

      Totally sounds like me...after a few weeks - mine are trashed, too! LOL