Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pea Sprouts, Tomato Paste into Sauce, Mexican Rice, Fearless Chocolate GIVEAWAY!

In order to comprehend things - I often have to do them MYSELF.  People can 'tell' me how to do something but if I don't actually do it myself I won't usually comprehend the information.  This goes for most things in life for me but many of which you will see here on my site are food related or "earthy".  I do like sprouting and the more I do it the more I enjoy it!  I just finished up sprouting a small amount of Pea Sprouts!  The last time around I was less than impressed with the outcome.  But THIS TIME I was super excited!  Look at these BABIES!  Aren't they awesome!?  I used the Green Sprouting Kit from Sustainable Santa Cruz once again!  I do LOVE this kit!  As of last night I started soaking a little bit of their Spicy Blend.  The Sprouting seeds were among the smallest I have ever tried sprouting so I am very eager to see how they progress!

Last night I made Mexican Rice for (Vegan) Mexican Foods Week here on and I really thought I had Tomato Sauce but I was mistaking!  So I had to make my own!  Here is what I did:

1 6-ounce can of Tomato Paste
1 and a half cans of water
1 tea of Wholesome Sweeteners Raw Cane Sugar

It turned out wonderful!  I was so happy!
So...with that...I used the following to make my Mexican Rice!

8 ounces of the Tomato Sauce (mentioned above)
2 T Grapeseed Oil
2/3 C White Rice
1/4 of an Onion
2 tea Minced Garlic
1 C Water
2 tea Wildtree Veggie Bouillon
1/2 C Corn with Green Chili's (or any mixed veggies)

This turned out SO YUMMY!  I was VERY pleased with this!  It was quick, easy, flavorful, fun, and I would totally make it again...just next time...I would make more of it!

As far as physical things are concerned I have found I must now wear my sneakers with my insoles at all times.  For about a month - in the evenings - I would switch to Crocs with 'less expensive' inserts but I don't think I can do that anymore.  I think I have to wear my sneakers with my Dr. Scholls Custom Fits at all times.  I was told because of my High Arches and High Pressure to NOT walk around barefoot anymore so I haven't been.  On the upside - my eyes are looking BLUER and I've been told that I look like I have lost more weight even tho I don't think I have.  We are looking at changing cars and I had to hand over my drivers license and noticed how hubby my face was in the photo.  It's nice to know that I can even notice that change.  I did have a quick break-out last week but that is done and over with so that is good.  My digestion is still wonderful and I couldn't be more happy about that (my digestion issues, that is).

To celebrate this wonderful Thursday I want to go another giveaway!  But first I want to tell you about the product!  It's from Fearless Chocolate and it's their 70% Cacao Super Seeds Crunch.

You might remember my last review and giveaway from Fearless Chocolate!

I LOVE that FEARLESS CHOCOLATE bars are shaped with a "bite" representing the portion of our proceeds that they donate to Champion ChangeMakers suggested by their customers!

As for their Super Seeds Crunch option in their product line - I found it to be quite impressive!  It tasted like dark chocolate with a hint of cherry, perhaps!  I absolutely LOVE the 'crackle and crunch' the seeds provide in this!  There is also a "barely-there' salt flavor from the sunflower seeds that I think is neat, too!  The Flax, Chia, and Hemp Combo gives you that powerhouse round house kick to get you thru a busy after noon!  It's a pretty marvelous product!

Do you want to WIN one of these?  Here's what you do to qualify (US Mailing addresses only)

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I will choose 1 lucky winner on MONDAY!!!


  1. Liked and followed!
    This sounds really good!
    I hope they sell them in my local stores - will have to check that out. The bite out of the bar is a really cool symbolic idea!

  2. Liked and followed. all of them. Chocolate is the best!

  3. Love the name, "Fearless"-- it fits my personality really well! Liked and followed everywhere I could :).

  4. Sweet, another giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! Great name for chocolate. The rice looks great and I need to check out that sprouting jar because the tray system I have does not work well for smaller seeds.

    1. Funny you should mention that! With the seeds I am doing now I was worried about that but so far I have no troubles using THIS system! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! With my old system...the plastic tops...that come in 3 size 'holes' for draining even the smallest option wouldn't have worked with these super small seeds! I'm so happy THIS ONE does!

  5. I am following your blog and commenting on this post.
    The chocolate looks awesome!
    Your sprouts look so good - I will have to check out that sprouting kit =)