Friday, March 8, 2013

Fearless Friday & a CONTEST!!


I'll give you a's YUMMY!  And it's from my friends at Fearless Chocolate!


OH Yes!!!!

But first I have a few other things to tell you!

Yesterday I blogged a little bit about NO MEAT MARCH and I mentioned to the organizers about my blog post!

This morning in my inbox was their weekly newsletter going out to everyone participating and they mentioned me and my blog!  YAY!  Thanks so much, guys!

I'm so excited to be featured and I welcome anyone visiting from NO MEAT MARCH!

Let me know if you are participating and what you are doing to participate!

I'm looking forward to the weekend!  It's been a real busy work week but I have to say My Blissful Journey has been my escape!  I'm very thankful for this online place I call home - especially in times like these!

So...on to Fearless Chocolate on this Fearless Friday, eh!?  I can't say enough about this product!  I absolutely LOVE them!  Right off the bat...I LOVED the packaging!  It's so much fun!  Eye-Catching!  Earthy!  Their packaging is printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper!  They are Organic, Vegan, Direct Trade, and more!  Their direct trade is from family-owned farms in the Rainforests of Bahia, Brazil.Yesterday I tried my very first Fearless Chocolate Bar.  It was the Coconut Flakes one.

As for the's 70% Cacao, and yes, it tastes like a 'dark chocolate'.  This flavor tastes like a darker tasting chocolate with a tinge of sweetness!  The Sleek Chocolate on the outside with random coconut flakes mixed in with the solid "chocolate" on the inside, too!  The coconut gives it a coconut-lemony type taste to it!  This has SUPER flavor and texture with a delicate crispy crunch of the coconut flakes!

This is SERIOUSLY intense and I just LOVE it!  I also LOVE the "Missing Bite"...I'm a very visual person so I found this clever and nifty.'s time for a GIVEAWAY!  Fearless Chocolate and My Blissful Journey are giving away a Coconut Flakes Flavored Bar RIGHT HERE ON MY SITE!  Do you want to win?  Here's what you must do:

* Follow My Blog
* Leave Me a Comment
* Follow Fearless Chocolate on Twitter:
* Like Fearless Chocolate on Facebook
* And Follow then on Instagram @FearlessChocolate
I will choose one person to receive this Coconut Flake Bar NEXT WEEK but don't wait to enter!  U.S. Residents only.

I'll leave you with a photo today - UNexpected Winter...just when I thought it was spring!  Sigh...Have a great weekend!  I hope you will enter to win that Fearless Chocolate Bar!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Following you everywhere! :)Happy Friday!!

  2. Followed everywhere. Love chocolate. And contests :)

  3. Thanks Jennifer! Wishing you an awesome and productive weekend! Peace and Kindness, Rhonda

    1. Thanks Rhonda!!! Are you blogging about your Wildtree adventures?

  4. Great contest, thanks for the opportunity! Followed everywhere and commented! :-)

  5. Following on everything but instagram, actually forgot my instagram user name... Will follow if/when I remember. The chocolate sounds awesome.

    1. Thanks so much! I hope to choose a winner today! I have at least 4 more contests coming up as well!