Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yes...I'm a little NUTS

Yes, it's true...

I've always been a little NUTS!

Today I would like to blog about Lush Gourmet Foods, again!

This time around - their Salt & Pepper Flavor!

They smell a little more roasted than the Original Flavor I blogged about a few days ago!  I will say I like these 'just as good' - if not even better!

The original base flavor is prominent with subtle peppery notes.  Those pepper-notes linger nicely onto the aftertaste.  As I continue to munch on them they seem to get more and more peppery!  I really like the kick!

And I haven't had a NUT I haven't LOVED from this company YET...they are all GREAT!!

Just a short post from me today - be sure to scroll down to Friday's post for the CONTEST I am doing!


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