Monday, March 25, 2013

BlogLovin & Winner - Coming Soon!

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I'm now a member over at BlogLovin!!!  I'm still playing with it but am now following over 220 Vegan Related Blogs within a matter of minutes!  NICE! 

I will also be posting the winner of last week's contest SOON!  Stay Tuned!

AND...I went back and forth about it for which country to feature this week and decided to go with Vegan Foods from Russia!  It's a challenge but I will at least post 2 Inspired Dishes and/or foods from Russia this week on the blog!

Also this week I will have at least 1 more contest and plenty of reviews!  I will also have LOTS of photos, too!  AND...some surprises along the way!

The weather still isn't great but my spirits and chin are UP!

Here's to an optimistic week!


  1. Good afternoon! Just got your message on my blog about me winning the Fearless Chocolate exciting! Here's my email address: tariqsaleemrana at yahoodot com, thank you so much! It's just what I needed to perk me up on this cold dreary day!

    1. Thanks so much! I will be dropping you a note very soon!