Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food Fight Grocery, Weight Loss, What I've Been Up To Lately!

You've already seen some product reviews from me and you'll be seeing a lot more and soon because I have been on a shopping spree!  It all started with Food Fight Grocery out of Portland.  I have been wanting to buy from them for YEARS...but shipping just seemed to be more than it was worth.  BUT...since I have been about 99.9% vegan these days - it was NOW worth it!

My experience was a good one - I have to say - sure - they were out of a few things - but they contacted me via email in a timely fashioned and asked if I wanted to switch to a different flavor or otherwise.  Since I bought almost all new-to-me products I thought I would keep the order as-is and change to different flavor on the two items in question.

I received my shipment about a week later and everything was in perfect condition.  I was very happy.

Another thing NEW with me - is - since going from Lacto-Ovo-Veg for over 18 years to Near Vegan in the past 3 months I have worked out my digestion issues AND have lost at least 20 pounds already!  I'm a VERY happy camper!  

I also re-joined a small exercise and weight room locally that is MUCH cheaper than the local YMCA and other fitness club options but for what I will be using and doing it's JUST RIGHT.  Since I have been hella busy lately I have only been able to go about twice a week but that will be changing very soon!

TONIGHT - my mom, sister, and I are having our Holiday Open House for Wildtree and will be doing a Dessert Party!  It should be FUN!


  1. Wow, congrats on the weight loss, and the changes to your diet. It feels amazing when you get the digestive issues in check. I know how frustrating having a messed up digestion can be.