Friday, November 30, 2012

Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch

These are one of the other Kale Chips I have tried recently.  I like them all for different reasons but with this one I really like how much of the 'batter' they put on them to really kick up the flavor on them!

As you can see they are Raw, GF, and Vegan.  They sell for around the same price as the others I have seen...but if you are in a pinch or want to splurge - have at it!

Food Fight Grocery out of Portland is where I bought these from - online.  But they say they are the best selling kale chip and I believe them!  There are three different kinds and here they are with their ingredients!

Ingredients (Quite Cheezy): Kale*, Cashew*, Red Bell Pepper, Lemon Juice*, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Crystal Salts. *Organic
Ingredients (Cheezy Chipotle): Kale*, Red Bell Pepper, Cashews*, Sesame Seeds*, Lemon Juice*, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Paprika*, Chipotle Peppers*, Smoked Salt*.  *Organic
Ingredients (Southwest Ranch): Kale*, Cashew*, Lemon Juice*, Nutritional Yeast, Chickpea Miso*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Habanero*, Garlic*, Spices* and Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Organic

I did the Quite Cheesy ones and LOVED them!  They are wonderful!

I wish I could buy these in bulk and for cheap.  Awesome flavor and texture! Total YUMSVILLE!


  1. Looks tasty, you should get your own dehydrator then you could make your own Kale and other veggie (even bean chips.) I use the Exaclibur, a bit pricy, but it definitely pays for itself in time.

    1. I have a round one, actually, and I do make my own...I wanted to see how the store-bought ones, were, tho, too! I would LOVE an Excalibur but YES they are super pricy! I am trying to find out which one is best for the least amount, ya know? LOL Any suggestions/link help would be super awesome! Thanks, girl! I'm more interested in the square ones, now, too!!!