Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Grains

So I have been doing roughly 90% Raw Foods for the past almost 2 weeks and it has REALLY helped my digestion but after visiting with my new CDN yesterday she wants me to add more grains. the past I haven't had a problem with - I was hoping to stay about the same amount RAW - but she did like what I was doing with my amount of raw...just wanted me to add more grains to it.  She wants to see more casseroles, for example or more sandwiches.  I'll try it - she said we can always change it later if it doesn't work well with my digestion issues.  So because I will be adding more grains I will be about 75-80% raw with the addition of grains, I guess.  The most important part of my whole visit with her is that she wants me to totally eliminate dairy.  So...I wasn't over analyzing it!  YAY!  So...basically Near Vegan.  I'm ok with that!

More coming soon!  The Adventure Continues!

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  1. Eating mostly raw helped my digestion too, can't wait to hear more of your raw adventures.