Friday, July 18, 2014


Well, well, well! 
It's Friday!  I'm SO over this week and ready to move on to the weekend!  I'm officially declaring today FUN on a FRIDAY - day!  To share with you a few things WHY this Friday is so we go!  To start things off...I received another shipment from The Raw Food World today!  YAY!

As you can see I'm very excited about adding these raw food books to my growing collection!  Sometime this weekend I think I am going to have to start a new 'shelf or rack' for my Raw Food Books!  I wanted to get the 80/10/10 Book, too, but it was on back order.  I have two more on order in my next order thru them so I will let you know when I get those in!  As for other items in my last shipment you can see them on the left in this 2nd photo!  More snacks, dried foods, some Nutritional Yeast which is less expensive than I can buy it locally so I thought I would get some of that PLUS some Kale Chips - 3 different flavors...even...some freeze dried Jackfruit and Mangosteen!  YUM!  Some more nuts and such...and I got some chocolate items such as dark chocolate covered figs as well as Peppermint Mint Truffles which are AWESOME, btw!
Between this order and my next order I'm really totally restocking my pantry and shouldn't need anything for a good-long-while expect for FRESH Produce!  I am so blessed to be obtaining a lot of new-to-me foods, as well!  Down the road I might look into getting a Citrus Juicer.  I have my main juicer which is a Jack LaLanne Brand but I might upgrade or get an additional one at some point.  I want to get this Citrus Juicer as well.  My husband will start on a new diet down the road - hoping to reduce his Crohn's related issues and I know he likes orange juice but they don't want him consuming juice with a lot of pulp.

In with my shipments I have also been getting a few things to share with co-workers at work, my sister wanted some raw Cashews, and my Dad wanted some Dried Pineapple.  I thought I would try a 3 pack of these Air Therapy Sprays and keep one at work for our bathroom, too!  I love the way they all smell!  They are a convenience size, too!  In addition...I also bought some roll on pain reliever for my husband.

OH!!!!!  I'm going to a Wilson Phillips Concert tonight so I will be sure to blog more about that next week!  That's another reason today is a FUN FRIDAY!!!!!
We've also been having FUN with our Container Garden/Rooftop Garden.  The Spicy Mix and Sweet Mix Lettuces are doing awesomely!  We've had a lot of luck with both of those!  Our Sweet Basil is getting out of hand, too!  We transplanted 2 out of the 3 plants this past week. 

You can see here some of the lettuces that have flowered so I thought I would add them to the office.  They look nice, don't they!?  Even tho they are flowers from lettuce!?

But that's NOT all...I took pictures of those greens, too!  A HUGE bag full, actually!  Check this out...

It's almost a whole canvas bag full!

I have been doing a LOT of writing lately!  Even more than usual.  It's my busiest time of the year for commercial writing at work AND I've been going NUTS with the Raw Food World News Site, too!

I will do another post soon with some of my favorite posts and link to them for you!  I've done a few reviews as well!

So stay tuned for those!

What have you been up to!? 

What have you been writing about lately!? 

What new foods have you tried lately!?

Been to any concerts yet this summer?

What's the last fruit you ate!?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Foods Lately and Check-Ins

I know I haven't been posting a slew of stuff lately but I have been around and have been busy and do have a LOT to share with you! 

I'm waiting on a few things to fall into place before I post about a few other things.  Mostly good.

As for some other things that have been happening - my brother in law had part of his bowel removed but he's recovering nicely.  My husband has been having stomach issues, too, and they are 90% sure it's Crohn's.  We are just waiting for another test to come back.  His mother's Kidney Readings were high and she had went to a specialist today and they don't seem to be overly concerned about it but going to retest in 5 months. 

My foods have been very simple foods, raw foods, mono meals, and some comfort meals tied in, mostly for the last several weeks.  In the first photo you will see I did a Mason Jar Meal.  It turned out wonderful.  From top...marinated corn, peas and carrots, then seasoned chickpeas, and plain Quinoa on bottom.

One of the snacks I have been enjoying are kicked up Cashews which I have blogged about a few times before.  They are just as good as previous attempts.

Something I've been tinkering with and LOVING since I received it in my RawFoodWorld Shipment has been this Pistachio Pesto - OMG - it's marvelous!  I hope to do a full review on that soon but here's a little teaser of my first attempt with it...I simply added it to elbow macaroni.  I wanted to try it pretty plain-jane first to really taste the flavor - but this is a product I will re-order that is for sure - I absolutely LOVE it!

Another thing I have been enjoying from my shipment has been my new Bamboo Plate.  I plan on order one more of this size as well as 2 smaller ones.
 As you can see on the Bamboo Plate I have some peppy Guacamole that I threw together.  I used my Wildtree Gauc Blend in addition to a teaspoon of the Pistachio Pesto - I mentioned above.  For an extra kick...a bit of Sriracha Sauce!

As you can see here I have some gorgeous Cherry Tomatoes.  They are actually from my Tumbling Tom Tomato Plant which was in the form of a Hanging Basket.  I think I have gotten roughly 80 to 100 tomatoes from it so far and they are SO AMAZING!

Last week I couldn't resist purchasing these 4 quarts of Snap Peas with edible pods from our local produce stand which has recently changed hands.  I'm LOVING all of the new offerings and the friendly service.  Of course it helps that I know almost everyone in the large family that works there!

Yes!  You see that right!  4 quarts for $6.99 and they were GREAT!  I had large batches for snacks and mono meals PLUS I shared some with my parents as well as a friend AND brought the rest into work and about 4 of us gnawed on them for a few days!  While I was there I purchased some sweet cherries as well as some black berries which were top notch, too!

And FINALLY to round out this post - a funny photo of me eating this Oat Based Superfood Cereal.  I really liked it and reviewed it for the The Raw Food World NEWS Website and once it's up I will link to it so you can see the full review!

I've also reviewed a Kale Chip they offer so I will keep you posted about that as well!

So...what have you been up to lately!?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Raw Food World Shipment!

Just a quick blog post today but I do have more on tap!  I was so excited because my first big order from The Raw Food World arrived today! 

And boy-oh-boy was it like Christmas for me!!! 

I got these two raw food books that I cannot wait to jump into!

Then I got a slew of Kale Chips, raw crackers, flavored nuts, raw bread, Kelp Noodles, dried and flavored veggie chips...

I also got some snacks like raw cookies, for example and some nut butters such as Pili Nut Butter, Cashew Butter, Tahini, Hazelnut Cacao, etc.

I was able to locate some breakfast items as well like some grains and a Chai Breakfast that has up to 10 breakfast in the package!

This is a FIRST for me on almost ALL of these products and I'm very excited to try them!  I hope to review everything I got, too!  So stay tuned for that!

I shared almost 1 of everything with my 2 co-workers who are not raw, vegan, or even vegetarian!  They enjoyed almost everything.
Within this order I placed - I also stocked up on some nuts such as raw Cashews and raw Hazelnuts.  I gave some of those to my mother in law because those are her favorite NUT. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some dried fruits I am not able to locate in my area such as JuJubes, sweet cherries...and for my dad...Pineapple!!!!  YUM! 

There are some odds and ends throughout these photos so feel free to make comments on anything you see :)

And finally...the ultimate excitement of this shipment...The Berry Breeze!!!!  I've been wanting one of these for a while.  It goes in your refrigerator and keeps produce up to 5 times longer!!!  In addition it helps keep your frig clean, too!  YAY! 

And under the Berry Breeze you will see I bought a Bamboo Plate, too! 

I can't wait to jump right in and try these and write reviews on everything...but...first...I have to clean and stock the shelves!  It makes it FUN tho...when you are excited about stuff!!!! 

Have you tried anything you see here?  Let me know  your feedback!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rooftop & Container Progress

I've been wanting to post these photos for a while now but JUST got around to it today!  Sorry about that!  Thank  you for those who have been asking about our Rooftop Garden and Container Garden Projects!  Thanks for the continued encouragement, too!

In this first photo you will see 4 Brussels Sprout Plants in the orange buckets.  These 4 are doing really well. 

Next to that in the off white pail is one of the Dragons Tongue Plants.  These are doing really well too!  We've since brought another one of these plants outside but we have 3 others inside, too!  In the 2nd photo you can see what the Dragons Tongue Beans look like!  We absolutely LOVE them.  They are so unusual.  So fun!  So flavorful!

And we have a LARGE Broccoli Plant at the bottom that is MASSIVE.

We are eager to see the Broccoli Head start as well as eager to see the Brussels Sprouts start coming out of the side of the stalks.  I will surely keep you posted on that, too!

Mostly we have been gnawing on the beans - raw - to snack on throughout the day.  Some of our Little Marvel Peas are harvesting, too, and we've been snacking on them.  Most of the Little Marvels only have 1 or 2 peas in a pod.  This morning we found a few that were 'hiding' and the pod wilted but the pea inside was still fresh and tasty.

Our Basil has really taken off, too!  I had to grab some a week or two ago and it's really helped with the growth by keeping up with the plucking.

I ended up making some Walnut/Pinenut Pesto with the picked Basil.

In another week or so I will probably pick some more.

I just LOVE the aroma of the Sweet Basil and could just go out and breath in the scent and be happy!

Our Loose Leafy Greens are the WINNER so far.  With the little bit that we planted we have already harvested it about 6 times.

I harvested quite a bit yesterday and haven't used it yet so I might try and do a green smoothie with it tomorrow and/or maybe try and do a sauce or dressing with it, too!

A few select 'greens' on the spicy mix (on the left) flowered and was close to going to seed, I think.

The Spicy Mix sure is spicy so I might try and juice it, too!  Oh...the possibilities!

There are a few things that haven't going well for us - such as Onions and Carrots.  So far all of the onions we have tried haven't done anything.  We are trying one more carrot container in the meantime but so far no such luck with carrots either.

And check this out!  Our very first Pepper!  This will grow to be a Sweet Orange Pepper!  We have a few other varieties that are getting plentiful as well.  This is the most progressed one, tho! 

We've transplanted nearly everything at least once.  We were able to transplant a few things easier than some others - but - I guess - you will have that, eh!?

Most of our Contender Beans didn't make it but we were able to save TWO of them and we brought them back from the brink and they are flowering and budding right now. 

Sam can't wait for the Sunflowers to get big but I will say they are growing quickly!  And FINALLY we have a few heads of Rosalita Lettuce that we were able to bring back from the brink, too, but they still have a ways to go!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Short On Time But Not On Meals!

The last few weeks I have literally been throwing together whatever I could to make most of my dinners. 

The post today will give you some ideas but not full recipes, per say.

This first one is basically what you see!  Corn and Broccoli - steamed - with a little bit of Wildtree Dill Dip Blend for added flavor.

It's simple but tasty.  I enjoyed this side dish a while back.

Then one night I threw together this hardy meal.  Tofurky Italian Sausage, Baby Bella Mushrooms, Corn, sauteed in a pan and mixed with melted Daiya Cheese. 

It's more of a convenience meal with both the Tofurky and the Daiya but it did the trick.

PLUS...I was able to use-up leftovers with this.

Tofurky's Italian Sausage and Kielbasa I don't mind - once in a blue moon - when it comes to meat substitutes.  The vegan meats that I do enjoy are few and far between.  I don't really eat a lot of them to be honest.

Every once and while I make my own vegan garlic bread, too.  Sometimes I will use Earth Balance and other times I might use a very little bit of Grapeseed Oil.  I will use either Wildtree Scampi Blend as a sprinkle or the Garlic Galore or Garlic and Herb.  All 3 of them are vegan.

For this thrown together meal a while back I did some macaroni up  with a vegan cheese sauce that I made with almond milk, nutritional yeast, and a few other ingredients - and added corn, carrots, and peas along with some left over Tofurky Italian Sausage like you see above.

It's rare if I go to a 'fast food joint' but since my husband is NOT vegetarian he chooses to eat the food.  Most of the time I won't get anything and come home and make my own meal instead. 

For the first time in a long time I grab a salad from a chain...mostly because the salad fixin's at my local store looked pretty picked over that day. 

I noticed they had a salad that I could easily make vegan.  It wasn't much but it was a good base.  It was mixed greens, avocado, and strawberries.  I then took it home and added some leftovers to the top including Tempeh and Corn.

After I dressed the salad up a bit - it wasn't too bad - and I didn't even add dressing because the amount of Avocado made it creamy enough.

So eventho I have been short on time - I haven't been short on meals! is a good way to use left overs, too!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Positive Project - The Raw Food World NEWS Site

At the end of last week I mentioned 3 wonderful blog related things that happened to me but wasn't able to talk about the 3rd one until YESTERDAY'S debut of The Raw Food World NEWS Site.  As many of you know I try and keep this blog positive and uplifting so when Matt Monarch was looking for contributors on this new project I crossed my fingers that he would choose me to be among them!  AND HE DID!  I am so excited!  Not only am I blogging for them - I'm an Uplifter.  I've been locating and passing along uplifting videos to be used on the site.  If you know of any positive/uplifting/inspiring stories that might be fitting let me know the link and I will check out! of my blog posts was featured TODAY 'above the fold' if you will...My Yoga For Sciatica post.

You will find this excerpt from the ABOUT US Section that sums up WHY when asked THIS NEWS SITE...

'Turn on the television or scan the top trending headlines on the Internet and it seems to me that we’re bombarded with a slew of negative information. Scare tactics, sensationalism and belittling comments are often the name of the game for the majority of mainstream and alternative media outlets.
Sure, their ratings may be soaring, but so too are our stress levels. The feeling that goodness in humanity is unraveling at warp speed is commonplace. In the end, all we want is more peace, laughter and encouragement. We want to turn to a source that assures us that everything will be ok.' 

I'm looking forward to this adventure for so many reasons and in so many ways!  I hope you will subscribe to get the daily SMILE in your inbox, too!  Thanks so much for reading and staying positive!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Over The Weekend...

This past weekend my Mom, Dad, Sister, and I were in Forrestville, NY, at Merritt Winery for their Strawberry Festival.  We were vendors with our Wildtree Products.  This is our 2nd year doing this event and it's our BEST event by far - to date.  It was so much fun!  Saturday was a little cooler - weather wise - but the company and the music was FUN regardless!  Each year they choose a charity to support and this year it benefited the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation.  Carol was the mother of Alec, Daniel, and Billy Baldwin.  On Saturday Daniel Baldwin was there for the festivities.  He was VERY nice!  Here is a photo of my sister and I with him.  My sister told him he had very pretty eyes.  He seemed to be 'tickled' by the compliment.

There were a few good bands there throughout the weekend but the one that everyone really seemed to like was Hootn'Anges.

Here's a photo of my sister, my mom, and I with the band.  They played all sorts of music - not just country music.  They did a great take on "Me & My Bobby McGee" as well as "Cotton Eyed Joe" and "Love Is (What I Got).

I'm told they were recently signed by a label.  I also heard they will be back in the area for the Fall Fest.  They were a FUN band to watch!
Here's a photo of our set-up.  I have LOTS more to post in the coming days...including a wonderfully FUN announcement that I hinted at last week!  I'm so excited!  I will official announce that tomorrow, most likely!

How was your weekend?  How was the weather?  Did you do anything fun or out of the ordinary?

Friday, June 13, 2014

MY BLOG was Blog Of The Day TODAY at!

BadgeI'll tell you!  This week has been great!  Some of which I can talk about and some of which I can't talk about quite YET but when I can I will!  First...I was notified that MY BLOG - My Blissful Journey - was chosen as the Blog of the Day over at!  Isn't that awesome?

Then...I was contacted by Julia over at TheBesty and asked that I join and start gaining ranking.  I've been adding some of my favorite vegetarian and vegan option restaurants.  They would also like to do an article on my site in the near future. 

The 3rd exciting thing I can't talk about until next week but it's super cool!  And I'm very excited!  What happened to you this week that made you smile?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rooftop Garden NOW Outside!

Hello everyone!  I'm a little behind on visiting your blogs but I hope to do that very soon! 

My days have been jam packed with writing - not only at work - but at the various sites I contribute to - as well as HOME issues.  My brother in law had to have emergency surgery a few weeks ago.  My husband has been having stomach issues again.  We've been in and out of vet's offices, etc. 

Because I try and keep this blog positive and optimistic - I have been doing more and more reflecting.  Because of the things around me - it's put some things into prospective.  These issues continue to speak to me and tell me just how important diet and physical activity is and it's never to late to make changes in your life.

Everything is a reminder to show LOVE to those you hold dear but also to those you may not know.  Be compassionate and understanding as much as possible.

I've been thinking about the small things in life, lately, too!  The little things that make a difference in each day.  The tiniest of occurrences that put a smile on ones face.

One of the MANY things I am thankful for and interested in these days is the progress of our Container Garden and Rooftop Garden Projects that myself and a few co-workers have been working on.

You can see some recent photos throughout this post!  Sure...some attempts have been better than others - but - you won't know unless you TRY - right?

In the first photo you can see that we have hardened off many of the indoor plants and they are now outside full time.  Many of them remain in the containers and/or reused/recycled items I've mentioned in previous posts.  By keeping them in containers we are able to move them if need be.  One thing we have yet to find out is the impact the hot roof will have on certain plants.  If this is an issue we are able to move each containers location to another part of the roof and/or we may put down reused plastic tarps or shelves underneath to cut down on the heat/temperature.  In the 2nd photo you can see some of what we are trying to grow a bit better. 

From left...we have one of the Dragon's Tongue Bean plants.  We kept about 6 other plants indoors.  I think they are thriving better inside actually.  The difference I have noticed with ours is that the indoor Dragon's Tongue are more plentiful and the yields are higher.  The individual beans are larger, too.  However...this outside plant is smaller but more colorful.  If you have read my previous posts about the Dragon's Tongue you may remember that when they are mature they are purple and green in color.  They are gorgeous!  The flavor is amazing, too!  We have harvested some already with more on the way!  They are EXTREMELY Crispy and Juicy!  YUM!

Next up we have some Spinach growing and regular green and white Swiss Chard as well as some Bright Lights Swiss Chard.  We are also attempting some regular spinach.  On the far end you will see a few other the smaller Brussels Sprout Plants we are trying.  These aren't growing as well as the ones we are growing in the orange buckets which I will be showing you in a bit.  We thought we would try a few of them in a different section just for kicks.

In the next photo you will see a table along the back with items on top.  We have everything from Beans and Peas to Basil and Chives.  We have some cucumbers and peppers, too!  In the smaller white containers - for the time being - we are using them to catch rain water.  We also have a few tomato plants and sunflowers started. 

You can also see we have some stairs.  We have more chives on the stairs, a few attempts at onions - which may or may not work - time will tell, and we have more space to expand!

Also under the stairs we have some leafy greens.  We have the Spicy Mesclun Mix as well as the Sweet Mix.  Both have been doing VERY well!  With the Sweet Mix I have already gotten 4 or 5 salads out of it and when I looked at it again this morning it looks like I could pick another lunch-size salads worth!  Since we took this photo we have re-arranged a few things and the peas are no longer in that spot.  We have Kale going there instead, now.
Off to the right of this last photo you can see our STRONGER Brussels Sprouts in the orange buckets.  Next to that is our MASSIVE Broccoli that is sprouting up VERY nicely!  We are stoked!

We decided to keep our Little Marvel Peas INSIDE along with the other Dragon's Tongue Beans.  We have some Rosalita Lettuces we are trying to bring back from the brink and a few other things in our indoor container garden, too!  I will try and share that in the future.  As for the house - we won't be doing much after all.  I did, however, find a Cherry Tomato Hanging Basket from a local greenhouse and purchased that as well as a Hanging Strawberry Plant.  Our Hosta's are taking over 3 sections of our yard!  I'll be sure to share photos of those with you soon, too!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ponytail Palms, Cats Without Tails, Simple Foods from the Container/Rooftop Gardens

I know I have been posting a lot of food lately and you know I will continue to but I also have a lot of other things to post about too!

Here's a mish mash of things that aren't really food related - for the most part - that have been going on lately!

First - this AWESOME Ponytail Palm!  A few months ago my co-worker Sam brought one in for her office and I LOVED it so much!  I would do up and check it out each time I visited her office.  Her mother found one for me last week and it's now sitting on my desk.  I'm NOT next to a window but we will see how it does.  I have regular florescent office lights.  Hers is next to a window.  Mine isn't.  So I figured every Friday afternoon I would take mine upstairs and put it next to hers for the weekend near the window!
It's been a few weeks now since Charlie's surgery.  I wanted to wait to post about it until I was sure he was ok.  He had to have his tail amputated.  He has been doing remarkably well without this tail.  They left a bit of a 'nub'.  It's still healing but doing good.  When they took his tail off they noticed he had very small warts all over his tail that were NOT visible until after they shaved his tail to remove it.  They said to look for other unhealing wounds that may pop up.  They aren't overly concerned at this time that there is much else wrong.  However, IF he does have other unhealing wounds that form they said it may be cancerous. 
So of course when I saw this about 2 weeks after his surgery I was concerned!  After we took the cone off of him he had this small - yet clean - hole on his arm.  The first day it bled but I'm sure that was because he was licking it.  Ever since then it's been dry, clean, and unchanged - yet open. 

FINALLY yesterday morning I noticed this wound was closing!!!  I think we are on the upswing! 

As you can see on the other arm - that's the arm they shaved to put the IV in.  NOT the arm with the wound. long as it continues to heal - we are happy!
Okay...Okay...I know I said I wouldn't talk about food...but I can't help it!  Simple Foods left from last week!  Yes...I've now gotten 4 salads from our containers at work!  YAY!  I used some leftover dressings I made to top it and it was a nice simple lunch. 

I will have a post very soon with the progress of our Container Garden and Rooftop Garden Attempts!  We've also been doing updates on which you can follow via my sidebar but I will be posting that more soon too!

Colorful Salad with Mandarin Walnut Dressing

This salad doesn't have many ingredients but I do LOVE the color of it!  Romaine Hearts for the lettuce and Yellow and Red Bell Peppers for the top.  Everything tasted amazing!  I then came up with the following dressing to mix in...
Mandarin Walnut Dressing!  And it was WONDERFUL!  I used...
4 Mandarins
1/2 C Walnuts
1 Date
1 T Lemon Juice
1 T Apple Cider Vinegar
Water as needed
What's the last dressing you made at home?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 Raw Soups - Tomato Carrot & Tangy Tomato Corn Chowder

Towards the end of my Raw Week last week and on to the weekend I decided to try and make 2 Raw Soups.  Some of the Raw Soups I've done in the past have been hit and miss but I REALLY enjoyed BOTH of these two Raw Soups and can't wait to try more!

First up...this Tomato Carrot - Spice Optional.

2 Tomatoes
4 Sun Dried Tomatoes
2 Carrots
1 T Grapeseed Oil
1 Onion
1 Clove Garlic
Optional Add-ins:
Salt & Pepper to taste (I used Wildtree's California Garlic Pepper)
Red Jalapeno Powder
Hemp Seeds/Hemp Hearts

This next raw(ish) soup is a Corn Chowder of sorts with tangy tomato.

2 C Almond Milk (or Water)
2 C Corn
1 Clove Garlic
5 Sun Dried Tomatoes
1 tea Braggs Liquid Aminos
1/2 each of Cumin, Cayenne Powder, Garlic Powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

This soup is more of a Raw(ish) than actual Raw because of the Almond Milk but you could use water instead...or if you make your own raw Almond Milk, I suppose.  But I did really like the flavor of this one, too!

What kind of Raw Soups do you like?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Raw Zucchini Fettuccine with Creamy Walnut Dijon Sauce

As usual I have a lot of blogging to catch up on but it's shaping up to be a VERY busy week already!  I will blog when I can but also schedule post a few since I have a lot of photos and foods ready to go!

As many of you know last week I did an ALL RAW WEEK.  It was great!  Eventho I started eating non-raw again I intend to stick with a high raw or a high raw food intake from now on.  So you will still see Vegan Dishes here but you will also see MORE Raw Vegan Dishes, too!

First up...from a few days ago...Raw Zucchini Fettuccine with Creamy Walnut Dijon Sauce!

Yes!  I dug out my Spiralizer and used it on this!  I went for the thickest blade. Here's the recipe I used on this sauce...
1 Avocado
1/2 C Walnuts
1 C Water (maybe more)
2 T Nutritional Yeast
2 T Lemon Juice
1 T Dijon Mustard
2 Cloves Garlic
Turmeric for color - as needed
Cayenne for color and kick - as needed

This was awesomely flavorful when I ate it and I did eat a LOT of it...perhaps a bit too much, actually.

Last week I mentioned a few things I was excited about on the way I was feeling from my all raw week but I must tell you about some additional findings once going back to NOT raw.  I think this is the biggest thing to you feel after you switch back.  Well, it wasn't great.  I really only ate some "popped" corn chips and I will tell you that my tongue felt RAW for 2+ days.  I wasn't happy about that.  It really hurt.  I will never eat THOSE 'popped chips' again.  Also the next day my tummy was gurgling oddly for most of the day.  I didn't think I ate that much that was 'off the charts' but perhaps I did.  Or maybe it was my body telling me that I really preferred the raw instead of the NOT raw.  Regardless I will be eating a lot more raw from now on.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

RAW WEEK - Thursday

It's my 4th day of RAW during my RAW Week this week!  I thought I would share some of the Kitchen Adventures with you from last night and today.

In random order...

These Carrots with "Cheesy" Walnut Tomato Dip!

Recipe - All in Vitamix:

1 C Walnuts
3 Sun Dried Tomatoes
1/2 C Nutritional Yeast
2 T Lemon Juice
1 tea Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tea Paprika

I had some of these as a snack last night as well as part of my lunch today.  I still have some of the dip left over.

I jumped back in with the smoothies today after skipping only one day. 

Today's was a Blueberry Hemp Smoothie

Recipe - All in Vitamix:

2 one-inch chunks of frozen banana
1 C Blueberries
2 T Hemp Seeds/Hemp Hearts
1 C Water
1 Handful of Spinach
1 Date

This was super tasty!

My energy level has been pretty good.  I noticed a blemish on my chest yesterday and I'm chalking it up to my body's way of detoxing.
 I took another selfie this morning.  My hair is pulled back into a pony tail.

Other that no afternoon crash - which I don't usually get any ways - maybe once or twice a week - and the blemish I found - I haven't seen many major changes after 4 days.  I've been waking up better which is nice. 

I have already made a choice tho...eventho...I will be going back to cooking foods after this weekend...I'm going to try and stay High goal is roughly 75% or so.

So I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more salads from me in the near future.

One thing I have noticed about my "senses" is I have found that I LOVE pickles in my salads now.  I have tried it every once and a blue moon before but I'm totally digging pickles in my salads now.

Speaking of's mine from last night!

The lettuce variety I used for this salad was Petite Tango.  I did a whole head again.  I also threw in a good amount of Cherry Tomatoes, a few mini Orange Bell Peppers - diced, pickles - diced, and a really tasty dressing!

Apple Walnut Mustard Dressing

1 Apple
1 T Raw Grapeseed Oil
2 T Lemon Juice
1 Date
1/2 tea Mustard

I really enjoyed this dressing!  I will say this is the first oil I have added to anything this week!  Eventho it was 1 T or less even - I am pretty sure that is what was 'going on' in the toilet POST my visit earlier today!