Thursday, May 11, 2017

Playing Catch-Up Once Again!

Busy!  Busy!  Sorry for the silence!  I have a lot of back blogging to do!  With my photo heavy last post about my sisters baby shower I knew I was already behind on other happenings so I will start there!  Before I went to my sisters baby shower I volunteered at a local cafe that is operated by volunteers many of them from different churches and faiths.  I just like volunteering so I decided to start helping when they needed me!

They're operational/open for business many days during the week but one of their many outreach/ goals is to have a Community Breakfast that is FREE but some people drop in a donation from time to time.  My first volunteer attempt the weather was pretty bad and we had about 12 to 15 who came in for the breakfast which consisted of fruit, sausage, pancakes, juice, coffee, tea, etc.  The 2nd time I volunteered we had between 40 and 50 attendees. This upcoming weekend I'll be stopping by early to from about 8 to 10am before going to a vendor show for the rest of the day!

The 2nd photo I posted in this blog entry was the regular menu.  There are a few veg items present.  It's actually been a while since I have eaten there myself but I really like the eclectic atmosphere of the place.  As you can see from the first photo we had someone stop by and play his guitar for those who were there.  It was really nice.  All sorts of people in the community stop by - families - seniors looking for those to chat with - some people who are really in need of a meal - others who just want to see what is going on - and everyone in between!

In other news...since I live in a small, rural area I always like to point out when I see neat things happening!  A local store/Deli/Catering place recently added organic items to their shop!  I was thrilled!

Even more exciting was their price on Bragg's Drinks were cheaper than anywhere else I have seen around here!  YAY!

YEARS ago one of our local coffee shops was owned by a girl who had a near all veg menu.  I think she offered 1 tuna and 1 chicken option but everything else was vegetarian.  Unfortunately she sold the business and the coffee shop has since changed hands like 4 times.  BUT...this past year she and her family are back and owning and operating it again!  Here is the massive salad I got from them a while back!

In other shopping news - my parents are Piping Rock customers - and so am I!  Recently I purchased these items!  Hemp Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chlorella Tabs, and Pumpkin Seeds!  Their prices are SO LOW!!!  I couldn't help myself!     Since this post is one big blab I will be mentioning the local businesses by name at the close of this post!

Not too long ago I found this individual oatmeal bowl and thought I would try it.  It smelled wonderful and it tasted pretty darn good, too!  I bought this one and another one that happened to be vegan!  They are also Non-GMO, Gluten Free, etc.
I LOVE finding companies that are socially consensus and GIVING!  This company gives one when they sell one!  They even give you a sticker, too!

Below you can see a snapshot of what the finished product looked like!  Nom, nom, nom!

All I did was add hot water.  In 4 minutes of letting it sit I had a nice breakfast at work!

I have been finding a few new-to-me foods and brands and such and I have been SLACKING in the blogging department!  I will certainly try and be better about that.  I was able to find a new (to me) vegan pizza crust!  It was Trader Joe's!  I know I am late to the party - but still...

I have to say I was pretty impressed!  I added just the right amount of spaghetti sauce and Daiya Moz this time!  The secret to this one was the minced garlic and Wildtree seasonings I added!  YUM!

So note to self...every time I go to a Trader Joe's I need to remember their Pizza Dough/Crusts!  They are great!

I also saw another new one at our local Tops from the Brooklyn Brand I posted about not to long ago.  They were mush smaller than the long rectangle ones I blogged about but I haven't tried them - I hope them keep them in stock so I can purchase them soon!  I will let you know if I do! promised...these are the local businesses mentioned in this post....

* The Crossing in Warren, PA - check out their Facebook for more info!  It's a neat place!  LOTS happening!

* Kondak's Market & Catering in Clarendon, PA - check out the Facebook Page for the organics and other stuff!

* Arbor House Coffee Shop & Tea Room in Warren, PA - again Facebook is the way to go for info on them!

With Arbor House I would LOVE to get a VEGAN OPTIONS HERE Sticker over to them for their door!


  1. Ugh, I hear ya on being busy! Great post and agreed on companies with great missions. I need to try Trader Joe's pizza dough too!

    1. And it seems to have happened AGAIN! Oops! I hope to post soon!

  2. Before I went gluten free I used Trader Joe's pizza dough all the time, it was one of my favorites! I like all three varieties too. Oh gluten, how I miss you. That's great that you are volunteering at that cafe,it sounds like a neat place. I've been reading about chlorella tabs and thinking about trying it one of these days. Welcome back!!

    1. Chlorella is easier to handle than Spirulina! Depending on the Spirulina the aroma could be a turn off. I've found Chlorella isn't that way.

  3. Oooh what a great catch up post! I tried the garlic and herb pizza crust from Trader Joe's and it was delicious. Your pizza looks great! The oatmeal also looks amazing and I love charitable companies! That's amazing and is certainly incentive to buy again!

    1. It seems like outside of my fresh and frozen and if it's a vegan packaged product it usually has some sort of social awareness or charitable cause behind it!