Monday, March 27, 2017

Vegan Cauliflower Sweet Potato Chowder

It's a NEW Week!?  Are you ready!?  I'm TRYING.

I have to tell you I already have LOTS to share this week but I'm going to try and pace myself so I can post something at least once each day!  I would like to start off the week by sharing this AMAZING Vegan Cauliflower Sweet Potato Chowder I attempted last night!  I combined 2 online recipes and then added a few other things to it.  I altered it so much that I think that I can safely put the recipe here on my blog.

Ingredients for Vegan Cauliflower Sweet Potato Chowder:

1 Small Head of Cauliflower
2 Sweet Potatoes
5 C Water
1 C Cashews
1 T Wildtree Absolutely Onion
5 Cloves Garlic
1 tea Basil
2 to 3 tea Braggs Liquid Aminos

Most of the soups I do - I throw everything into my blender and DONE.  This one took a few more steps.

First I took 3 C Water and boiled.  I added the Cauliflower that I broke up into smaller chunks, added the Sweet Potatoes that I cut up into smaller chunks and too the skin off, and added the Onion, Garlic, and Basil to the pot.  I put them on medium until soft.

While I was waiting for them to get soft - I moved over to my Vitamix and put the other 2 C Water in my blender along with the 1 C of Cashews.  I blended those until it looked like milk.  

I then added the Cashew Milk I just made in my blender to the pot of Cauliflower, Sweet Potatoes, etc that was on the stove and simmered for another 5 minutes or so.  This is when I added the Bragg's Liquid Aminos, too!

I then took about 75% of the contents and put it in my blender again and blended until smooth.  I added it back to the pot and stirred it.  

I just HAD to try a bowl (or two) and absolutely LOVED it!!!!  YUMMO!  I topped the individual serving bowl(s) with a sprinkle of Smoked Paprika and Nutmeg!   WOWZA!  Totally LOVE this soup!  Or is it a CHOWDER?  You be the judge!

It made an INSANE amount so I will surely been eating it for DAYS!  YAY!

It's been a while since I posted any photos of the furkids.  Not sure why.  Here is Riley on the left and Cricket on the right.  They snuggled up on my lap on DH's Recliner (I rarely sit in it).  Luckily I had my iPhone nearby to snap this pic.  This was Saturday Night.  They were touching 'cheek to cheek' and I don't mean the cheeks on their faces! haha!

Cricket was kind of a little terror this weekend.  She's about 4-ish but she still acts like a puppy!  After all the activity of the weekend and her tear-assin' around the house - this was her last night - sacked out on my lap.  She has gained a little weight since we adopted her over 2 years ago but she still only weighs 7 pounds at the most.  She's so small.  Especially when she crawls into a little ball and sleeps!


  1. That soup sounds delicious! I do that a lot too, take a few recipes, combine them and then add a bunch of my own ideas. It's fun.
    I miss seeing your furkids! I love the cheek to cheek picture! Hilarious!!

    1. Now that the weather is turning I'm sure I will be taking more of the furkids! I've been thinking about that soup all day! Can't wait until Dinner! LOL

  2. That sounds yummy. Love cauliflower so much! Also, the pups are sooooo cute!!!!

    1. Cauliflower is expensive here the last few years and I have been craving it! I broke down and bought some this weekend for the week ahead!

  3. Terriers are such balls of energy! I know my old pet poodle was full of energy for years. It took being almost blind almost deaf, and lots of arthritis to slow her down.

    1. She's a Chihuahua & Rat Terrier Mix!!! Considering her size (or lack there of) we are thinking a combo of Teacup Chi and Toy Rat Terrier

  4. Gotta try this! My girl would love it - she is on a gluten-free diet, and this looks o.k. Just found out that she's gluten intolerant.

    1. That's never fun to find out! There are LOTS of great sites online that are gluten free! I will try and start labeling my posts if they are gluten free or not.

  5. The soup sounds wonderful and I have a lot of cauliflower on hand! Adorable pics!