Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BIG LUNCH and Other Odds~N~Endz

Last week I while traveling around the region for work I stopped at Wegman's for lunch.  They have a WONDERFUL hot and cold lunch bar which is priced by the pound.  I believe it's $8.99 per pound and this worked out to be about a pound but I had heaps of food here!  The photo really doesn't do it much justice!  What you can see, may see, and can't really see...

* Marinated Zucchini, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions (Raw), 
* Roasted Multi-Colored Sweet Peppers, Eggplant, Sweet Onions
* Raw and plain Corn
* Raw and plain Mushrooms
* Grilled Asparagus
* Grilled Pineapple
* Herb Tofu
* Raw Blueberries, Raw Raspberries
* Raw Sweet Peas
* Sweet and Raw Coleslaw with Raisins and Cranberries

I think that is it...might be a few other items in there.  But I will tell you...this was an AMAZING lunch!  I wish I could eat something like this EVERY DAY!!!

A few weeks ago I started my random watermelon mono meals for lunch again but there is a lull in flavorful watermelon here at the moment so I will hold off on that for a while until it improves!

And speaking of watermelon...here is a snapshot of pure watermelon juice from our Juicing Journey!

One of the other juices I forgot to post about from last week's juicing session was this one!  This is Spinach Lemon Pineapple and it was TERRIFIC!

And I will end this post with some CUTENESS from my parents house!  These are the cats in their household...Bernie on the left and Jeter on the right!  They LOVE their sun room!


  1. That lunch looks really delicious! I love big messes like that with so many different flavors and textures! That watermelon looks so beautiful, It's a shame that it wasn't good, but watermelon juice is so delicious!
    Your parent's cats are tooooooooo cute!!

    1. My mom was with me and couldn't believe I ate the whole plate! LOL - I told her 'SEE...there are vegan things I can eat out more than salads'...now if only I could get DH to go there LOL

  2. The lunch sounds great, I have so much fun making vegan messy meals from salad bars.

    1. I wish there were more lunch bar options around here!

  3. Oooh the lunch from Wegman's looks good! And so reasonable! The Whole Foods hot bar here is really overpriced...
    Your parents kitties are so cute!