Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Raw Vegan Juices of the Moment

Yesterday I mentioned how behind I was in posts for taking a little bit of time off from blogging but I didn't know how far back I was logging stuff until I went to edit photos!  OMG!

So this post will be ALL juicing and juices!  This is the first of at least 2 (or 3) posts today so be sure to check back!  I have so much to share with you over the next few days and weeks!

First up...take a look at this rich, deep color of the Blueberry, Raspberry, Grape, Lemon Juice my mom and I recently did!  I believe this was made out of 1 container of raspberries (maybe 2), 2 containers of blueberries, about 2 pounds of grapes, and 1 whole lemon.  This made well over a quart.  My father LOVED it so he kept the quart!

This one is simply Plum Watermelon Juice.

We bought a watermelon that wasn't very flavorful so instead of 'chucking it' we decided to juice it!  We used about a pound or more of watermelon and 3 pounds of plums!  YUM!

The funny thing is that my mom LOVES watermelon but doesn't like watermelon juice by itself.  Lucky for me I LOVE BOTH!  I did find out that my dad like plum juice...he also like things with lemon in them were as my mother doesn't.  It's fun learning what each one likes to zone in on and how taste buds are different!

What are your favorite things to blend with watermelon?  I wanted to do Strawberry Watermelon but I wasn't able to find any strawberries YET.

Hubby has been CRAVING Orange Juice.  Since he was diagnosed with Crohn's he hasn't been able to drink it because of the pulp.  I won't drink store bought OJ because it freaks me out...most OJ here in the US has funky ingredients in it (some even contain fish or fish bi-products!!!!)  So it's been a while since I had a good, solid, NATURAL, freshly squeezed cup of OJ.

This was great!  We took about 3 to 5 pounds of navel oranges and juiced them.  It made more than you see here but for the jar I brought home for my husband it was less because we strained it 3 more times.  I'm SO HAPPY he liked it!  It didn't seem to affect his stomach either!

I've heard that the Tribest SlowStar Juicer I use is one of the best to yield more juice and less pulp!  I will try and post a few videos in the near future!

Next up...Pineapple Kale Blueberry!

Here we used 1 container of Blueberries, a whole Pineapple, and about 6 to 10 leaves of kale.  The kale I used was of the sweeter variety and smelled like cabbage.  It was white with dark green highlights!

I will say this smelled weird.  I will also say this is one I sipped on a bit and revisited the following morning.  Word to the wise on this one...if juicing and refrigerating overnight you most likely will have to restrain this in the morning!  Some of the pulp that got thru the juicer and strainer expanded overnight!

ALL of these would make FANTASTIC Freeze Pops, too!  I have some more juices to share with you in the near future and I know my parents are both excited to be trying new juices so I am sure this will be at least once week or every other week I will have new ones to share!  If you have any suggestions let me know in comments!


  1. My favorite juice that I have made is orange, carrot, turmeric root and ginger. I always feel a blast of energy and cheer when I drink it. I have never thought to juice berries for some reason. I mean, I've juiced strawberries but I've never thought of juicing raspberries or blueberries. I am super excited for more suggestions from you! I don't have a juicer myself, but I use my blender and a strainer and it works out fine.

    1. That's a great combo you have there! Ideally...I want to do juices Monday, Tuesday, and maybe Wednesdays, and then Smoothies Thursday, Friday, and maybe Saturday!

  2. All the juices sound great. I like to blend mint and pineapple with watermelon. And yum on blending ginger with carrots, I adore strong ginger flavor.

    1. I need to do more with FRESH ginger but it's not often sold in markets in my area.

  3. I recently bought store orange juice for a recipe (I was being cheap, it is costs less to buy the pre juiced stuff compared to the oranges! It's crazy!) They do so much to fortify the orange juice, it is a little weird. Like on paper the numbers show it is healthy, but is it really? I can't wait till I drink it all up and get it over with XD I don't like plain orange juice (fresh or otherwise) though I like the mix of orange and carrot juice. Makes it so much tastier.

    1. When I want to buy OJ I just want to buy OJ...not all the other stuff and all of the stuff they do to CHANGE it lol

  4. Such gorgeous juices!! I love that you used up a watermelon by juicing it instead of chucking it. I do that with my fruit, but freeze it for smoothies.
    I LOVE fresh orange juice. It's just the best =)
    And your pineapple, kale, blueberry sounds sooooo good!