Monday, August 24, 2015

Rooftop Garden Check-in & Cricket Update

I've had a few people ask me how our Rooftop Garden has been doing this year.  I haven't talked about it as much and I probably should.  We didn't do as many things this year because of less people to help with it and those who do most of it have been busier than usual.  But what we do have - I have taken some recent photos in the last week or so and will be posting a video, soon, too!

This year we have 3 different kinds of tomatoes we are trying.  2 out of the 3 are starting to produce something.  I will be posting more about which kinds at a later date.  Here's a pic of one of them in the meantime.
You know me and BASIL - I love it!  We have 2 'trees' of it we started this year as you can see here and we have one left inside near a window leftover from last year.  We have 2 'just starting out' plants that are growing from a 'drop off' from previous plants.

My mother has like 9 basil plants doing well in her back yard and she doesn't even use basil much so I guess it's time to start making pesto, eh!?  I know each time I mention it I have people interested in taking some once it's made.  I think I will make that a mini goal for this week and next week!

Another mini goal of mine SHOULD BE to do something with all of the Lemon Balm that is popping up everywhere!  I brought a little bit over from my mom's and it's going NUTS!

We have 3 containers of it going strong and I'm not doing anything with's taking off on its own completely.

All I can think of is include it in tea but I want to try and come up with some home remedies and health/beauty ways to use it, too!

Suggestions for Lemon Balm?  Let me know!

And just a quick update on Cricket before I she is!  She's a sweetie!  Ever since we lost Suzie - Paco and Riley have been going thru the motions with no real 'leader' and Cricket is leader - that is for sure!

She loves riding in the car, going for walks with fur friends, and doesn't mind baths.  But she doesn't like her nails that will be something I will need assistance with soon!  She's still around 4 pounds and done growing but she has no idea that she isn't as 'big' as the other dogs!


  1. Hi Cricket! Sure looks very alert!!!

  2. The garden looks lovely. Which reminds me, I need to post pictures of our garden. I have not done that at all this year. We're still reaping the benefits of the seeds we planted. We have about an acre of garden.

    Cricket is a tiny little thing and so adorable! Hi baby!

    1. Can't wait to see your garden! I've been wondering about that and the bees! I need to visit my mother's garden soon, too! Hopefully I will remember to take pics! AND...they told me that once they retire they want to do a BIG garden! I would TOTALLY help with that if they do it :)

      Cricket is a hoot! She was NUTS last night! LOL

  3. Great progress on the garden, you're having better luck than me this year. I'm getting tons of squashes, but kale and tomatoes are doing poorly.

    Cricket is adorable!

    1. I didn't even try Kale this year! I should have! Tomatoes are rough here. I did well with herbs tho! I think I will do indoor gardening again this year and try and do more leafy greens again. I'm trying to figure out what I can get away with planting now even if we have to bring them in - in a few months :)