Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1, 3, or 5 Bucks For The Sororitea Sisters?

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to let you know about our Fundraiser on GoFundMe. It's for the Sororitea Sisters Site - a site dedicated to everything tea! Below you will see a note from Anne. She and I co-founded the site back in 2010. We are asking for your help! Can you donate $1? $3? $5? Anything you can donate will help us fund our site! Thanks so much!

Official GoFundMe Note as follows:

My name is Anne, and I'm the administrator and co-creator of the SororiTea Sisters Tea Blog. Since May 2010, the SororiTea Sisters have been dedicated to offering honest reviews of teas that we've tasted. We haven't always enjoyed every tea that we've tasted, but we've always been honest about what we've consumed - the good, the awesome, the not so good, and the bad - for one reason and one reason only: We LOVE tea!

We accept no payment for our reviews. We do accept samples from tea companies in exchange for honest reviews, but we offer no advertising in exchange for financial compensation. In so doing, we are able to freely tell the readers what we think about a tea openly and honestly, without feeling obligated to be nice and/or dishonest about a product because we're being paid to say what we say. We say what we really think!

For the last five years, we've kept the blog going on our own dime. We've paid for the domain registration and the shipping of teas out to our sisters so that they have fresh teas to review. It's been a struggle to do this, and so now we're reaching out to you - our readers! - in the hope that you enjoy our blog enough to help us keep the domain - it's time to renew! - and also help us defer some of the shipping costs.

Thank you for your assistance and your belief in us!


  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for posting this!

  2. No problem at all! Thank YOU for all you do :) I will have some more reviews coming your way this week :)