Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Past Weekend Adventures, Yogivore, Thrown Together Meals

Slowly but surely I am trying to catch up on blogging!  This post will be a mish-mash of a post but there are two other posts if you scroll down that I wrote earlier today that DO have a method to their madness!

A few weeks ago my husband's brother and his girlfriend, Dale, and I went on a ride.  He recently bought a used Mini Cooper so we drove around a bit in our Abarth.  We ended up in Bradford, PA, one weekend and the next weekend we ended up near Bemus Point, NY.  Neither are too far away from where we live but still a nice day trip!

The first photo is of Dale and myself in front of the Kinzua Dam near where we live.  Believe it or not this was just a few short weeks ago!  There were hardly any leaves on the trees and now the trees are FULL and green and gorgeous!  Mother Nature is funny sometimes!

With how crazy work has been paired with family and extended family health issues I have been throwing a lot of meals together based on when is on hand.  This photo is actually taken at my mother's house.  She doesn't usually stock her pantry very well since it's just the two of them and neither one of my parents are vegetarian.  Plus they haven't been doing much cooking at home lately.  I was able to find some white rice I 'doctored up' with some Wildtree sauce and did some potato/fries on stove top instead of in the oven with a bit of grapeseed oil.  They turned out good and filled my tummy that day!
I don't usually do that - create a plate lacking veggies - but that day it was what was available.  Since then I have been doing much better and I hope to post more of the meals I have been making soon, too!

One thing I will be starting today is my Yogivore Adventures!  For more information on that swing by The Happy Herbivore Blog!

I'm mostly doing this to challenge myself but also break up the day a little bit.  I've been getting into this routine of waking up - going to work - eating - writing - and going to sleep - and I need to switch it up a bit!


  1. I like thrown together meals. I made a few of those last week. Yours look super yummy.

    1. Thanks! My mom was laughing at me because those potatoes said to do them in the oven and not stove top but they turned out yummy so that's all that matters! LOL

  2. Throw together meals can be fun with unique creations and sometimes not ideal. We're doing that here clearing the pantry and fridge a bit. Cute picture of you and Dale!

    1. I hear ya on cleaning out the frig and pantry. I will be working with some pretty interesting ingredients in the near future :)