Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MISC Photos from West Palm Beach

I have just a few photos left from our trip to West Palm Beach last month that I wanted to share with the exception of others I took during our visit to the NEW Garden of Life Offices...that I might post more of down the road.

This is my 2nd post of the day so be sure to keep scrolling and check it out!  I have so much to blog about and am way behind!  I have so much to share with you!  So many products I have been testing out and finding!  It's so much fun!

But FIRST...more Florida photos!  This first one is a little cove of shops we found in downtown West Palm Beach.  I love the color of the paint and the windows were beautifully decorated.  We went on a Sunday morning and many of them were closed for the day or not open yet.
This gorgeous kitty seemed to set up shop nearby, too!  There was a cafe or two surrounding the cove and they had outside seating for it with fountains, palm trees, and statues! 

I just LOVED this cat - so cute and friendly!  It was mostly white but had a little bit of light brown on it's tail and face and his eyes were BLUE! 

If you have been a regular to my blog over the past month you can tell I really enjoyed the trip we took!  I'm so grateful I was able to go!  I think I was just as excited about the wonderful weather as I was about everything else since we had such a 'trying' winter. 

Here's a photo of downtown West Palm Beach during the walk we took that morning.  It was the PERFECT weather!  Sunshine with a bit of breeze! 

I've often commented on how much I LOVE Palm Trees and you can see many of them here in this photo as well!

The streets were so clean, too!  Yet another thing I noticed!  They surely take pride in their communities and business districts unlike some other places I have been.

And finally - I just had to share this last photo with you.  It was the bicycle rental area at The Breakers.  We didn't rent bikes but I thought it made for a neat photo! 

Also note the brick walkways underneath the tires!  Those were everywhere and quite picture-esque! 

In front of the bikes, here, there are MORE palm trees, and a little wooded area to keep this section separate from the golf course.  In the wooded area there was a basketball court off the the left and resident tortoises off the side as well.  I could see one in the house but not the other one...it must have been hiding or sleeping!  There was also a Barber Shop off to the side, too!


  1. Great pics, reminds me of our years in Florida. Palm Beach, Miami, and Key West are so fun to explore.

    1. When you were in Palm Beach did you visit The Breakers?