Monday, July 14, 2014

Foods Lately and Check-Ins

I know I haven't been posting a slew of stuff lately but I have been around and have been busy and do have a LOT to share with you! 

I'm waiting on a few things to fall into place before I post about a few other things.  Mostly good.

As for some other things that have been happening - my brother in law had part of his bowel removed but he's recovering nicely.  My husband has been having stomach issues, too, and they are 90% sure it's Crohn's.  We are just waiting for another test to come back.  His mother's Kidney Readings were high and she had went to a specialist today and they don't seem to be overly concerned about it but going to retest in 5 months. 

My foods have been very simple foods, raw foods, mono meals, and some comfort meals tied in, mostly for the last several weeks.  In the first photo you will see I did a Mason Jar Meal.  It turned out wonderful.  From top...marinated corn, peas and carrots, then seasoned chickpeas, and plain Quinoa on bottom.

One of the snacks I have been enjoying are kicked up Cashews which I have blogged about a few times before.  They are just as good as previous attempts.

Something I've been tinkering with and LOVING since I received it in my RawFoodWorld Shipment has been this Pistachio Pesto - OMG - it's marvelous!  I hope to do a full review on that soon but here's a little teaser of my first attempt with it...I simply added it to elbow macaroni.  I wanted to try it pretty plain-jane first to really taste the flavor - but this is a product I will re-order that is for sure - I absolutely LOVE it!

Another thing I have been enjoying from my shipment has been my new Bamboo Plate.  I plan on order one more of this size as well as 2 smaller ones.
 As you can see on the Bamboo Plate I have some peppy Guacamole that I threw together.  I used my Wildtree Gauc Blend in addition to a teaspoon of the Pistachio Pesto - I mentioned above.  For an extra kick...a bit of Sriracha Sauce!

As you can see here I have some gorgeous Cherry Tomatoes.  They are actually from my Tumbling Tom Tomato Plant which was in the form of a Hanging Basket.  I think I have gotten roughly 80 to 100 tomatoes from it so far and they are SO AMAZING!

Last week I couldn't resist purchasing these 4 quarts of Snap Peas with edible pods from our local produce stand which has recently changed hands.  I'm LOVING all of the new offerings and the friendly service.  Of course it helps that I know almost everyone in the large family that works there!

Yes!  You see that right!  4 quarts for $6.99 and they were GREAT!  I had large batches for snacks and mono meals PLUS I shared some with my parents as well as a friend AND brought the rest into work and about 4 of us gnawed on them for a few days!  While I was there I purchased some sweet cherries as well as some black berries which were top notch, too!

And FINALLY to round out this post - a funny photo of me eating this Oat Based Superfood Cereal.  I really liked it and reviewed it for the The Raw Food World NEWS Website and once it's up I will link to it so you can see the full review!

I've also reviewed a Kale Chip they offer so I will keep you posted about that as well!

So...what have you been up to lately!?


  1. Great eats, especially the pesto, it sounds amazing! Hope everything is going well!

    1. You'll have to check out the pesto! I think you will LOVE it! Things are going well here - I will be swinging by your place this evening :)

  2. Nice pictures. What have I been doing? Well, the garden is always needing attention. We have about an acre so it's been lots of gardening, hanging with my daughter, reading, crafting and spending time enjoying life. :)