Friday, July 18, 2014


Well, well, well! 
It's Friday!  I'm SO over this week and ready to move on to the weekend!  I'm officially declaring today FUN on a FRIDAY - day!  To share with you a few things WHY this Friday is so we go!  To start things off...I received another shipment from The Raw Food World today!  YAY!

As you can see I'm very excited about adding these raw food books to my growing collection!  Sometime this weekend I think I am going to have to start a new 'shelf or rack' for my Raw Food Books!  I wanted to get the 80/10/10 Book, too, but it was on back order.  I have two more on order in my next order thru them so I will let you know when I get those in!  As for other items in my last shipment you can see them on the left in this 2nd photo!  More snacks, dried foods, some Nutritional Yeast which is less expensive than I can buy it locally so I thought I would get some of that PLUS some Kale Chips - 3 different flavors...even...some freeze dried Jackfruit and Mangosteen!  YUM!  Some more nuts and such...and I got some chocolate items such as dark chocolate covered figs as well as Peppermint Mint Truffles which are AWESOME, btw!
Between this order and my next order I'm really totally restocking my pantry and shouldn't need anything for a good-long-while expect for FRESH Produce!  I am so blessed to be obtaining a lot of new-to-me foods, as well!  Down the road I might look into getting a Citrus Juicer.  I have my main juicer which is a Jack LaLanne Brand but I might upgrade or get an additional one at some point.  I want to get this Citrus Juicer as well.  My husband will start on a new diet down the road - hoping to reduce his Crohn's related issues and I know he likes orange juice but they don't want him consuming juice with a lot of pulp.

In with my shipments I have also been getting a few things to share with co-workers at work, my sister wanted some raw Cashews, and my Dad wanted some Dried Pineapple.  I thought I would try a 3 pack of these Air Therapy Sprays and keep one at work for our bathroom, too!  I love the way they all smell!  They are a convenience size, too!  In addition...I also bought some roll on pain reliever for my husband.

OH!!!!!  I'm going to a Wilson Phillips Concert tonight so I will be sure to blog more about that next week!  That's another reason today is a FUN FRIDAY!!!!!
We've also been having FUN with our Container Garden/Rooftop Garden.  The Spicy Mix and Sweet Mix Lettuces are doing awesomely!  We've had a lot of luck with both of those!  Our Sweet Basil is getting out of hand, too!  We transplanted 2 out of the 3 plants this past week. 

You can see here some of the lettuces that have flowered so I thought I would add them to the office.  They look nice, don't they!?  Even tho they are flowers from lettuce!?

But that's NOT all...I took pictures of those greens, too!  A HUGE bag full, actually!  Check this out...

It's almost a whole canvas bag full!

I have been doing a LOT of writing lately!  Even more than usual.  It's my busiest time of the year for commercial writing at work AND I've been going NUTS with the Raw Food World News Site, too!

I will do another post soon with some of my favorite posts and link to them for you!  I've done a few reviews as well!

So stay tuned for those!

What have you been up to!? 

What have you been writing about lately!? 

What new foods have you tried lately!?

Been to any concerts yet this summer?

What's the last fruit you ate!?


  1. What have you been up to!? I've been drinking a lot of tea lately. But that's nothing new for me.

    What have you been writing about lately!? Tea. I've been writing about tea. And tea flavored things like candy and cupcakes. If it's related to tea, I've probably been writing about it.

    What new foods have you tried lately!? I recently tried a chocolate coconut peanut butter from Wild Friends. Yum.

    Been to any concerts yet this summer? I went to my daughter's choir concert and her dance recital.

    What's the last fruit you ate!? I had watermelon this afternoon.

    1. YAY Tea!!!! That peanut butter sounds lovely! Kids concerts are great and I do remember my dancing years, too! FUN! Watermelon! LOVE LOVE LOVE Watermelon!

  2. Looks like a lot of good stuff here, I have the Ani Phyo book too, thanks for reminding me to dive into it again. :-) Keeping busy with work too here.

    1. I will probably get her other books, too! Just when I think about getting them I forget which one I actually bought already! I also want to get more of Matthew Kenney and next up I have two on my list for Phil McCluskey, too!

  3. I had raw fish (in today's post) but with all the lime juice added, I think the acidity would have cooked it already, not really raw anymore.

    1. I hope to post more raw vegan stuff here in the near future :)

  4. Oooer books! You said my favourite word :D There's a couple of titles in your photo that I've now added to my wish list, thank you!
    Lots of awesome goodies in those photos (and lots of stuff I wish we could get in Australia). I'm so jelly! Love this post :)

    1. Thanks! I hope to add more titles, soon, too! I think I might jump into one of them tonight :)