Monday, April 14, 2014

Colorful Weekend, Mason Jar Set, Red Pepper Tahini Dressing & Soup Recipes!

This past weekend was a CRAZY BUSY one...but in a good way!  This is my 2nd post for today - so - be sure to scroll down for the other one as to why half of the weekend was NUTS.

This post, however, will include some other things from the weekend.  As well as some items from last week - when I was under the weather.

First off - this selfie I took.  I'm trying to take some more of them because no one takes photos of me and I'm always behind  the photo while taking pics of groups, events, travel, and food.  I'm not very good at selfies but I'm trying!

The main reason for this one is to show off one of my new shirts I got this past weekend.  Yup!  I was able to go on a bit of a shopping spree for clothes, specifically.  I don't often do that but I was PAST Due for some clothes!  I've been pitching a lot of them but I will wear stuff until I literally am not able to any longer.  That and so many more of the clothes I had are 3 sizes too big!

One of the items I scored at Sam's Club a little over a week ago was this 6 piece Mason Jar Set.  I couldn't was calling to me!  You get all 6 glass mugs with handles, lids, straws, and burlap holder as you see here - but - it also comes with 6 additional straws (photo below).  These are heavy-duty reusable plastic straws.

Online this set is selling for $16.49, I think...but...for some reason I think I only paid $14 and some change for it.  I REALLY Love the way it bright and fun!  I can't wait to fill them with juices and smoothies!  Here's a pic of the orange one up close!  They are just too cute, aren't they!?
In food related news...

I made some home made raw vegan dressing and it turned out AWESOME!

And it only uses 3 ingredients!  Here's a quick recipe for you!

2 Sweet Red Bell Peppers
1/4 C Lemon Juice
3 T Tahini

I had a large salad last night with the dressing on it.  A few cups of various lettuces, shredded carrots, red cabbage, Green Peppers, Y.E.L.O. Tomatoes, and Hemp Seeds!

While I was eating it all I could think about was how flavorful it was and then I wondered if I could make a soup out of it.  So I did.

After using more than half of it as a dressing I then made a soup by adding the following...

2 T Minced Sun Dried Tomatoes & Garlic
1/4 C Basil

I have to say I was totally impressed with this flavor, too!

The addition of the garlic REALLY pumped it up!  The Sun Dried Tomatoes didn't hurt either.  It makes me want to do more raw(ish) soups VERY soon!


  1. Great pic, know what you mean about always being behind the camera - I just got into the habit of being the family photographer and always behind the camera.

    The jar set looks so fun! And great eats, lots of vibrant yellow.

    1. I've been into YELLOW foods lately! lol Guess I didn't realize that! HA! Thanks for the feedback on the selfie, mason jars, and foods!

  2. Your new shirt is gorgeous! You're beautiful Jennifer =)
    The mason jar set with matching straws and lids is super cute too! Good find.

    1. Awwww! Thanks :) I still have YET to use them but I do LOVE's been a strange week :)

  3. Your salad looks good. Love the orange colour.

    1. Thanks! I really LOVED the color of that dressing! So rich and vibrant! It really POPPED :)

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I love those cool and colorful mason jars! I would definitely enjoy using them! I am so glad you shared your latest healthy and delicious recipes and finds with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    1. Thanks so much! I do have some planned for this week, too!

  5. Great picture, love that color blue. Did you lose weight? I'm used to seeing you in baggy clothing. Nothing wrong with that, I do the same thing! When I wear something more fitted people ask me why I'm trying to lose weight, ha!

  6. Hiya! Thanks so much! Yes...I lost about 30 to 35 pounds overall. Most of my clothes are big for me because they are old clothes so with these new ones it looks WAY different! I lost 25 to 30 pounds within the first 6 months of dropping dairy. The last 5 to 10 pounds has been over the last 6 months to a year, maybe...I haven't been keeping track as much because I have been feeling so good, but I weighed myself at my parents house yesterday for the first time in months and lost up to 5 more pounds. I figure I have been fluctuating 3 to 5 pounds or so but I'm ok with that. I'm glad I lost the initial weight and have kept it off with little effort, really :) Now that spring is here and we have parking issues on the rise I just might start walking 2+ miles a day :) So it might be more! But I'm not really trying anymore...if it happens it happens if it doesn't it doesn't (more weight loss, I mean)

    Thanks again :)

    Yup! A lot of people have noticed around town...even tho the brunt of it was well over a year ago...perhaps I just haven't seen them since!!! teehee

    It IS nice to have check bones again...that's one thing I did notice in this pic :)

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