Friday, March 7, 2014

Rosemary Hemp Seed Pesto

A fairly brief post today - basically to share with you one of my new favorite sauces I made last night!  I think I will call it Rosemary Hemp Seed Pesto! 

In my Vitamix I put...
1 T Lemon Juice
1/3 C Hemp Seeds
1 T Grapeseed Oil
1 teaspoon of Rosemary
1/2 tea Turmeric
1/4 C Nutritional Yeast
1/4 C Onion Shoots (Sprouts from the tops of Onions)
Pinch of Cayene

* You could use Green Onions or Chives instead of the Onion Shoots, I suppose!

This turned out SUPER tasty!  Even better than I expected!  And surprise, surprise...I didn't even use Garlic!  That just might be a first!

I put this on the remaining Pasta-Oh's I've had for a while now...I finally finished them off!  YAY!  And I added a handful of Frozen Peas to it, too!

I did enjoy the hint of Cayenne in there and think I might add more next time because I enjoyed it so much!

This is a sauce or a Pesto-like alternative I can see myself making a lot of!  I really want to try it on Broccoli and/or Cauliflower!

Speaking of Roasted Coconut Curry Cauliflower was featured on Urban Naturale's Pot Luck Party from last week!   Thanks, girl!


  1. That looks great. I plan on making some type of veggie noodle dish within the week. I most likely will swap to all raw once things are ready to pick in the garden. I already feel great with my whole food lifestyle, but will admit when I was raw for a year that took put me on an entirely different plane, loved it!

    1. I'm going to start doing more mono meals soon, too, I think :) Well, that and more raw :)

  2. The sauce sounds wonderful and looks amazing! And congrats on your cauliflower recipe getting featured, that's great!

    1. Thanks so much :)
      I'm going to be making more sauces and dressings OFTEN :)

  3. Mmmm rosemary pesto sounds really tasty! And oh my goodness, your pasta-o's look so fun!!

    1. Funny thing...I bought these O's a while back on sale...the only reason I bought them and they lasted FOREVER...finally finished them up! I've been craving Pesto so I might have to do this again soon! Thanks!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I'm delighted that you shared your delectable recipe for Rosemary Hemp Seed Pesto. It's amazing how indispensable a VitaMix can be.I can't wait to try this and other yummy recipes on your blog.

    Thank you so much for sharing this healthy and delicious recipe on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    1. I would like to try this again as the base and add some Sun Dried Tomatoes to it too!

      Thanks - as always - for your feedback and encouragement!