Saturday, March 1, 2014

Peppy Peppers! But Just As Sweet!

If you can scroll down you can see I have already blabbed about my hopes and dreams regarding tomatoes this I am going on and on about Peppers!  Today is Sweet Pepper Day - I will chat about Hot Peppers at another time.

First up...Pepper, Alma Paprika - (Capsicum annuum) Highly productive plants are loaded with thick walled cherry-type peppers. One of the best varieties for drying and grinding for paprika, or for fresh eating. Ripens from cream-white to orange to red. 70-80 days from transplant. MILDLY PEPPERY AND VERY SWEET.

I liked this Pepper not only because it was peppery and sweet but because of the various colors AND because they are good for drying and grinding and a HIGHLY productive!

Next up...Pepper, Miniature Chocolate Bell - (Capsicum annuum) Short, stocky plants covered with lovely 2" long miniature bell peppers with an excellent fresh flavor. Family heirloom from Ohio SSE member, Lucina Cress. She stuffed these peppers with cabbage, pickled and canned them, and then sold them at her church fundraiser. Great for salads. 90 days from transplant. SWEET.

This - I chose - because I have been wanting to try Chocolate Peppers.  I ALMOST bought a start plant a few years ago and always regretted NOT buying it so I figured I would try and make it happen this year.  They say they are good for Stuffed Peppers as well as pickling and canning...PLUS...Great for Salads!  That's what I will use them most for - that and snacking!
Pepper, Sheepnose Pimento Organic - (Capsicum annuum) Tomato-type peppers are exceedingly flavorful with sweet juicy flesh. Very meaty, good for canning. An Ohio heirloom from the family of Nick Rini. Keeps for an extended period when refrigerated. 70-80 days from transplant. SWEET.

I thought I would look for a different sort of a red pepper that was sweet and found this one!  I also thought it was GREAT that they keep for an extended period when refrigerated!   I'm looking forward to these!

These can all be found over at Seed Saver Exchange.  I LOVE what they have to offer - I like the history behind them - and as a BEGINNER at gardening I appreciate that they have step-by-step directions for each of their offerings!


  1. Awesome post on peppers. We tried growing a few too, hubby usually picks the hot kind and discovered they aren't so hot if over watered and not getting full sun.

    1. We will also have at least 4 hot peppers we will be doing! I hope to post about those down the road too!

  2. Oooh let us know how the chocolate peppers are!!!

    1. I hope everything grows and I am able to! LOL