Sunday, March 2, 2014

Books On My Wishlist

I have been eye-balling some books that I wouldn't mind having lately.  Here are some of them...and why I'm interested in them!

Color Me Vegan!  While I was researching High Fiber - Low or No Dairy prior to switching to NO DAIRY completely I started searching High Fiber Vegan dishes specifically.  I think this book is what I was looking for back then!  I'm also assuming that this book concentrates on colorful plant-based foods and I like that.  The more color in our foods the BETTER!  The more I thumb thru the preview pages on Amazon the more interested I am.  This book certainly tops my list of books to possibly purchase in the next year.

I don't BUY a lot of books.  But I have acquired a nice collection of vegetarian cookbooks over the years - mostly because of various book sales or people just giving them to me.  PLUS I have won a few of them as well.

When I saw this book - it made me think of BUYING again!  The Great Vegan Bean Book.  Well, since I eat vegan and I do eat a lot of beans this book seemed right up my alley!  One of the MANY things that intrigued me about this one is they have a section of "Breakfast Beans" recipes!  I LOVE that idea!  I'm not usually one for 'sweets' but I have seen more and more dessert items that use beans in them and that makes me want to learn more. can never have too many Dips and Spreads in my opinion!

This next book I'm interested in primarily because of WHO is behind it!  Isa Chandra Moskowitz!  I've enjoyed all of the books I have ever gotten my hands on that she's done...whether I borrowed it or added it to my collection.  I also try and follow her online whenever I can find her!  She seems to have a brilliant mind when it comes to vegan food!

I'm looking into some of the soups and also more tempeh dishes and I think this book will provide some wonderful flavors as well as present them in a funky and fresh way!

 I found that this next book was very realistic for today's society!  There are TONS of households - including my own - where at least one person is vegetarian and/or vegan - but not everyone is - or very far from it.

I know of several fellow veg*ns that wouldn't dream of sharing a kitchen or even a household with someone who doesn't share the same diet as them - but - I know this isn't a perfect world.  And eventho I haven't even picked this book up yet - I have a feeling that it's digging deep into that subject matter - but more importantly celebrating good-filling-hearty foods that 'just happened to be' VEGAN.
I'm not going to lie...prior to FINALLY taking the leap to vegan eating...I was a Cheese Freak.  I liked IT but IT didn't like me.  I FINALLY got WISE...took me long enough, eh!?

Well, this book is screaming to me...literally SCREAMING!  Another Vegan Cheese type cookbook I always wanted since I saw it was Vegan Artisan Cheese but STILL haven't purchased it!  DRAT!

Yes...this is my wishlist and I'm sure I will not even scratch the surface, but, a girl can dream, can't she!?

And to close this list out...Fusion Food In The Vegan Kitchen.  Why!?  Why NOT!?  Seriously, tho, WHY!?  Well, you know me...I want to try as many world foods as possible and I think this book will help me do it - vegan-style!

The description says...vegan recipes that blend Indian, Mexican, Korean, Filipino, and other international flavors!

All the reviews I have read have had ALL stars as well as detailed and positive reviews!  Just might have to seek this one out and soon!

Which newer books are on your Wish List?


  1. The great vegan bean book is also on my wish list - I have seen a few recipes from it and it looks fantastic! :-)

    1. I'd love to hear more about the others on your wishlist as well!

  2. This is a great group to put on my list! Thank you for the suggestions!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! What are some of the books you have on your wishlist?

  3. Great list, I've had Isa's book on my wish list for awhile now, it's getting great buzz. Ugh, I need more time to read the books I have. :-)

    1. I'm still envious of your Christmas Cookbook Haul! LOL