Monday, September 9, 2013

Vegan MoFo ~ Vegan Fried Green Tomatoes & Sauce, Sweet & Spicy Vegg Fried Rice, Chai Spices, & Furkids

Happy Monday!  I will have multiple posts today as it was a VERY busy weekend but quite fun as well!  Here is the first of a few posts! 

Friday Night after work I decided to go get some Avocados at Aldi's (the best place to buy Avocado where I live - the freshest and the best price!)  My sister wanted me to make Avocado Hummus for our Wildtree Event on Saturday.  So I did just that.  I also bought some white rice.  I didn't have any at home.  I usually use other rices - other than white rice - but once and a while I will use it - but didn't have any in my stash! I do!

After buying just those three items I decided to go to The Hatch Patch - a local produce stand here in town.  I ended up buying 2 nice sized Green Tomatoes!  I have to admit I didn't grow up on Green Tomatoes!  My parents were into various Red Tomatoes but not green.  My husband LOVES Green Tomatoes.  He grew up with them.  The funniest part is - Hubby wasn't home most of this weekend and I ended up making these for myself!  I think I have only ever had Fried Green Tomatoes maybe 2 or 3 times in my life.  I guess I was feeling adventurous!

Anyhow...I made these Vegan Fried Green Tomatoes!  Here is what I used to make them!

2 Green Tomatoes
Vegg - the equiv of 4 to 6 'eggs'
Vegan Bread Crumbs
About 4 T Wildtree Tzatziki Seasoning/Blend
Wildtree "Tuscan" Grapeseed Dipping Oil for pan frying

Many of you know I am a 'sauce' person so I wanted something to drizzle over top and/or use for dipping so I made this for them and it turned out pretty good - however - it made WAY too much - so I won't put the measurements here but will put the ingredients incase you would like to tinker with it a bit.

I used...
Vegan Mayo (like Veganese)
Frank's Hot Suace (or any other Hot Sauce)

 Since I used slices of Green Tomatoes for the Fried Green Tomatoes I had some 'tops' left and didn't want them to go to waste so I decided to do a "leftovers" type of Vegg Fried Rice again. 

I did try and use the left over "Vegg" mixture and try and 'fluff it up' to mock 'scrambled eggs' but it didn't work so hot. 

So what I did was throw in the rest of the Green Tomatoes - diced - in with a half of green pepper, a half of a Scallion, some white Rice, and 2 Table spoons of Tomatoes soaked in Green Chilies. 

I then pan-fried until gently brown.  It turned out really good and I liked the sweet of the tomatoes and the spicy of the tomato/chili combo.

Speaking of SPICY...I received some Chico Chai Products I will be sampling and reviewing over at Sororitea Sisters at some point.  Here is a bit of their Original Chai.  I just really liked how it looked in the picture so I thought I would share it with you!

I've grown to LOVE Chai!  The spices are quite good for you and have healing and in some cause detoxifying properties.  But I will get into that another time.

I drink various types of tea thru-out the day! 

It's been a while since I posted a Furkid Photo.  Friday Night the 'kids' were sacked-out.  Paco and Suzie snuggled up with each other on my lap on the sofa.

Prior to taking this photo I cleaned Paco's eyes with Tear Wipes.  I'm trying to use the rest of the wipes I have and will NOT be buying them again.  I don't care for them.  Yes, they are gentle, and Paco doesn't seem to mind them but I think there is a better way and a better product out there.  I don't think the ones I am using are working very well.  There is a product I have had my eye on over at my local herb store - I am not sure on the name but I am thinking I might try that next time.  I believe it has a bit of Neem Oil in it.

I have lots more to share today so please visit back later as I will probably have another post or two up by then with more happenings from the weekend!  In the meantime...let me know how your weekend was!


  1. Aldis sell avocado? I'll have to check out the location where I live. The fried tomatoes look great. I haven't made those in a long time. Perhaps I'll add that to an upcoming meal, well that will most likely have to wait until the fasting has ended.

    I use soft cloths to wash out our furbabies eyes. I toss them in the wash when they get dirty and reuse. :)

    1. Yup! MOST weeks they have them at my local Aldi! This week was the highest I have seen their prices on them but they were still only 68 cents each. If I buy them at our other two stores here they have been averaging $1.50+ a piece! I have seen them as low as 48 cents each at Aldi's in the past, tho!

      Thanks for the feedback on the Fried Green Tomatoes :) Let me know if you try them down the road :)

      What do you use for the 'wash' part?

    2. I use water and lavender essential oil. I made a essential oil blend specifically for them. It's about 4-6 drops in 8 ounces of water. I blend my oils with whatever liquids I mix with my blends. Or you could use herbal tea.

    3. Lavender Herbal Tea? I might have to try that! is that good for stain removal, too!?

      Thanks Opal!

  2. Sounds like a GREAT weekend - I love Aldis, white rice, avocadoes AND Fried Green Tomatoes ( I didn't grow up on them, either, but they're yummy : )

    1. Thanks! It was a nice one! I have one more post for later today about other weekend happenings, too!

  3. That sure looks good. Bet it went superbly well with the sauce. Ah! Fried rice - I'd love that! LOL!!!

    1. Thanks! I was pretty thrilled with this attempt (because I don't consider myself a cook!) LOL

      The rice was nice, too!

  4. 'Ya know, I don't think I've ever bought green tomatoes (unless you count green tomatillos). I should try finding them... I'm pretty sure I've never seen them, but I'll look harder.
    Your food looks dee-licious as always and I love how you managed to use the tomato tops =)

    1. I think they are more popular in the south. I've always been a "Yankee" - a northern girl...but I think with more and more people moving and shifting and such they take their favorites with them. I think more small farmers are getting into more things as well. I was a little surprised to see them but glad I found them!

  5. I think that I had fried green tomatoes once and I loved them! I also did not grow up on green tomatoes. Have you tried the pickled green tomatoes. Delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    1. I haven't tried pickled green tomatoes but they sound interesting. This past weekend I tried pickled garlic and pickled leeks for the first time and really liked them!

  6. Everything looks great, I'm a sauce girl too. :-) Fried green tomatoes are fun, I need to experiment with more vegan versions.

    1. We are just two wild and 'saucy' veggie girls! lol