Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More From Fair Week, Kitchen Duty & Volunteering, Paco's Pleased!

I know I am hopping all around with these posts but I am trying to pair them together a bit so I don't have 84 different random posts!  HA!

First off...more from Fair Week!  Like I said - last week was NUTS - but flew by!  This year our Radio Booth was by-far the BEST Set-up for the Remotes that we have every had there and we've been there for roughly 30 years broadcasting.  We partnered with the WCCBI (the Chamber in our county) and they let us use their Events Trailer!

One of the other things I do during Fair Week is volunteer!  I try and see 'what I can do where' and end up in at least 1 kitchen that week.  I've usually been in the Cafe/Kitchen in the center of the action.  It's fun and can get VERY busy!  When customers purchase food and beverage from these kitchens and cafes the money goes directly to the fair, their grounds, and future events!  Saturday I worked 2 to 6 in the Cafe and then rode over via golf cart to work at the Track Kitchen from 6 until about 10:30 or so.  This year was the first time I have been asked to work the Track Kitchen.  It was fun but WAY different than the Cafe Kitchen.  When you get really busy is when it gets FUN and bit SILLY.  During my time at the Cafe one of the other volunteers had to grab the chilli for the Chilli Dogs and 7 of us were trying to search HI and LO for the Can Opener!  We couldn't find it but we came across another one that NO ONE could figure out how to use or make it function!  Long story short - we had a good laugh about it - eventually we called for 'back-up' and got the can open!  So this is a 'funny-ha-ha photo' of that "Can Opener Incident".  Another funny thing that happened but at the Track Kitchen was at the very END of the night - after the races - MUD flew randomly THRU the windows and got caked-on the outer cooler glass doors.  Of course we closed after that and cleaned it up right away but it was funny to see!
 The Furkids are very happy to see Fair Week come to an end because that means their lazy evenings with 'mom and dad' are 'back to normal'.  I totally LOVE it when they snuggle with us and BOY oh BOY have they been!

I mean, LOOK at these photo's of PACO!  This first one was at the end of last week.  I tried staying up to about 2 or 2:30am to spend time with them so my sleep pattern was pretty screwy all week!

Then over the weekend Paco decided to start playing with his one blanket again after a few weeks of 'play-hiatus', that is.

He's also started to play with SOCKS again!  This cracks me up because he flings them all over the Living Room!

Suzie and Riley have been stuck to me like glue as well.  I'm not going to lie!  I LOVE IT!

Gabby and Charlie have been happy in their own way, too!

As Dale says...

Paco's Our Special Boy!

But then again...aren't they all!?

I still have Concert Photos and a Post from Bluegrass Night last week, too!  AND...a few furry and feathery friends from the barn area as well.

Between Fair Week and the posts OPAL has been posting lately about her two new Bunnies - I'm thinking about adopting one in the future but want to educate myself, more, first!


  1. Wow girl you put in a lot of hours! Paco is so adorable. Does he like baths?

    1. We did 10 remotes in 5 days! 6a-9a AND 1p-5p M-F last week! I can to work early then when to the fair to help with the afternoon remotes and schedule the interviews! I then was involved in all of the concert stuff for Meet and greets and helped Dale with his fair board stuff as much as I could AND a few others things to help with the other board ppl.

      Paco isn't too bad for bath's! He's MUCH better than Suzie and Riley! I usually do his bath's in our one sink :) Suzie I do in the tub and Riley I take to the Doggie Wash! :)

  2. Oooo...a radio booth! I remember those during the local fun fairs when I was young - I would hang around those and ask for songs to be played for friends...not so much for that purpose but for the thrill of hearing my own name announced. Cheap thrill! LOL!!!

    1. I've been in Radio Full Time since 1999! :) LOVE Radio!

  3. Wow, what a long and crazy week! The Paco pics are so cute, what a sweetie!

    1. Thanks :)
      It was a BUSY but FUN week! And this week flew by as well!!! WOWZA!

  4. You keep super busy - wow! I like that you find time to volunteer, that's so great of you!
    Paco is simply adorable.

    1. I really need to do more volunteering! I miss it :)