Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bunnies & Birds

As you can see I'm still trying to catch up on posts from last week's Fair Week!

This year I spent a little bit of time in the barns but wasn't able to get many photos.  I was able to form a friendship with at least 1 of the sheep but the barn I had the most fun in while I was there was in the Combo Barn with the Bunnies and "Poultry".  They used to call it the Chicken Barn but it has more than 'just chickens' in there now.  They have chickens, hens, roosters, swans, ducks, etc.

Between seeing these sweeties at the Fair and reading all of Opal's posts about her furbabies lately I have been considering adopting a Bunny.  I don't think this will be something that will happen right away, however.  First, I want to educate myself quite a bit as I have never had a Bunny before and want to be sure I know more before I jump into it.  I want to be a good "furmama" to them, of course.  I am learning a lot from Opal.  I always learn a lot from her.  She's a wonderful person and always willing to help fill my head with knowledge!  I also want it to the be 'right' situation for both the bunny AND our household.  I want to make sure we have nice living quarters for them before we adopt I don't want to run out and 'get' just 'any' bunny.  I would like to look for a rescue or adoption that NEEDS a home. 

As for these photos...the first one I couldn't resist taking the photo - they were babies!  And LOOK at their markings!  How glorious!  This next lil guy was so sweet, too!  I tried to snap the photo when he was looking at me because his eyes were so adorable paired with his droopy ears!  But he moved a bit too quick!  And this last one was SO HUGE!  But he was VERY friendly and quite calm, cool, and collected!

All of them were amazing but I only got to take a few photos of a couple of them!

Speaking of Friendly Creatures - I saw this one and couldn't help myself either!  I spent a good 5 to 10 minutes with this beauty. 

This one really liked to interact with the passerby's!  Vocal, but not TOO vocal and 'strolled' with me back and forth as I walked by.

The one sheep I mentioned at the beginning of this post was like that, too!


  1. Thanks for the kind remarks. Aren't those bunnies adorable. I've found rabbits to be one of the cleanest animals I've had. I've had quite a variety. They're usually easy to litter box train since they prefer dropping their pellets in one area. Both of our rabbits like to move things about in their home. I know better than to rearrange those items. Small boxes I put inside their large cage in case they want additional privacy.

    That's the smart thing to do, read up on the animal that interests you and then make a decision. Lop bunnies are so adorable with their droppy ears. :) It's so cute watching them groom their long ears.

    I love how the chicken is looking at you. It brings back fond memories of the ones we had as a child. The most we had were 75. They were raised for their eggs and meat, although a few ended up as pets. :

    1. I like the idea of the boxes for play and privacy! Just cardboard ones? Do they chew on them? Are small amount of cardboard ok if they happen to eat - of course I would keep an EYE on them as well, but if they were to get a hold of a few bites?

      A friend of mine in High School had around 80 (Chickens) and they converted their garage into their living quarters!~

    2. Small boxes are fine. I'll have to post pictures of what I use. I've been getting a few things from Amazon so I've been using those. They don't have that much ink on them so I'm not worried about them chewing up all those chemicals. It's a great idea to keep something in their home. It's cute to watch them go into a tiny home within their home.

      For flooring, I use big terry towels. I pick them up in the morning and toss them into the washer (after shaking it out to get stray pellets.) Makes keeping their home so much easier to clean.

      Rabbits teeth are always growing, so they need to keep them filed. When Oreo when in for her spay surgery they had to file her teeth, which means her last owner didn't have something for her to chew. Gracie should be fine since she's only about nine weeks old. A, her temporary rescue mom, had given her things to chew on also.

    3. Oh! That would be great if you could post what you use! Thanks!

      Good to know about the teeth, too! thanks! I will certainly keep that in mind :)

  2. Got your bunny yet? Bet you would have great times together.

    1. It might be a while but I hope to in the future! I really would like to add one to our family!

  3. Bunnies are fun, we had them growing up and the poo is great for garden fertilizer. :-) I wouldn't mind having more, but we have a full house now.

    1. You certainly have your hands full but you are also angels for helping Skipper! He's so lucky to have found you guys!