Friday, July 26, 2013

Product Reviews: SunRidge Farms Wasabi Tamari Almonds & Barre's Ballerina Spirulina

A while back I started chomping on these and have been taking my time with them because of the dental issues I have been faced with lately.  Also...taking my time because they are VERY FLAVORFUL and VERY FILLING!  SunRidge Farms offers lots of different things and I have been enjoying a few of them the last few months!

The Almonds - themselves - were darn tasty - but the Tamari and Wasabi flavor combo packed a powerful punch and had me coming back for more! 

The ingredients in the flavoring consisted of wheat, salt, soybeans for the Tamari Sauce and the Wasabi Spice was made up of salt, rice flour, can juice, onion powder, spices, horseradish powder, yeast, parsley, and garlic powder.  There was a small amount of Canola Oil in it, too.

One of my FAVORITE things about SunRidge Farms Company is their GREEN Commitment!  Of course all of their efforts are wonderful but one thing I think is REALLY great for more than being "Green" is that they have an incentive for their employees who Bike-To-Work.  They pay them $5 per day to do so!  Isn't that AWESOME?  I wish MY company did something like that!  Not only is that good for the environment and your health - it's good for your pocketbook, too!  

This is certainly a snack I would buy every once and a while especially for hiking and traveling as well as adding to other foods for a kick.

Speaking of snacks I might splurge on every once and a while if I didn't have anything on hand...

Barre Bars!  I reviewed one a while back and thought I would tell you about another one I have been able to try.

First...I LOVE the play on words with the name of this bar!  As you can see - it's a dark mossy green color thanks to the Spirulina and the small seeds do 'wonders' for texture!

This bar is 'grainy-er' on the tongue than the other bars from Barre but it's NOT dry.  It's extremely sweet and has a good amount of moisture!  I found this to be completely satisfying and filling...not to mention TASTY!


  1. Thanks for the reviews, the almonds look delicious!

    1. I have a few other snacks of theirs I have been tinkering with, too! I might have to add them to something as they are an unusual flavor for me but love what they put into them - offering something outside of the box, if you know what I mean!

  2. Oh I love Sunridge stuff - it's so good. I have to admit, I have no desire to try the wasabi almonds haha ;p But I love lots of their other stuff.
    I can't believe they pay their employees to bike to work, that is just awesome!
    I'll check out the Barre's - they sound good!

    1. I know it! That was VERY impressive they do that! That would REALLY add up overtime and would be a pay raise in itself! I wish ever company would have incentives like that!