Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Recap, A Very Special Benefit Fundraiser, Groceries

(I meant to post this yesterday but I was interrupted more than once! LOL)

A little recap of my weekend...Friday Night my husband and I met up with my mom and dad for dinner for Fathers Day.  We went to a local golf club/restaurant that I have posted about before.  I again had their salad bar but didn't partake in an adult beverage like I had hoped.  My one wisdom tooth was REALLY giving me some troubles and it got worse the later in the evening it got!  I thought for sure I was going to wake up with an infection there but somehow beat it!  Thank GOD!

Saturday I sort of slept in a bit.  Since I was running behind that morning I wasn't able to attend our Farmers Market but that's ok because we still don't have all that much local produce ready in our area.

These photos are from the Benefit/Fundraiser for Melissa.  I've blogged about her and her (lost) battle with cancer the last  couple weeks.  With all of the medical bills piling up and her family still 'with us' they followed thru with the fundraiser to help with those costs.  It was the most amazing turn out I have ever seen!  As soon as you walked into the fire hall I saw over 400 'bags' for the Chinese Auction - every kind of themed basket you can think of as well as gift cards and gift certificates!  My sister and I had fun looking thru all of them!  We dropped our tickets into many of them.  We also donated $88 dollars worth of Wildtree for a Basket as well!  There were a lot of people who put their tickets in the Widtree one which was nice!  Megan and I won a few things!  The wooden statue with the ivy and bunnies on it we gave to our mom/dad for their front yard!  The Margarita Basket was cool, too, my mom got a lot of the mixes and I got the salsa and corn chips.  We divvied the Sombrero's, etc.  There was also a tea basket that I took most of the contents - suggested by my sister.  They did various 50/50s, a Chicken BBQ - of course I didn't partake, they sold t-shirts and cups in her memory, they had a beer garden, they had special prize/auctions, a LIVE Auction, chance/drawings, and a Cornhole Tournament.  Incase you are not familiar with the game of Cornhole (I know I sure wasn't up until a few years ago!)  It's basically a lawn game played with bean bags and raised platforms.  You try and throw the bean bags into the platform hole.  In the first group of pictures you can see a few outdoorsy-photos with people playing the game.  It's a BIG thing around here and people make and purchase custom Cornhole 'Boards' or Platforms.  I have to say I am super excited about the handmade heavy duty cutting board I won, too!  It's pictured in clear wrapping above - my sister got the big one and I got the smaller one but the small one is still a good size.  I have already used it several times.  The wooden hearts are hand made towel holders, too!  In the LIVE auction my father bid and won 4 rounds of golf at a local golf course - he was super excited about that as well!  He then won this HUGE Purple Hanging Basket for my mom - it was the size of at least 3 Hanging Baskets!!!  It was gorgeous!  There was a couple of signed NASCAR plates that weren't getting many bids so I told him to go for them and we would send them to my cousin and her husband in TN - they have a HUGE room filled with Racing Stuff!!!  It was a really nice day!  I wish I could have shook the hand of each one of the volunteers because they did an AMAZING job!

YES!  I shop at Aldi!  I wanted to go to Wegman's but didn't have time on Sunday but I always like to stop in at Aldi and check out the deals!  In our Aldi's Store - they unload the truck and put all the produce out RIGHT AWAY - there is NO back room for that so we are getting it right off the truck.  I know it's not as good as your local farmers but we still have very little local an fresh produce here - especially for the fruits and veggies you cannot grow in our area, ya know?  So, anyways, we did our shopping there on Sunday and I stocked up on some stuff!  I have noticed more and more Organic labeled items in our Aldi's as well!  That makes me VERY happy!  You will be seeing some of my new creations very soon!

How was your weekend?


  1. I remember when you posted about your friend. I know it has to be a tough time for all her loved ones. I'll definitely keep you all in my prayers. It sounds like there was a nice turnout for the fundraiser. That's awesome!

    1. Yes, indeed! Her family is so young! Even her parents are still young! It's been very hard on them all but they are handling it far better than I ever would!

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend and successful fundraiser. I'm already looking forward to our next weekend here. :-)