Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Shout-Outs, Mini-Goals, Product Reviews

Hello everyone!  I will have multiple posts again, today!  First off I want to do a few random shout outs!  I was looking at my stats and I was so happy to see people from all over the world swing by!  Of course people here in the US - but also people from: Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Malaysia the last few days!  If you are stopping by from one of these countries let me know!  Also...if your country is NOT listed here - let me know about it, too!  Ever since I was in middle school I have loved hearing from people all over the world!  I had over 120 pen pals from over 40 countries!  I think the art of letter writing and snail mail is becoming extinct.  I'm thinking about starting it up again.  Another thing I noticed while looking at my stats I have been getting visitors from various sites but I want to do a little shout-out to these top 3 today!  Special Thanks to those visiting from: Peas & Crayons, I'm Celebrating Life, and The Charm Of Home.  Let me know if you are from one of these sites or have been referred by another site!  I would like to stop by their place and thank them!  And finally...here are my top 3 'search phrases'.  Thanks to those who have come across my blog via a search engine!  I was very excited to see these three phrases pop-up: "Vegan Mason Jar Meals", "Norway Vegan Recipes", and "Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Recipes".  Which brings me to my next topic!  My near-future mini-goals!  I'm going to set some mini-goals for myself based on these three searches!  I want to provide more Vegan Mason Jar Meals!  I have been chatting with a friend about this.  She isn't vegan but also wanted to see more ideas on my blog.  I also want to prepared these for lunches as well as consume more of them!  When I was doing Vegan Foods from around the world I tried to do a Norwegian Foods week as I have Norwegian roots in my family tree.  I will say it was a little hard to find vegan Norwegian foods but I am going to try and shoot for more!  I might even start trying to bake!  I know there are some Norwegian Cookies I have been wanting to try.  But I am NOT a good baker at all!  I have been avoiding it after many failed attempts!  And since I am originally from Buffalo I like to incorporate Buffalo Flavors or Spicier things into my foods.  I'm going to continue to try and do Buffalo Inspired Vegan Flavors and foods!  If you have any suggestions - please let me know!

I have now tried all 3 of these Defender Meal Bars from Core and I really enjoyed all of them!  I actually ate the 3rd one long ago and took notes for a later post.  The last one I tried was the Walnut Banana flavor.  Many of you know I HATE Bananas and I was sort of afraid to try this one!  BUT...keep reading...this was DARNED TASTY!  I didn't think this one was in-tact as much as the other two were - it fell apart a little easier than the others did.  I'm not saying that is good, bad, or indifferent, it's just something I noticed.  The dates and walnuts offset the banana so it wasn't 'all about the banana'...and that I appreciated.  The spices were similar to Banana Nut Bread...subtle and not overpowering.  It had a slight raisin after-taste that was nice and sweet!  The texture was a bit flakier and grainer than the others but it all worked out really well and the product was top-notch!  I still can't believe how filling these are!  They really ARE a full meal!  WOW!

Another thing I wanted to share with you in this post is my NEW LOVE for Antho.  This will be the first of a few product reviews for them!  I LOVE this company!  I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by it's cover by they had me at first glance!  Their website is beautiful!  Do check it out!  Their products are truly natural and pure, effective, eco-friendly, Made in the USA, and vegan!  Their creams are only made from unrefined, raw, organic oil!  They sell Body Butters, Oils, Bath Salts, Soaps, Shower Gels, Body Scrubs, Deodorants, Face Moisturizers, Cleansers and Toners, Masks and Scrubs!  They also have Scent Inspirations, Gift Boxes, Organic Gourmet, plus items for your home like Soy Candles, Laundry, and Home Fragrance products!  I LOVE their packaging, their bottles and jars, their labels!  Everything is really lovely!
 I'm so very excited about this product, specifically!  A few months ago I had a callus on my left hand on the inside by my first two knuckles and it was the only place on my hands that was dry.  I started using their Raspberry and Mint Hand and Body Butter and within 3 days it was 'back to normal'.  It was AMAZING!  I was overjoyed with the outcome!  I have been using it on and off for about 2 or 3 months now and I have only used a VERY little bit!  You can see in this photo it's barely 'touched'.  The jar is 4 ounces and I have almost all of it left!  This is going to last me for a good, long while!  I'm VERY happy about that because it WORKS and because it smells awesome!  I'm a fan of anything MINT but I loved that they did a Raspberry/Mint Combo!  It creates a scent of its own!  It's priced at $18.50 on their website but this product will certainly go a long way!  Totally worth it!  I think I will leave you guys with this info below and do another blog post later today because I kind of rambled a bit here - but - when I find things I am excited about - I just feel compelled to share it with the world! 

Here is a little bit more about this specific product that is listed on their website:

Raspberry Mint - Organic Body Butter

Why it is better: 
  • 99% USDA certified organic ingredients – extra high organic content 
  • Scented with premium, therapeutic grade USDA certified organic essential oils 
  • Synthetics & Preservative Free 
  • Anti aging, nourishing & moisturizing for all skin types, especially dehydrated, damaged skin 
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free 
  • Creamy, smooth, alluring texture 
  • A little goes a very long way and saves you money! 
  • Stylish dark amber apothecary glass with elegant silver metal cap – to protect the precious cream from light and keep it fresh for a long time 
  • Deliciously sweet raspberry aroma
4oz/120 ml


  1. The nuts look yummy. I love eating raw nuts, but can't eat too much since too much makes me sleepy. Oh that's nice that you received some traffic from my site.

    You've got to love handcrafted products. I've been making my own products for several years. I don't think I'll ever go back to purchasing skin care products from the store. Mine are much better without the added junk that my body doesn't need. Next week, my daughter and I are making another large batch of soap.

    1. Thanks! Yes! I usually do get visitors from your site! Thanks so much!!!! :) LOVE it! Keep 'em comin'! teehee

      I have a few other products from Antho that I still need to 'put thru the paces' but I truly can't say enough about this specific one - I LOVE it!

      I can't wait to hear about you and your daughters soup making adventures :) Sounds like quality mother-daughter time!!!!

    2. We like making soap, I make large batches a few times yearly. My daughter adores the handmade soap and skin care products I make and so do those I give them too.

    3. What are your favorite aromas when it comes to soaps? What about your daughters favorites?

  2. Wow - that's so awesome to have all of those people checking out your blog =)
    I haven't tried those Core bars yet - they are on my to-try list though.
    Oh and I love body butter! I will have to check that out for sure!

    1. Hiya! Always LOVE it when you stop by!!! Thank you! Those Core Bars are good ones :) They are completely FRESH so they say to refrigerator or freeze until you are ready to eat them and they are perishable :)

      I was thinking about ordering one of the other Body Butters from them but this is going to last me a while...so...instead I might try one of the deodorants or oils!

  3. Very cool on the blog traffic! And I'm very curious on the Core bars, looks good for traveling.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised with these CORE Bars! They were quite filling and surely lived up to their name and purpose!