Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blissful, Kid Time, Great Northern Beans

Yesterday was a HAIR UP sort of day!  You pays off to be a packrat, sometimes, too!  I kept this shirt from YEARS and YEARS ago and since losing some weight it looks much better on me so I am wearing it more!  I've also noticed my eyes becoming a richer BLUE since dropping dairy, too!  BUT...the most important part is that my digestion is the BEST it's been in my WHOLE LIFE even as a baby - so my mother tells me! 

I'm in desperate need of a hair appointment and I have been putting it off for MONTHS.  NO...I'm NOT getting it cut!  My Hippie Hair will stay! :)

You have probably seen my "Truly Blissful" One Stroke Painted Sign in the background of some of my photos - especially the ones of the dogs!  Well, I have been messing around with some photo editing options and came up with this.  I'm thinking about incorporating it into my blog, somehow.  Maybe a Banner - down the road.  YEARS ago the sign was created by a local painter and crafter.  She made it for our candle kiosk - back in the day.  Of course, we haven't sold candles in YEARS!  But I have always kept the sign and it's been a part of our home ever since.  When my grandmother was a live her and I took One Stroke Painting Classes from her, too!  After my grandmother passed away (in 2006) the artist/teacher "Sandy" told me that my grandmother was her favorite student.  My grandmother had arthritis but certainly tried her best and was proud of what she was able to create when we took those classes together!  It was so fun to see that in her!  Pardon the walk down memory lane, there, no real reason to that story, but I wanted to share!

Since I was gone over the weekend - my husband was home with 'the kids'.  Monday and Tuesday Night I spent the whole evening(s) with them and I think they liked it.  Tuesday Night Paco was a little hell-raiser while my husband was still awake...he was quite the busy-body! soon as he went to bed the 'kids' were on their BEST behavior with MOM.  I LOVE it when they are like that!  I really think Paco likes the new ukelele, too!  Everytime I take it out to learn a song or play along with a song on YouTube he stops what he is doing and listens.

It's been cooler lately, but muggy!  Last Night we had some wicked Thunderstorms.  The kids don't like those at all!  So after 2:30am I was UP! 

I was going to try and make my lunch to bring with me today but I REALLY need to go shopping!  I don't have much to make a meal in the house!  I have a can of corn, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, and an onion.  That's about it! This weekend we will hit up the farmers markets and stores!
The other night I did make a simple bean dish with these Great Northern Beans.  It worked out to be about 2 cups of them and I added water, onion, Minced Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes, a little Wildtree Savory Spinach for color, and a sprinkle of Wildtree's Lemon Pepper.

I ate this for lunch yesterday.  It's more filling than it looks.

Do you have any suggestions for me ONLY using the following ingredients?  Pinto Beans, Onion, Diced Tomatoes, and Corn?


  1. I love when old clothes fit again =) Looking great Jennifer!

    As for the pinto bean, onion, diced tomatoes & corn - can you add a spritz of lime juice? I'm thinking if you chopped the onion & tomato and mixed it up with the corn & pinto beans, it would make a great bean salad - but needs a little lime juice.

    1. Awww! Thanks so much! I did do a Veggie Stew last night that I will be posting in a little bit :) The Lime Juice one sounds good, too!

  2. I have old clothes too that I;m hanging onto since they still fit and look good. :-) For the ingredients, I'd try pressure cooking them all together and see what comes out.

    1. I posted the Stew I made! And a Stir Fry :)
      Thanks - I will try that next time!!! I'm so grateful we went shopping this weekend, tho! LOL