Thursday, June 20, 2013

Avocado Cacao Mousse, Jalapeno Eggplant Cakes, Tahini Dressings & Sauces

It's been a LONG week!  A REALLY Looooong Week!  It's been a BUSY week, too, and I like BUSY, but, I am also ready for some FUN or RnR! 

One thing I haven't have much of since going vegan (it will be a year in September) is eat a lot of sweets and/or desserts.  Not that THAT is a bad thing - but as a TREAT - every once in a Blue Moon - it might be nice.  It's MY OWN Fault, really, I don't bake.  I did have a vegan cheesecake several months ago from the Whole Foods Co-Op in Erie, but nothing lately.

Last Night I did this Avocado Cacao Mousse.  I sort of took two online recipes and meshed them together and added a little something special to it.
I used:
1 Avocado
2 T Cacao Powder (freshly ground in my spice grinder)
2 T Agave
Squirt of Wildtree's Chocolate Syrup (Yup!  It's Vegan!)
And topped with a little Wholesome Sweeteners Strawberry Agave Syrup.  It was VERY sweet!  VERY intense and a VERY little bit goes a LONG way!  What a treat!

If you look at my full plate from last night you will see I used leftovers for the most part and added a salad!  This was a HUGE and COMPLETE Meal, that is for sure!  I did a thinner dressing last night for the salad.  I used a tablespoon or two of Tahini, a splash of lemon juice, a little water, and a teaspoon of Wildtree's Tzatiki Seasoning.  It turned out really well!

You can see I had my Stuff Peppers from earlier in the week along with the Stir Fry and a bit of salad.  I also cut up some cucumbers, too!  Tasty!

 I've had some Eggplant Puree in my frig from a while back in a glass tight container.  I wanted to use it last night and decided to make these cute Eggplant Cakes.  I used Wildtree's Jalapeno Grapeseed Oil and it really kicked it up a notch!  A great spice!

I used the Puree which was about 2 C worth along with 2 C of Vegan Bread Crumbs. I added a little bit of Lemon Pepper and made them into mini patties.  As you can see here I did two 'well done' at high temp in my frying pan on stove top.  The others were done at a lower temp.  These have quite a bit of mass to them and if I were to make them a little bigger I think they would make a great Vegan Burger!  But the fun doesn't stop there!

I decided to make another Tahini Sauce for this!  It was near perfect - if I do say so myself.  MUCH like you would have in Falafel!  I used Tahini, a bit of Wildtree's Garlic Galore, Wildtree's Dill Blend, Lemon Juice, and a little water.  It worked really nice.  Because I was washing all of my Ninja's (Ninja Blenders) I decided to mix this by hand!  It was great!  I have enough for tonight's Dinner, too!  YUM!


  1. I LOVE your eggplant cake idea! : )

    They sound like great burgers or croquettes - can't go wrong with eggplant!

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to use a bunch of the stuff I have on hand to get rid of it but also not waste it. These had a nice Jalapeno kick to 'em!

  2. Eggplant? My daughter would love that! Her favourite.

    1. Thanks! How old is your daughter, again???

  3. The eggplant looks great. I've been thinking of making some type of veggie stuffed eggplant. If tomorrow is nice, I'll be grilling! I'll be sure to toss some eggplant onto the grill.

    1. Thanks! I'm surprised DH hasn't asked to Grill yet! I want to do some Kabob's or some "speedies" Veggie Style. I usually do Marinated Portabella's and/or what my husband calls HoBo Potatoes