Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix, Apple Cranberry Flavored Waffles, Wine and Waffles!

This is my 2nd post today!  Be sure to scroll down for the 2nd one, too!  LOTS going on today! 

You may have noticed this banner in the upper right hand corner of my blog for a week or two now.  Well, today I am going to write a little bit more about this product!  I wanted some time to 'tinker' with it before posting and last night I was able to do that! 

I went over to my parents house to visit and my Mom and I made some waffles from this mix called Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix.  As many of you know there are LOTS of Waffle mixes out there but many of the are NOT Vegan.  I can't say as tho I am a HUGE fan of breakfast foods but now that I omitting dairy it's good to have THESE on hand.  NOT just because  they are vegan but because they are SUPER EASY to make!  Even I can do it! LOL

I have to say...I have never made waffles before last night.  I didn't have a waffle press or waffle maker but my husband's Grandmother hooked me up with one!  Thanks Gram!  Anyhow...here's a bit more of my Waffle Journey...
Here is a photo of the batter - plain.  Like I said...it's SUPER EASY!  All you have to do is add water - mix - and wait 5 minutes!  It's wonderful! 

I also LOVE that this only has 6 ingredients in it!  Check this out...straight from their website...

We believe that good waffles begin with pure and recognizable ingredients. Not only do our waffles taste delicious, but they also offer a healthy and nutritious alternative to many traditional waffle products. Ours are made from whole-grain, non-GMO ingredients and contain no animal products or wheat. While most other waffle mixes require the addition of milk and eggs (or your favorite vegan alternatives), our waffle mix is just-add-water. This convenience means that you will never have to worry about forgetting to buy the milk or eggs when planning your Sunday brunch.
Check out our first waffle!  Not too shabby for the first attempt, eh!?  Sure...it's a little uneven but it gives it character!  We totally got the hang of it for the 2nd one! 

We ended up making 4 of them!  We did 2 Plain ones as you can see here and 2 others - I will get to those in a moment!  But first...these plain ones were pretty good!  The texture was moist but hardy!  They were nice and thick!  They were fluffy!  They only take about 6 or 7 minutes, too!  My favorite thing about this besides being SUPER EASY to make is that this is the PERFECT base!  A great starting point!  I'm going to have even more fun with these and soon!  But we did do a fun experiment last night, too!

We added Wildtree's Apple Cranberry Jam to the plain batter!  We only added about 4 heaping tablespoons and it was perfect!  And that was for 2 LARGE Waffles!

By adding the Apple Cran Jam it did make it a little thinner but I was totally ok with that.  The texture, taste, and moistness was wonderful even with this addition!

I seriously can't wait to see what else we can do with this!  Different flavors, maybe pancakes???
I'm not one to put anything on my waffles, usually, but I will fool around with some possibilities in the near future...it will most likely be fruit or some form of it anyways.

This waffle - pictured here - is the finished product of the batter with the addition of the Cran Apple Jam. 

Both the plain and the flavored attempts were great the next day and they seem to travel well!

And here you can see both the plain and the flavored waffles side-by-side!

Another thing to mention is they are placed on regular sized dinner plates so they are pretty huge!  I believe one box says it makes approx. 20 waffles but I wouldn't be shocked if it made more than that even!

These are so nutritious and so filling with all natural ingredients and they are VEGAN!  They are available online so be sure to click on the banner either in this post or on my side bar to check them out!  I think my next attempt might be Mango Flavored Pancakes!  Just a heads-up!

And I can't leave you for the day without posting another FUN Waffle pic!

Waffles and WINE, anyone?  YUMMY!


  1. You are on a post roll! The waffles look wonderful, I haven't had them in ages and might need to dig out our waffle maker! :-)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Let me know if you do! As you know I am addicted to your blog now so I will be on the look out, too!