Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Messy Veggie Wrap & Dark Chocolate Chili Peanuts

Last week I told you about a new Sprouting Kit I got and LOVE!!!  Well, I haven't been able to share with you YET what the Sprouts looked like!  Here they are!  I noticed they were more vibrant, CLEANER, they were more fresh, they air dried MUCH better, and they are more plush and even longer that my attempts prior to using the kit!  I absolutely LOVE this kit.  If there are any 'con's' at all I would only say that the 'screen' did rust a very little bit around the edges after the first time sprouting but not back at all.  I would suggest this kit to ANYONE!  It's really awesome!  Next I am going to start in with their blend of sprouting seeds!  But I do have LOTS of my radish sprouts to use!  And I did...check this out...

Last night I threw a bunch of stuff into a Spinach Wrap!  I am going to do many more of these BUT at least now I know these spinach ones are a little touchy.  It fell apart!  But...you can at least see my attempt here!

Yes...these are veggies from a can!  BUT...I did wash them first!

I figured canned veggies are better than no veggies at all but of course I do prefer FRESH and Frozen is ok, too!

 Then I put some fire-roasted diced tomatoes on top of the veggies and on top of that I added a small handful of Daiya Vegan Shreds!

I heated this up a little bit!  That's were I probably went wrong!  With the wet contents and heated up a bit - that caused the wrap to break, I think...but it was still edible!  Just with a fork!

Where are the sprouts, you ask!?  Hold on...I'm getting to it!  I know I am long-winded...even when I write!

I melted the Daiya Cheese, too - as you can see here, underneath the sprouts!

I LOVE the color in this!  There is a lot going on but there are LOTS of colors, LOTS of nutritious things laid out here, eh!?

So...I wrapped it all up and was so excited!  I probably should have taken a few photos of this ordeal but I didn't.  I did get a close-up for the 'good' part of the wrap (to hide the fact it fell apart!)

And here it is!

Again, LOVE the color...

The taste was fine and dandy...

but it fell apart!  Oh well, thank God for forks, eh!?  LOL

I'll have another post today but it's heavy on the pictures, too, so I will post that in a few hours! 

I thought I would mention another flavored Peanut from Lush Gourmet Foods that I have tried recently!  It's their Dark Chocolate Chili flavor and it was wonderful!   Upon opening the package it smelled a bit like Peanut Butter Chocolate Coffee.  It tasted like Peanuts and hardy Coffee Coating with a Peppery kick at first - then a dark chocolate with chili pepper kick - more defined and specific.

This flavored peanut from Lush was a little more crunchier than the other flavors so far but it completely worked in every way!  The Chili Pepper lingers longer, too, but has me coming back for more!  These are really fantastic!

I'm totally a fan of this company...that's for sure!
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  1. We love sprouts, I usually make my wraps with collards or kale.

    I'll have to look to see how they make the vegan cheese. Most I've seen have been a bit heavy on the oil, so I've avoided them for that reason.

    1. I think I will start doing more lettuce wraps SOON :) The Daiya is a bit oily, yes, but it keeps well, melts, and the taste is the best store-bought one I have found so far! I really try not to over use it but it is a treat :)

    2. All right, I finally got to check out the ingredients and yeah it's a bit heavy on the oil. The issue I have with some vegan companies is that they will promote junk as healthy when its really not. Basic nutrition class teaches us that.

      Heart disease is the biggest killer in the USA (whether a person is vegetarian or not). Over the years I've heard some veggie celebrities talk about the Standard American Diet... I would say that a Standard Vegetarian/Vegan diet can be very unhealthy too especially if it includes a lot of processed food. Which I see heavily promoted on some veggie company websites. Eating it occasionally is fine, but not part of a persons regular lifestyle. Whole foods is what a persons diet should mainly revolve around.

      Ok... time to stop my mini-rant... ')

    3. I totally know what you mean! Looking back...when I was lacto-ovo veg I was getting really lazy and eating too many convenience foods! Too much pasta, that sort of thing! Eeeeeek!

    4. Ironically today's post is 'full of' convenience foods, sorry about that...but I will say they stay in my pantry longer because I have been using them less frequent!

      I can't wait until Farmers Market Season! I did look at that site you suggested and they didn't deliver to my area, bummer! Great idea, tho!

  2. Man oh man that wrap looks good. I seriously need a sprouting kit! I would love to make sprouts all the time =)

  3. Thanks for visiting - what's your blog URL - didn't see it in the profile! Did you see the Green Sprouting Kit that these came from? I reviewed it if you want to scroll thru

  4. Hi there, You can prevent the screen from getting rusty if you smooth a drop of vegetable or olive oil on the rim of the ring with your finger before you start the process. It's actually the ring that rusts as the screens are stainless steel, it just spreads to the screen. If your screen did get rusty, you can scrub it with a scrubbie or similar kitchen washing type thing and the rust will come off.