Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Midweek Munchies Collage & Green for Irish Week

For Midweek Munchies this week I figured I would just post a Collage of some of the items I purchased online!  I did a SMALL order over at VeganEssentials...and I needed more of my beloved Five Star Artichoke and Cashew Veggie Burgers!  I ended up picking up a few more items like the first 4 things in the collage!  BUT...the brunt of my 'buyings" were over at VitaCost.  I noticed over at CarrieOnVegan a $10 off for new customers.  It's a Refer a Friend type program.  I couldn't resist once I saw all of the things they had on there and at wonderful prices, too!  So I ended up getting my $10 off PLUS Free Shipping.

I then figured out...WHY NOT...sign up for the referral program, too!?  So I did!

If you want $10 off your first purchase click on the $10 Off Your VitaCost Purchase Banned on the right hand side of your screen at the top!  OR simply CLICK HERE.

A few of these are re-purchases for me but most of these products are new-to-me-purchases!  I'm excited!

I know I have posted VERY LITTLE thus far for Irish Foods Week and I do apologize about that!  Sure I did a Veggie Wrap earlier in the week but I will be doing more!  Probably tonight, actually!

I also did a wrap I didn't take a photo of!  It was a Guacamole with Sprouts Wrap...a Spinach Wrap...can't get more GREEN than that, eh!?

OH!!!!!!  By-the-way!  Nell is the winner of the Fearless Chocolate!  Congrats Nell!  I'll be contacting you for your snail mail addy, soon!

If you didn't might next time...I have 4 more contests on tap!  Stay Tuned!

I've been rather obsessed with Lush Gourmet Foods' NUTS lately!  The flavor I would like to talk about today is their Cinnamon Spice!  It's a SWEETER Cinnamon and not a real spicy or hot cinnamon and I like that for this flavored nut!  Sure, I like HOT, but this is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing about it!  It's VERY GOOD...very tasty!  It's a sweet, subtle cinnamon spice and it lingers semi-sweet, too!  It has a slight aftertaste but the after taste is a pleasant one...not a funky one!  YAY!  It has a wonderful crunch without "cracking" your teeth!  It's  like a candied-nut with a sweet cinnamon's REALLY wonderful!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! I've never won a blogging contest before!! Very cool news! :)

    2. Never know unless you try!!! :)

  2. Ooh, how fun!

    And that Lush Gourmet Nuts' Cinnamon Spice sounds amazing. :D

    1. Thanks! I LOVE all of the different flavors and PURE ingrdients, too!

  3. How list of products and I've gotta try the Five Star Artichoke and Cashew Veggie Burgers!

    1. Those Veggie Burger are by far my FAVE you can 'buy'...LOVE them!!!!