Monday, February 4, 2013

The Gang's All Here

 Happy Monday everyone!  LOTS going on!  And LOTS of photos!  The furkids wanted to say HI!  Here is a very recent photo of Riley (left) and Suzie (right).  They are getting read for a day of 'maxin' and relaxin' while mom and dad work!  They love vegggin' out but at the same time it's been so cold and crappy weather-wise that they often snuggle to keep warm.

Then we have Charlie!  He's the "Fat Cat" of the family! Pictured here he is laying on the landing of our steps.  He's usually a grump but we still LOVE HIM! 

It was a nice weekend this weekend despite the weather!  I did get a lot accomplished Saturday Morning!  A lot of house work and cleaning up.  DH and I went for an early dinner on Saturday Night!  We went to a restaurant we haven't been to in a really long time.  Richards Restaurant in Youngsville.  We will start going there often now that I know they have a nice sized salad bar!  That's something we lack in our area any more.  I might actually make a special phone call today to thank them for it!

 Here's Paco!  He's the only one who lets me do his nails.  Riley usually takes care of them himself and I take Suzie in to get them done as I don't trust myself.  She has dark nails and thick nails and she's a tough cookie.  Paco isn't too bad usually.  I use one of those Ped-i-PAWs nail files.  But pictured to the right you can see that Paco is biting his nails!  I think he learned that from his brother Riley!  And pictured left is when I was going out of the kitchen into the living room over the weekend.  We use Baby Gates for their protection...mostly Paco's protection.  Since he has bad knees I really want to keep him safe.  When I am in the kitchen he tends to try and jump.  I also try and keep him down stairs so we have another Baby Gate by the stairs.  BUT that gate does double duty!  So the other two don't go up stairs and eat the cat food!  PLUS that gives the cats their freedom to lounge upstairs, too!  It works well!  PLUS...we can just step over the gates if we need to.

As you can tell I am really LOVING the superior camera on THIS iPhone!  I took this photo of Riley and Paco and Paco just looks so cute here!  I love his stance!  Riley...well...he's washing his feet!  I couldn't imagine our house without FurKids!  It would be so quite and boring.

I have been InstaGram-ing most of these photos!  This next one was featured as the #DogOfTheDay over the weekend!  I was so excited!
 This is Suzie!  She loves being up HIGH.  Like on the back of the sofa.  She love her picture taken.  She's a ham.

Since we don't have any human kids - I know I talk about our FurKids a lot but they really ARE our LIFE.
And this next one is of Riley being lazy!  Just a few of many photos I have been taking lately!  I have a lot of other things to talk and blog about but I think I will do a separate post within the hour.

The 'kids' love to be center of attention and don't want me to share their post! LOL

OH!  Yes!  And here is Gabby!  I didn't forget about her!  But she IS a sneaky one!  It's not the best photo but the lighting was bad in my hallway!

She's such a sweat pea!  

How was your weekend?  Are you blogging about your kids?  Human or Furkids?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Aww... aren't they sweet? Our Shih Tzu was lazing about all weekend... then again he does that all the time now.

    1. I sweat they RUN the house - we surely don't! haha