Monday, February 4, 2013

Products, Pooches, and Power House Blend! more Furkids Post!  If you scroll down I have another post today!  ALL of the furkids!  But this one comes with a specific story!  I mentioned in my last post I was able to get a lot of the house work done on Saturday Morning which I was really happy about.  Well, all 3 pups are a little bothered by the Vacuum Cleaner and Shampooer!  As you can see here, nothing brings them together like mom cleaning the floors!  It's not that they are scared of them but they would rather them not be so least that is my guess!
 Anyways...I have a few product FINDS to share with you today!  HUMBLES!  They are Baked Hummus Chips!  I found them at BigLots a few weeks ago!  I have tried the Garlic & Sesame Seed kind as well as the Sea Salt.  I will say I like the Garlic & Sesame better as they have more flavor!  But this also give me an idea to make my own!  Make some Hummus up and dehydrate them!  I just might have to try that...and SOON!  Here is the website with the different flavors! HUMBLES - Good Health.  The two I tried were vegan but I do see one flavor has Feta.  It looks like the Red Pepper one has dairy in it, too!  Just a heads-up! 
 A while back a tea friend of mine Jillian sent me a surprise package of tea.  Within the box I found this package and was super excited!  I went to their website and it's darling!

Product Description from their website on this product:

Aztec Chocolate is a complex blend of Real Cacao, Coffee and Vanilla Beans with pungent sweet and spicy peppers. Aztec Chocolate is a traditional savory flavour mix for Mexican and Latin American cuisine, led by the ancient Aztec and Mayan peoples of the region. Try it on meat dishes, beans, tofu or salad dressings this amazing sweet and spicy combo is great for everyday cooking. Also decadently fabulous for our desert dip, sprinkle coffee or as a dessert finish, or make Mexican Hot Chocolate -see spring 2008 recipes
INGREDIENTS: cocoa, turbinado sugar, raw cacao, vanilla & coffee beans, dried spices, chillies, natural sea salt. 
I have been hanging on to this because I am not sure what to do with it and don't want to screw it up! I did see you can add it to sour cream and I could do that with my vegan equivalent but I am not sure what that would taste like with spicy and chocolate.  I was thinking about putting it in coffee and I still might.  But more recently I am thinking additions to SMOOTHIES.  I took a look at their recipe page with this product as a tag!  It was really helpful!  Some of the ideas that popped out right away were the Aztec Chocolate Black Bean Dip and The Dairy-Free Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate.  I might actually try both!  I have high hopes for the Black Bean Dip and can probably do that tonight or tomorrow night!
 In other Protein Powerhouse Sprouting Blend has now sprouted!  I may have even OVER sprouted a little, but, here are some pictures!
Powerful protein bean combination of Adzuki, Garbonzo, Mung & Green Peas. These high protein sprouts are all organic and all delicious!

Get your daily protein allowance with this wonderfully popular mixture. A great source of vegetarian and vegan protein. Protein Powerhouse high protein sprouts are packed with vegan protein plus fiber, vitamins and minerals. These high protein sprouts are a delicious addition to salads, soups, oriental dishes, or best of all, all by themselves!

This is what their product description says!  It's been a while since I tried sprouting this blend!  Some of the Adzuki and Mung Beans didn't sprout but I DO love the color, the bean combo, and the protein in this blend!  I will be using the little bit I sprouted the next couple of days!  In the meantime I did start a new sprouting adventure with Radish Sprouts.  So far Radish Sprouts are among my FAVORITES.  I will post about them in the next few days!

Have you ever had these two products before?  What did you think?  Have you ever had either of these sprouts before?  If so let me know what you did with them and how you liked them! 

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  1. Our dog hates the vacuum too, I guess he thinks it'll eat him up! He hops on the lazy boy and just watches as I clean.