Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Thoughts Tuesday

 Last night I had a meeting to go to and didn't have any time for food prep.  I wasn't able to really meal plan anything for this week either.  Oh well!  TONIGHT I will be doing SOMETHING...ANYTHING...I must!  That is one of my mini goals.  I know it's not much of one but it's still something to shoot for!

Another one of my goals that I am setting TODAY is to really TRY and get into attempting more Foods From Around The World in my own kitchen.  I'm NOT handy in the kitchen nor do I think of myself as a "cook" and I most certainly do NOT bake!  BUT...all I can do is TRY, eh!?  Of course I have a hard time following instructions so most of the things I attempt will be "inspired" dishes, I suppose. 
I was thinking about kicking things off with Ethiopian Food - I found a few great ideas yesterday BUT one thing that I recently purchased was a spread imported from Greece!  Skordalia.  I don't think I have ever tried it until I bought some.  At least I was not aware of me doing so.  I LOVE Garlic and this IS Garlicky.  It's tasty!  I have used it as a spread but also a garlicky base for various things.  I think I might try and add it to Mashed Potatoes but also to White Beans.  I am thinking some sort of White Bean Mash.  Or Hummus.  But I was also thinking Garlic Bread, too!  What's in this?  So glad you asked...I bought it from VeganEssentials a while ago!

Ingredients: Garlic (Garlic, Salt, Acidifying Agent: Citric Acid), Potato (Potato, Fatty Acid, Sodium Pyrophosphate, Antioxidant Agent: Sodium Pyrosulfite, Spices), Olive Oil, Rusk (Wheat Flour, Yeast, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar).

I've mentioned it several times just how SNEAKY Gabby is!  Last night I was able to snap this shot of her and it just might be the best pic I have of our sweet girl!

She was trying to get on my small table/desk in the living room where I keep one of my laptops!

The dogs "tell on her" when she gets up there.  It's really hard to get frustrated with her...I mean, she's SO sweet!

Carrie from Carrie On Vegan is one of my favorite blogs and I have been chatting with her on her blog and via email and was so excited to see she has been sprouting!  This morning she asked what my favorite online source for Sprouts was.  I really think that Sprouting People is my favorite place.  They have always been super nice with the various email questions I have sent in and that was even without me making a purchase!  I believe over the years I have received emails from 3 or 4 people there and they have all been wonderful to deal with!  Very nice and helpful!  BUT...their site is a SUPER AWESOME source!  Plus I really feel they have the best selection!  I wanted to submit an order yesterday but found out they do not take PayPal.  Regardless I hope to do this in the future.

Like I said YESTERDAY I am currently sprouting Radish Sprouts.  And this morning I went on their site specifically for that reason and found photos of different sprouting stages for THIS Sprout as well as water temp info, nutritional info, recipes, etc!  Their site is AMAZING!  They even have a Sprouting Community and Bulletin Board thru Yahoo that you can get daily subscription updates/conversations to.

MY Radish Sprouts are doing quite well so far!  I am looking forward to the spicy kick they provide!

If I haven't placed my order thru Sprouting People yet - where have I gotten my sprouts so far?  Well, I started getting them at my local herb store and they get purchase from Frontier Co-Op but I was told that Frontier Co-Op will stop shipping Sprouting Seeds to the State of Pennsylvania.  So I have been going to New York State which is near by and visiting my Wegman's Store and I have found many of them there.  But I really want to branch out and purchase a variety and SOON.

FUNNY...I didn't think I had anything to blog about today...apparently I did.  What are you Sprouting?


  1. I LOVE Carrie on Vegan too! :) I so want to learn how to sprout. I need to just try it :)

    1. I'm the only person I know in RL who does so I am teaching myself - trial and error! LOL :)

      Later today I will be searching the web for Sprouting Blogs, I think

  2. I love garlic I make a habit to eat it raw daily -- right before bed. It's a natural way to fight off infection since it's antibacterial which might explain why I rarely get sick.

    1. I would eat it on cereal if it were allowed! LOL :)

      Garlic is AWESOME