Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cauliflower Soup (blomkålsuppe), Mail Call Monday, Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast

 Hi friends!  Happy Tuesday!  When I get stuff in the mail - I'm like a kid in a candy shop!  Seriously!  Every single item I get in the mail I am extremely thankful for!  Today...I am especially thankful for my new friends at Foods Alive!  Here are some of the wonderful products I will be writing about in the next few weeks!  I have to admit I have already started munching on BOTH of the Flax Crackers!  YUM!  Full review on them coming soon!  I also already tried the Nutritional Yeast...which I will get to in a moment.

 As you may (or may not) know...I have been doing theme weeks here at My Blissful Journey!  The Theme is World Foods and this week is foods from the country of Norway!  Yesterday I mentioned that I do have Norwegian roots so I am quite interested in the veg*n foods and food alternatives!  If anyone has any vegan recipes from Norway I would appreciate it!  Another thing I am looking for is suggestions for next week!  Which country would you like to see 'tastes' from?

Today I'm posting about blomkålsuppe - Norwegian Cauliflower Soup!  It's been a while since I have made a soup.  I used to do them all the time!
I guess one could say I did this soup TWO Ways!  In the first photo I did the soup - straight-up - and in the 2nd photo I added a little something!  Here's what I did...

4 C Vegetable Stock (I used Wildtree Vegetable Bouillon to make it!)
3 Small Potatoes
5 C Cauliflower
1 Carrot
Pinch of Parsley
Pinch of Nutmeg

For the 2nd photo I added 1/4 C of Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast to give it a cheesier type flavor.  This worked really well!  I probably could have also added Garlic and/or Almond Milk and maybe some more small potatoes and/or some potato flakes - or even a squirt or two of Bragg's Liquid Amino's - and I might - down the road when I try this again - but I would certainly call this a successful attempt in it's own!

I was going to wait to review their lovely Nutritional Yeast but since we are talking about it - now is as good a time as any!

The Product Description from their website is this...

Nutritional yeast is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins (especially the B-complex vitamins including B12), and minerals. Yellow in color and with a nutty cheesy flavor, nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast that is a favorite amongst many vegans because of its unique flavor and similarity to cheese when added to foods.
Vegan - Kosher - Gluten Free - Co-Op America Approved
If you have read any of my posts before you will see that I have used Nutritional Yeast several times in my postings!  I have tried other brands - they are either too expensive - and/or not available in my area!  When I saw that Foods Alive's Nutritional Yeast was $8.99 for 6-ounces I knew it was a DEAL!  Then when I smelled and tasted it for the very first time last night I knew right away that it was far superior than my 'default' I have been buying on the local level in bulk.

I'm extremely excited about this Nutritional Yeast!  I will be using it often in near-future posts!  But I had to share this with you NOW!

Another awesome thing I found was on the Foods Alive website a video for Popcorn using their Nutritional Yeast!  You'll HAVE to check it out!

Also...when you are on that page make sure you click on the Nutritional Info for the product!  Not only is it wonderful for B Vitamin's, etc...it's full of PROTEIN!  Their Nutritional Yeast has 8 grams of Protein in just 3 Tablespoons!

This product is YOUR ammo - vegetarians, vegans, and health nuts!  This is your ammo to those questioning you with those phrases we've all heard before...'where do  you get your protein' & 'what about B Vitamins' - well...here you go!  This is a fabulous product at a great price from a wonderful company with quality products that is good AND good for you!

Do NOT pass this up!  And PLEASE follow my blog!  I'd love to see you return as I have many other tricks up my sleeve!  Have a great day!

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  1. The cauliflower soup looks amazing, I am always looking for new recipes for cauliflower. The nutritional yeast looks interesting. Thanks for post!

    1. Thanks a million for the visit and the comment! I'll be visiting your site soon!

  2. I love blomkålsuppe! So good. I'll have to save up for a blender - between soups, frozen bananas and smoothies, I know I'm going to cave in...

    1. Thanks so much! Yes! Check out the discount Ninja's at most Big Lots - if you have one near by! They have the 1100 as well as the 'systems'. I have both! So it's like I have a high speed blender PLUS 4 different size blenders that are pretty awesome, too, and I think I got them all for $60 total!

  3. Wow, the Norwegian Cauliflower Soup looks awesome, I needs to try it!

    1. Thanks so much! I had enough for 3 or 4 largest bowls!

  4. Looks very lovely. If you're up for a real challenge the Norwegian specialties around here are things like sweet soup (not my favorite but lots love love love it), lefse (kind of a potato tortilla), rommegrot (which if you really want to get technical is flotogrott but that is another story entirely). I would think making the lefse and sweet soup vegan would be super duper easy but if might be worth experimenting!! Yah sure and goot luck!! You betcha!!

    1. I'm not a baker but really wanted to try lefse!!!! Perhaps I still will at some point! I was thinking about the sweet soups, too, but wasn't sure.....may still, at some point!!! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Wow, This cauliflower soup sounds so delicious. I will definitely try this on my week off. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Thanks so much! It's almost soup season here again and I can't wait to start making new soups again :)