Thursday, January 3, 2013

This or That Thursday - MY Christmas Breakfast

One of the new things I am going to do this year on this blog is to participate in several memes.  Thursdays I will be participating in This or That Thursday.

Today is that day!

And for my first This or That Thursday I was inspired by Deb's post about Christmas Morning.  I decided to show you what I had for MY Christmas Breakfast.

The photo above contains:
Amy's Kitchen Vegan Breakfast Tofu Scramble which was quite good.  My mother found it for me at Wegmans.  Also pictured is a Multi-grain Bagel with Avocado Hummus...and what I like to call "Nacho Mama's Cheesy Grits"...I took quick grits and added Follow My Heart Vegan Nacho "Cheese".  They were pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

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