Monday, January 28, 2013

Raw Food & Mono Meals

 I took a few days off but I'm back and have LOTS to post about!!!  This is one of them!  Fresh Produce!  Raw Food!  Mono Meals!  Clean & Healthy eating and Snacking!  I also posted these on Instagram.  I'm working on adding additional tabs to my site, here, and will try and connect other places you can find me.  I've made some new friends on Instagram and have really enjoyed their posts.  I've also found out a lot of them have blogs so I will be linking up to them soon!  Let me know if you are on Instagram and I will FOLLOW you on there, as well.  As you can see I have Apples I bought this past weekend!  They are Organic Gala Apples.  My area is a little short on Organic foods so when I find them at a good price I try and buy them!  I found these at Aldi.  This post is also a little earlier for my Midweek Munchies Post but I really stocked up so I will have more to post on Wednesday - stay tuned for that too!
 I also found Avocados!  They tend to be expensive here so when I saw them for 68 cents at Aldi's I couldn't resist.  I just found out they will be even cheap on Wednesday so I hope to go back!  They should be 48 cents then!  Woot!  I bought two this past weekend and ate one already.  I usually try and buy at least half of them ripe and the other half not ripe so I have time on them.
 I also got some Blackberries!  Another thing I usually don't buy because of the price...but these were only 99 cents!  YAY!  I brought them with me today and might have them for my lunch today or breakfast tomorrow!  I'm thinking about using them in with Grapenuts & Coconut Milk!
 Mangoes!  LOVE Mangoes!  Another fruit that is pricey here but they had these crates of 6 at Sam's Club for about $6...I HAD to get them!  As you can see I already ate half of them.  I'm getting my husband into them, too!  But they have to be almost over-ripe for him to eat them!  We had 1 each and split the 3rd for a snack yesterday!  It was AWESOME!
And I got these little cuties at Aldi's too!  Mini Sweet Red Peppers!  I haven't eaten any of them yet but might try and do something with at least half of them tonight.  I am thinking at least half of them I might slice up and dip in hummus and/or Guacamole.

Now that we are Sam's Club members I hope to get more bulk fruits and veggies but the closest one is a good 40 minute drive from our house so it won't be consistent...but when we do I hope our trip is meaningful.  I'm also sprouting again which I will do another post about in the next few days!  Right now I am sprouting lentils!  So far - So Good - on the attempt!

Since it's just ME that eats this way in my's EASY for me to do Mono Meals.  Much of what I have learned about Mono Meals came from Dan McDonald (AKA The Life Regenerator) and Dara Dubinet!  Both of which are on YouTube as well as many other Social Media Outlets.  I have Dara on Facebook and I'm super excited because Dan recently LIKED one of my photos on Instagram!  It was of my Lentil Sprouts!  Woot!


  1. Lots of good produce!!! Love blackberries and mangos!!! YUM!

    Glad you had a weekend full of goodies ;)

    Happy week love!

    1. I'll always be grateful for these! I never take them for granted! LOVE them!!!!

  2. You're making me crave avocados, black berries, AND mangoes all at once! haha

    1. I wonder how that would taste in a salad! :)