Monday, January 28, 2013

Labyrinth Press Company Vegetarian Restaurant - Jamestown, NY

 I'm embarrassed!  The Labyrinth Press Company Vegetarian Restaurant has been on East 4th Street in Jamestown for 5 years and I didn't even know it was a vegetarian restaurant up until this past week.  I knew it was a place for live local bands and artists but I didn't know it was 100% vegetarian.  I used to be so UP on that stuff.  Oye!  Well, it's time for me to redeem myself!
 First...I think their logo is pretty cool!  I also like their neon sign.  They are located 'under' street level so it's a little hidden but still pretty neat.  They have a Drink Menu, All the Time Menu (which we ordered off of), and a Brunch Menu.  They are working on a Craft Brewery upstairs so when that's good-to-go I'm told they will be bringing back their Pizza Menu for Wednesdays thru Saturday evenings.  There were two younger guys working on Friday when we went.  They were both really nice, knowledgeable, and helpful...and in good spirits!  Their menus are pretty amazing!  They use organic and/or local ingredients whenever possible.  They make their own Coconut Soy Milk Blend.  As a 'default' their smoothies have Almond Milk in them but you can substitute that by request. 
I forgot to take a pic of my husband's meal.  He got the Southwest Grilled Burrito.  For an additional side he chose the Home Over The Border Fries.  And for the beverage he got the Tropical Rendezvous Smoothie.  He's NOT a vegetarian - far from it!  He really liked this place.  He said the meal was tasty, spiced 'just right', and filling, and he LOVED the smoothie!  The 'fries' were like 'home fries'.  He liked those, too!

Now...what are those other two meal photos, you ask?  Well, they are MINE...ALL MINE!!!! (evil laugh)

Seriously!  The first one is a pic of my lunch that I ate THERE.  I got the Havana has Black Beans, seasoned rice, Avocado, Agave Nectar, Fresh Lime, Diced Tomatoes, Fresh Salsa, Hot Sauce, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds!  For an additional side I chose the Chickpea Salad...the Balsamic drizzle really MADE it!  Both were AWESOME!  For my beverage I decided to go with the Mint Mochaccino.  It was made with Chocolate Almond Milk, Organic Cane Sugar, and Natural Peppermint Extract.  Hubby tried it and really like it, too!  BEST PART = Dairy Free!  Woot!

Below that photo is another one.  YUP!  I ordered my dinner TO GO!  The guys wrapped it in foil and hours later I put in the microwave for about 45 secs and it was warm and tasty!  It's the BBQ Tofu Rodeo Burger!  Grilled Tofu, their OWN Guava-Lime BBQ Sauce, topped with onion, sliced tomato, fresh baby spinach, and hot sauce!  AWE-SOME!

So...let's recap!

We purchased:
3 Meals
2 additional sides (which were huge)
2 specialty drinks
our bill was only $25.50 - NOT BAD AT ALL for going 'All Out', eh?

I'm super excited about this place and hope to go often now that I know it's 100% vegetarian and has LOTS of vegan options!

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  1. The meal looks delicious and it's nice that your husband liked it also.

    1. Thanks! He's still talking about it! I'm so happy to have found this place - still surprised it too me so long! LOL :)