Monday, October 8, 2012

Orgran Rice Crumbs & Quinoa Pasta

 I was going to blog about the Spicy Cheese-E Quinoa Pasta Bake I did tonight but I thought it made more sense to tell you about two products I have been tinkering with, first!  Last week you may have remembered me mentioning Rice Crumbs...well, in this post I feature them - along with Quinoa Pasta!  Above you can see the Pasta I have been using!  For tomorrow's dish I specifically used the Shells!  This Pasta is Gluten-Free and the closest to 'real pasta' texture I have come across so far!
And here we have the Rice Crumbs I was telling you about!!!  Another Gluten Free AND Vegan Product!  I have to give a great big THANK YOU to my mother for finding them at Wegman's!  THANKS MOM!

These are pretty awesome!  The texture is right-on and they are SO convenient!  LOVE THESE!

So here are two more Vegan Products I wanted to feature today before posting my new creation for tomorrow!

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