Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mason Jars For Prevention and Storage Solutions

I'm certainly not an organized person...far from it actually but a few months ago I threw everything away in my cupboards and put all other items in Mason Jars.  I did this for several reasons.  The photo above was one I found on a DIY Site for Food Pantry Organizational Ideas.

The first reason I came to this Mason Jar idea was that we live in a very old house and twice a year I get unwanted guests in our kitchen that I want to evict but NOT kill.  I just can't bring myself to kill them - even if they find their way back.

Anyhow...I tried all the natural suggestions online.  Either they wouldn't work at all or they would work for a limited time and then I had to find another way to 'keep them out'.

Perhaps I went a little overboard...but...knock on wood, I haven't had a problem in MONTHS.

Here's what I did...

Like I said...I ditched MOST everything from my cupboards - which was a good thing because I found some really ancient packages shoved way in the back that I didn't know I had!  I placed the little I wanted to keep in Mason Jars.  I ended up buying 4 dozen pint size and 4 dozen quart sized jars.  I still have leftovers and unused jars which is PERFECT because now I can add to my pantry this way!

Another reason I LOVE this is because I am a very visual person.  I'm not organized but I have to SEE everything in front of me and can function better that way.  Not only that but all 'little critters' are NOT tempted by the aroma of cupboard contents this way...they are all tightly sealed in the jars!  This past Summer I heard of a lot of local people having moth and worm problems, too, especially in grains and flowers, etc...this MUCH safer...and you can SEE it before opening it!

In addition to the Mason Jars - I did the following to eliminate and prevent future 'friends' from scoping-out-the-joint...

I wiped everything down with warm water and soap.  I then wiped it down with Tea Tree Oil AND Peppermint Oils.

I bought CHEAP Dryer Sheets and placed them on every shelf, in every cupboard, drawer, under the sink, etc.  Mice and other 'friends' do not like the aroma of Peppermint OR the Dryer Sheets so they tend to stay away from them.  Not only that - but for weeks afterwards - my house smelled awesomely fresh!  We have cats AND dogs and BOY was it a change!

I also put cotton balls soaked in Peppermint Oil on window sills, counter tops, and near kitchen utensils.  I covered them with Bean Sprout lids that I no longer use (I have since upgraded my Sprout Lids and use those for Sprouting instead!).

I used SOS Pads (Generic/CHEAP Alternative) to fill holes in between shelves, walls, pipes, etc.  I also used Aluminum Foil for super-tight spaces.

I use Melaleuca Cleaning Supplies as well.  I try to use their Disinfectant as often as possible on my stove, counter tops, and shelves.

And I still buy and use Humane Traps where I can catch and release them back in to Nature.

With all of these things - knock on wood - I haven't seen 'anyone' sneaking around my kitchen in MONTHS.  I figure they are sick and tired of striking out on a food source now and me throwing off their senses couldn't hurt the efforts either.

Just a few ideas if you have the same problems or if you are looking for a way to store items in your food pantry or cupboards!

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